Water For Negroes: Canadian Do-Gooders Offer Token Assistance

Cleaning up the self-created negro mess is always the responsibility of Whites, after the jew gets done blaming us for it, of course. We must constantly bail out this failed race, under the wildly misguided belief that this will somehow put an end to the predictable failure or that the dark mass will show even the smallest amount of gratitude for our endless sacrifices. We interfere with the content of their character at our own peril. The solution is their removal, not endless delusional attempts to wish away genetic determinism.

In Detroit, a city reduced to South Sudan levels of malfunction, the White do-gooders are on the case. This will surely be the magic bullet that reverses decades of failure and rot.

To protest thousands of residential service shutoffs by Detroit’s water department, a group from Windsor is planning to bring about 250 gallons of water across the border.

Canada will save our decimated urban jungles with empty gestures. As the Great White North gets steadily less White and less great, this is the top priority.

The Windsor chapter of the Council of Canadians says the water will be carried in a convoy Thursday through the Detroit-Windsor tunnel to a rally outside Detroit City Hall around 4:00 p.m.

If this ends in a massive "water riot," complete with racially motivated attacks, I certainly won't shed any tears.

Organizer Randy Emerson says it’s a symbolic move, but one he hopes can pay dividends.

Because the negro has proven to be such a good investment over the last fifty years.

The True North strong and free.

“We decided that we should bring water over to them and that way kind of embarrass the city and the state,” he said, “so that maybe they would stop shutting off the water for these people because water is a right.”

No. No it isn't. A right can't make demands of other people. I don't have a right to the fruits of other people's labor. 

“The fact that the Canadians have to come over to help out Americans,” he noted, “that should embarrass the federal government, or the state government or the city of Detroit to either help out or stop these water shutoffs.”

I think Detroit has already gotten as embarrassing as it's going to get and there's still a stubborn refusal to address racial realities.

But as Emerson says, it’s only water.

It's only the death of the West.

"Free sheet fom dee wite debil bees a hoo man raht."


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