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Everything is "Races" For Africa Ball "Slave"

It's time for more college football. This waste of time and energy brings with it the sickening spectacle of crowds of bloated White losers worshiping their coal black teams composed of dangerous negro animals. These criminal aliens are allegedly getting an education at the Kollege, to say nothing of access to White women and the pathetic sports idolatry of gelded White "men." It's still not enough, because everything is "races." This is the catch-all negro excuse for every predictable failure. It's not the low intelligence or inability to either learn from the past or anticipate future consequences. It's evil Whitey. The same Whites layering on the negro appeasement and groveling before the amazing simian athlete are also full of secret hatred. There's no evidence for this whatsoever, but just ask any negro.

USC senior running back Anthony Brown, who quit the team a week ago, called head coach Steve Sarkisian a racist Thursday.

Yes, one of the w…

Goy Speech Crime at the Africa Ball

We have open borders and have been flooded with a seemingly endless supply of brown sewage. More people are on some form of welfare than are gainfully employed. Constant negro appeasement is the only thing keeping our cities from exploding into African warfare. Whites are targeted for racially motivated crimes that the jewish media distorts and ignores. Most Whites haven't even begun to comprehend just how hated we are and how badly our enemy wants us dead.

Kosher distractions are needed to keep the goyim slouching along the road to their own extermination and they are provided in number. There's jewish feminism and the sodomite agenda, a profound satanic sickness aimed at Whites and only Whites. There's careerism and materialism. Jew pornography features White women that a hundred years ago would already be married and have three or four White children being degraded for the benefit of an audience with late stage spiritual cancer. Then there's sports.

Just like in the…

Fewer Whites Proposed As Solution to Negro Pathology

If there's been one consistent message from our criminal government and jew controlled media it's that Whites need to be eliminated. We need "racial quotas" to insure an adequate amount of muzzles and brow ridges, which is far more important than actual competency. We need open borders and welfare colonists. We need to ship Third World Africans into Idaho and Wyoming. Once the last White has been hunted down and eliminated the negro and la-teen-oh will magically begin to approximate a civilized human being. This is the madness of our time, the doctrine of the state religion enforced by witch hunts and inquisitions. White genocide as the solution to a dying nation.

Before the media and the public shift their attention to the next pressing issue, we should use this opportunity to think about reforms that could prevent future Fergusons.

Reforms like loading the "African American" sludge onto boats and sending it back to The Mother where the pyramid building an…

Hey White Boy

I don't believe in the highly rabbinical idea of "hate crime" charges. I believe in the rule of law. We should have equal application and enforcement and I mean truly equal, not the new kosher definition. The rot should be fully punished without regard to how many brown faces are already in cages or how "over-crowded" said cages are. This would be far superior to the current system where everything is politicized and there's an increasing reluctance to send the negro and la-teen-oh animal to the "crib." Better still, of course, would be putting every brown alien on boats bound for Africa and the Latin American sewer. Until that glorious day comes, we must survive the anarcho-tyranny of a dead nation.

It will take plastic surgery to properly fix the injury suffered by the 25-year-old victim, who asked not to be identified by name.

It will take a full collapse probably followed by horrific violence to fix a nation murdered by jew marxists, White usef…

War on Whites: Another Black Pack Attack

Many Whites voted for a foreign-born mulatto in hopes that installing this cipher would lead to improvements in negro behavior. After all, the cultural marxist has taught us that typical negro behavior is the result of "races" Whites and has nothing to do with genetic determinism, low intelligence, lack of future time orientation or any other well-documented truth about their character's content. Suffice it to say, the negro behavior has not improved. Racially motivated pack attacks are common, although the dinosaur media is quick to give them the memory hole treatment. I give these stories the attention they deserve.

A West Point man undergoes emergency brain surgery following a serious beating at a West Point restaurant.

Another forgotten victim in the kosher crusade for White genocide.

Friends and relatives tell WCBI that Weems and a friend, David Knighten, were at Waffle House, and got into an argument with as many as seven men.

