True Evil: Negro Pack Attack Ignored in New Orleans

We can't change genetics, we can't change intelligence, we can't change a propensity toward violence. Attempts to do so are dead on arrival, as foredoomed to failure as education spending. Segregation existed for a reason, a very good reason. A negro can't be magically transformed into a deeply tanned White with a deformed skull. This has been proven beyond reasonable doubt. The new solution is to simply lie, obfuscate and ignore the crimes and pathologies of this failed race. Meanwhile, Whites are being targeted in an undeclared and completely one-sided race war.

Christopher Brumfield, 43, said he was brutally assaulted Saturday evening (July 26) in the St. Roch neighborhood by a dozen teenagers, at least one of whom he recognized from his time teaching art at the youth's school.

No race is given in this article, but we can be almost certain the victim is a White man. Who else would be naive enough to try to teach Stone Age monsters to appreciate White cultural achievements, to appreciate something that can't be eaten, smoked or fornicated with. After this failed, one of his dusky charges decided to join in a pack attack against his beloved crusading White teacher. Yeah, those crazy "teenagers" and their wacky little pranks.

He said he escaped by crawling into oncoming traffic on North Claiborne Avenue.

Another epitaph for White America. "We escaped by crawling into oncoming traffic."

The incident was not listed in the police department's major incident log Sunday (July 27).

Now to bury this appalling story as quickly as possible. Just another White victim of negro malfunction. Who cares?

New Orleans Police spokeswoman Hilal Williams said a team was dispatched to St. Roch and North Claiborne avenues Saturday night but had not verified the incident because they were unable to reach Brumfield at several callback numbers or at his home.

Don't worry, Officer Female Negro is on the case. "We ain't gots no cawl bak numba. Wah? I canna here yew."

A few hours before Brumfield was attacked, an anti-violence march passed that location, according to a report on FOX 8.

Incredibly this march failed to correct the savage nature of these living fossils. I know, it's hard to believe. Just walk around the block a few times with a banner, that should miracle the negro into something resembling a productive human being.

Sounding ragged and weary Sunday morning, Brumfield told | The Times-Picayune he saw the youths sitting on the new benches on the neutral ground, holding wooden and metal clubs.

Good kids, turning their lives around. Club attacks in the U.S.S.A. Thanks jew.

"I saw what was going to happen, and I ran," Brumfield said. "But they had me on the ground before I could get there. They ripped my pants down. They stomped on my feet while I was trying to get away."

At least there was awareness of the danger, an awareness that certainly prevented death or serious injury. What he did wrong was not being armed. Don't make the same mistake. We must protect ourselves against the brown alien.

"They kept dragging me back - into the dark. I thought they were going to kill me,"

A entire nation dragged into the dark by the marxist jew.

"Let's teach them about artistic expression!"

"It was like they had a plan, and I just happened to be the person who walked up. . . . It's the closest thing I've ever felt to true evil."

There was a plan, all right. White genocide via Frankfurt School attacks on our culture. The "African American" used as a biological weapon against us. The true evil, the jew wire-puller, behind it all.

At one point, he locked eyes with the boy he recognized from now-closed Drew Elementary. "He looked me straight in the eye, and there was nothing there," he said.

This is one of the most accurate summaries of the negro I've ever read. Nothing there. No culture, no intelligence, no self-awareness, no plans for the future, just moronic hate-fueled violence. The American negro: the big empty, the worthless black hole consuming everything it touches.

A spokeswoman for New Orleans EMS said she did not have access Sunday to information about calls for service.

She also had eight inch nails, was about two hundred pounds overweight and had a lot of trouble hearing us. 

Michele Braud, a friend, said she arrived at the hospital after 1 a.m. to find Brumfield spattered with blood and vomit, his feet bandaged but raw and his broken ribs hurting every time he coughed. Braud said police had not arrived at the hospital to interview Brumfield by the time they left.

The human cost of "diversity." 

Brumfield was not the first to be beaten at random by the group of teens.

Yeah. No shit.

Brumfield said he plans to go to the 5th District police station Monday (July 28) to look through photographs and try to identify his assailants.

Page after page of brown faces, muzzles, brow ridges, soulless dead eyes. Any of that look familiar?

"People need to know what's happening," he said.

White people need to know.

Be armed and ready. The Summer of Dark Mobs is being ignored by the media and our corrupt law enforcement. We're responsible for our own protection from the rot.


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