White Woman Stabbed 72 Times by Negro Lover, Emergency Response Blamed

Once they go black, there's no going back. At best the end game will involve abandonment and a few mulatto abominations that will be raised by the government. At worst, 72 stab wounds from a genetic dead end. There's a reason why miscegenation provokes a visceral disgust in any sane and healthy White. It represents both personal and genetic suicide, a unique inheritance built over thousands of years defiled and destroyed by one rebellious act. She might be murdered by the negro animal, but she died inside long before the knife descended over and over.

Who is to blame? The marxist jew that endlessly promotes White woman/negro pairings on the electronic synagogue? The mindless negro that reverts to animal savagery against its "Snow Ho?" The parents that failed to correctly raise their White daughter? The woman herself for embracing these obvious lies in the name of "popularity" and petty rebellion?

Apparently the answer is none of the above. It's the fault of the police for not responding fast enough to the final act of "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner."

The family of a young mother who was stabbed to death after the 999 emergency system failed her are seeking a landmark ruling over the right to claim damages for police negligence.

Welcome to the United Kaliphate, land of race mixing, cameras on every corner, mosques, jewish control and frivolous lawsuits filed years after your debased daughter met her predictable fate. They're lucky someone even responded. In a few years the societal collapse will be so bad that an emergency call will return a dial tone.

Joanna Michael, 25, made two desperate calls to the emergency service before being murdered by her ex-boyfriend Cyron Williams, 19, in August 2009.

"Your call is important to us. If you are a mud shark currently being murdered by your brown pet, press one now. If this is a robbery gone wrong, press two..."

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has already ruled Ms Michael was failed by both the Gwet and South Wales police as well as the 999 system.

The negro dog shit that actually killed her gets a free pass, of course.

Spiritual sickness and nihilistic rebellion. She paid for it with her life.

The commission said officers should have been able to respond to her call within five minutes. By the time they arrived at her home 22 minutes later she was dead, having been stabbed 72 times.

If they got there in say, five minutes, the living fossil only would have had time to stab her maybe twenty times. I guess those "knife control" laws aren't working.

Nicholas Bowen QC, appearing for Ms Michael's family, said the case was 'desperately important', particularly with regard to cases of domestic violence.

Being carved like a Thanksgiving turkey by a savage beast = "domestic violence."

Mr Bowen said the family's claim was 'not just about money' but also a 'determination to find out really and truly what happened'.

What really happened: You did a horrible job raising her because you were glued to the talmudvision watching negro ball and "celebrity" shows. She bought into a pack of kosher lies and flushed away her life on a shit-colored jungle creature.

Williams attacked Ms Michael, whose children were home at the time, after breaking into her house 'in a mad fit of jealous rage' after discovering she was in a new relationship just weeks after they had broken up.

The content of their character.

Charming, soulful and cool, not like stiff and boring Whitey.

The Gwent operator told the mother-of-two to 'stay put' in the house and keep the phone free as South Wales Police would want to call her back, said Mr Bowen.

Self-defense in the United Kaliphate. Sit there, unarmed and helpless, and wait for an insane animal to return. 

Williams was sentenced to life in jail in 2010 after admitting murder at the Cardiff Crown Court.

It should have been put down.

Director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti said: 'Joanna could be alive if the authorities had fulfilled their duties under the Human Rights Act.

Don't worry, some diversity experiment in a Stalinist office is on the case! The "human rights act" will save us from the coming demographic disaster.

Another day in Great Britainistan. A debased and soulless victim of jew propaganda died a horrible death, the parents that failed so spectacularly in their duties blame the police. No lessons learned, the rot continues to devour what remains.


  1. ""Your call is important to us. If you are a mud shark currently being murdered by your brown pet, press one now. If this is a robbery gone wrong, press two..."

    This is terrible but I couldn't stop laughing at that. All that is left is scorn and mockery, perhaps if we ridicule the nonsense enough people will be shamed in to WAKING THE F**K UP!

    The family want to "find out really and truly what happened'.

    I will say one thing, the U.K. enjoys a system where "life" imprisonment means a maximum of 14 years. Surely life should mean life but no out in 9 with good behaviour and ready to find a fresh White canvas for his simian violence.


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