Just another "disagreement gone wro…

The Cultural Marxist Guide to Handling Your "Child" Mugger

A White person with a modicum of actual power and authority finally named the War on Whites for what it is. Suddenly, we're bombarded with distractions and a massive manufactured useful crisis. Must be some sort of crazy coincidence. Meanwhile, increasingly emboldened negro animals continue to prey on Whites in forgotten hush crimes. One example of this unbelievable negro pathology is "child muggers," a phenomenon this blog has been documenting for awhile. As always the nation-wrecker is on the case, with lots of useful advice on how Whites should handle attacks by the same feral negroes our tax dollars are funding.

On Friday, a white lady named Clara Vondrich had her iPhone stolen out of her hand in Williamsburg but was able to catch one of the thieves, a 13-year-old boy.

No prizes for guessing the races involved.

Vondrich, 35, was standing in front of a coffee shop in the thick of gentrified Williamsburg—South 3rd and Wythe—when someone ran up behind her and snatched her…

My Mom the Racist, The Gentleman in the Mask

What else can be said about the Missouri dress rehearsal for our national collapse? We've seen the content of their character, we've discussed the negro failure. So let's take a look at the character of debased Whites, one a kollege mind-rape victim, the other a careerist scumbag. Here's two forgotten stories from a dying nation, two glimpses into the rot that is consuming everything. First up we have a communist true-believer that took friendly fire from the dark aliens. What lesson did he learn from the racially motivated attack? Answer: Whites are bad.

An idiotic marxist is beaten by the "corrupted lambs" in a robbery gone wrong. Amazing resiliency is demonstrated by "running the pockets" of a deluded fool. No lessons are learned and Mommy is "races." Please die, U.S.S.A.

Next up, here's an amazing video of "folks" throwing rocks at the dinosaur media.

We're Fine.

Animal noises. Rocks. "Folks" wearing masks. A…

Some Thoughts on the Ferguson Riots

The national guard has been called in. One of them might have said the "En" word. This is a larger concern than the fact that we need martial law to control the American negro. This is the latest in a seemingly endless series of "narratives" provided by this "useful crisis." Meanwhile White America continues its kosher coma, worshiping sports negroes, chasing Federal Reserve counterfeit and viewing jewish pornography. Those of us who are awake and aware need to look closer at this latest manufactured racial incident and draw the important lessons from it.

The first obvious lesson here is that reality is manipulated by our criminal government and the kosher media. We have an open southern border. Latin American sewage is pouring across it with the full approval of the bastards in power, bringing crime, disease and welfare dependency. Whites are starting to notice and even some of the higher functioning negroes realize that this brown invasion is not going …

Football Negroes Show Support For Rioters

A tyranny is most effective when its victims aren't even aware that they're being oppressed. Instead of control through coercion and violence, it's far more effective to control the masses through entertainment, decadence and perversion. This is the promised freedom that comes with the jewish chains. Careerism and materialism. Feminism. The thoroughly kosher pornography industry. And, of course, the modern day coliseum where drunk White losers cheer jew-owned teams of identical looking and behaving negro monsters.

Ignore the rot and your own dispossession, White man, ignore the cities that are burning and the government that is encouraging this. It's absolutely critical that Red defeat Blue in a monetized child's game, a game full of constant lulls in the "action" where we can convince you to buy worthless and poisonous products (Drink lots of soda, Whitey!) and deliver cultural marxist lectures.

From nearly 1,000 miles away, several Redskins players used …

Liberian Negroes Trash Ebola Treatment Center

The negro mind has great difficulty connecting cause and effect. The fact that current actions will have future consequences is an alien thought to the typical negro, who is constantly living in the now, driven by its animal instincts. These instincts have created Detroit and the African heart of darkness. These instincts led to negroes ransacking a medical facility because they blame the White do-gooder for the disease, for the curse that hangs over the Heart of Darkness. It's not Whites or witchcraft. It's the failed alien race that inhabits a place that in saner times was planned as a new negro homeland after their deportation from America.

This morning Makasha Kroma shivered with fever. Her head still hurt; that hadn’t gone away. And she was vomiting a lot.

Disease and death, superstition and fear. A world without Whites.

Ebola is transmitted through bodily fluids. It has no treatment, besides hydration, no cure, no proven vaccine. Since February, it’s ravaged West Africa, i…

The End of the U.S.S.A.

