Sweden to Become Africa

Our enemies can't win without our cooperation. Even total apathy would have been effective. It's only when the White careerist scumbag is purchased for thirty shekels that the wildly unrepresentative minority working behind the scenes for communism can gain any traction. Ultimately, the mess we're in is the fault of Whites. We had the numbers, we had the power, we went along with the jewish script. The do-gooder was purchased with promises of "doing the right thing." The cynical materialist was bought out with the kosher geld, selling our national soul to do the bidding of alien outsiders.

These two groups within our own race are more dangerous than the jew marxist true believers and their brown foot soldiers. To wake up our race we must expose them at every opportunity. We must hammer that message that self-hate is a sickness, not a virtue. We must show the careerists for the pitiful, grasping traitor scum that they are. Before we can save our race it must actually be worth saving.

Borg looks out the window, sees all the colours and looks forward to the day when Sweden will become just as multicoloured.

By "multicolored" we mean pretty much the same turd-brown, everywhere.

It is one thing that he believes that Africa will become more influential in the global market, and that economic growth will occur on the African continent.

Yeah. There's likely to be a huge demand for mud huts, sharpened sticks and witchcraft amulets in the West.

Swedish culture was nothing compared to foreign cultures; hence one should simply be grateful for the enrichment. Borg’s comments have similar connotations.

Worship of the other raised to level of sickening insanity. A piece of garbage bought and paid for by the jew, willing to parrot the most ridiculous lies to maintain his bloated, meaningless lifestyle. May history forget Whites like this ever existed.

“Look at all the beautiful colours the women here are wearing. Within ten years this is what it is going to look like all over Europe.

You haven't won anything yet, you piece of shit.

Back home it’s so bleak and dreary the colours are devoid of life.

The same kosher message. Whites are stiff and "uncool" while the African rapist is full of "soul" and "color."

“Europe will become a better place, a more multicultural place,” he continues.

This is a total willful betrayal. This is pure evil.

Careerist scumbag doesn't care if his own country is destroyed, as long as he gets paid by the jew.

“That Africa is becoming more influential can be observed in popular music among other areas. But I think it will really dawn on us when we start to see African fast food chains in Stockholm.”

365 Black The end of a White nation, the beginning of an endless dark nightmare. We must stop this madness. Wake up. 

Can White nations survive a massive planned assault on its culture and heritage? There are signs of hope, but as long as Whites are willing to aid in their own destruction for profit or some fleeting feeling of "doing good" we're in a lot of trouble. We must restore our racial consciousness and unity and stand against the dark tide. We can win. We must win.


  1. Sometimes I think that they don't understand that White culture and African dysfunction are mutually exclusive. They can't survive side by side. We won't be the ones going down.


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