Three Men, Possibly Teens

Negro pack attacks on White victims have become a common event here in the U.S.S.A. In the absence of White victims, with the evil "races" oppressor dead or fled, the "African American" will gladly target the Light of the World or, as in today's story, the la-teen-oh invader. This is the content of their character, their complete incompatibility with a civilized society or even an eroding and collapsing Latin American sewer. In Houston a natural conservative was attacked. This is what will remain when Whites are gone: endless all against all warfare, no discovery or innovation, no rule of law, no hope and no future. Lower races battling to the death in a meaningless war with ruins as a backdrop.

An east Houston man who was attacked and beaten by three men Thursday night believes he was the victim of a vicious game.

Obviously Pedro is mistaken since we all know the so-called "Knockout Game" doesn't really exist.

Quezada, 35, said that he had gone to the store to get a soda. He saw the three men who were possibly teens watching him and following him.

With no available White victims negro animals target a light-skinned may-hee-can. Brown bear hunting. The men might be teens. This is what passes for a description of dangerous simians in the dinosaur media.

Soon after emerging from the store, he was tackled and punched for no apparent reason.

They either thought he was White or just wanted to express their animal savagery despite the lack of an ideal victim.

"I looked on the internet for what this is, I had never heard of it, they didn't take anything," Quezada said.

Looks like the campaign to get this pathology down the memory hole has been effective. Here on the internet you can find the truth.

Piece of shit jew Jon Leibowitz runs interference.

He said thinks he may be the victim of the knockout game, which involves attacking unsuspecting victims with the goal of incapacitating them.
There's certainly no racial component, so please go back to sleep.

The phenomenon is something that rose to prominence last year in several cities across the U.S.

"We were finally forced to admit it was happening last year."

The crime happened Thursday night at about 9 p.m.. Quezada filed a police report but does not have high hopes of the men being caught.

No arrests were made.

"They were pretty covered up. I just don't want it to happen again," he said.

Pretty covered up. No kidding.

Race erased, the truth buried. I wonder why?

Author: Joel Eisenbaum, Investigative Reporter

I guess that solves that mystery.


  1. Don't you just love, I mean simply LOVE the White fist in the graphic with the "Meet the Knockers" caption.

    At least the grainy image in the background is accurate.

    I would like to thank Jon Leibowitz and his tribe for all their tireless work, it has not gone unnoticed. I have to also compliment Jon Leibowitz on his employing of a Crypto jew Stealth Cloak name of "Stewart", very good Jon.

    I think I will emigrate to Israel, change my name to Moshe Bronstein and open an Immigrant's Rights Centre for Somalians.


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