If you'd asked me a few years ago how long I thought my nation would last as it shambles forward as a zombie toward a dark future, I would have said at least a few more decades. Now that answer seems almost insanely optimistic. Powerful forces are converging and we're now past the point of no return. This year non-White children will out number White children in public schools. Whites are being replaced, killed and diluted into mulatto slaves. Our cities are burning, the only thing holding back total negro anarchy is a police state. The open southern border welcomes criminals, looters and disease. No one in authority is doing anything. Like a plane with every engine on fire and the pilot collapsed dead across the controls the U.S.S.A. rushes toward the unforgiving ground.

"Is the U.S.S.A. savable?" is no longer a question that even needs to be dignified. The question is what will take its place. I can imagine several possible scenarios.

White Reconquest. The White rac…

Negro Murderer Was Released On Technicality, Faces New Charges

As I'm writing this we're in the early stages of a full-blown civil war. Invaders are pouring over our open border, while militarized police are battling negro savages in Missouri. The only thing holding back total collapse into all against all tribal warfare is the constant negro and la-teen-oh appeasement: the hand-outs from the White tax-paying sucker. Even this is proving less and less effective. The idea that we can buy even the smallest improvements in brown behavior if we just keep paying and make pathetic concessions in our culture has been proven false beyond any reasonable doubt after the election of the magic mulatto was followed by a new and more dangerous phase of the cold war against Whites that's now becoming hot.

Meanwhile, Whites are sleeping. There's the jewish porn, the jewish sports featuring non-Whites, the junk food, the booze and pills. Everything's fine, just ask your typical White person. They're mourning some comedian that appeared on …

Ferguson Riots: A Photo Essay

"He be a good boy, turning his life around!"

If you have no place in a White nation please raise your hand.

Bring on the looting!
This is what democracy looks like.

Genetic and cultural aliens gather with predictable results.

The real life negro is a little different from the ones on the talmudvision.

Stone age creature mumbles and clicks into a White invention.

"I din do nuffin!"

Militarized 90 I.Q. police arrest the negro.

African all against all in middle America.

Savages surrender.

This man cares deeply about your constitutional rights and personal dignity.

"It's all the fault of the White devil!"

A glimpse of the coming collapse.

"I've got a giant gun, a 90 I.Q. and a covered face. Trust me."

After the negro apocalypse.

"Please tell our viewers why your failed race shouldn't be immediately sent back to Africa."

Why waste your welfare hand-outs when you can just steal?

They arrested homo erectus.

St. Louis Mall Put "On Tilt"

The latest negro riot is wrapping itself up. After another display of the character's content the militarized police are moving in, the extremely delicate order restored as much as possible. Civilization isn't this thick blue line of body armor, face masks and huge impractical guns facing down the jungle savages. Civilization is a double helix, a shared genetic background, a meaningful culture and vision. What we now have is anarcho-tyranny, an endless battle against a failed race that simply has no place in any White nation and needs to be removed. There's going to come a day when the E.B.T. handouts go down, when our currency becomes worthless. There will be no more negro appeasement and they will immediately revert to their savage nature. We won't be able to stop it with militarized police. Everything will burn.

I hope you're armed and ready.

Officers with several police departments responded to the St. Louis Galleria Monday evening.

A single negro incident requi…

Jewess Insists "Robbery Gone Wrong" is a Hate Crime

The nation-wreckers are going to have to live in the nations they've destroyed. In their minds this means the thousands of slaves promised by the talmud, luxury and leisure and an easily controlled brown everyman that has neither the intelligence nor will to resist this kosher nightmare. In reality the teeming masses are going to prove less than pliable once the White devil is no longer present to act as the perpetual Two Minutes Hate subject for the lower races. When the nation dies, when the fire of White civilization is doused with the foul sewage of "diversity," there will be no escape for anyone, even the communist jew. Everything will burn. Imagine Detroit, coast to coast. The hatred our enemies have for us is so virulent that this obvious truth seems lost. White genocide is all that matters, despite the Hell they will inherit.

An Orthodox rabbi was shot dead as he walked to a Miami temple, in what his daughter is calling a hate crime.

Bitten by the animals they un…

For Unknown Reasons

White children are the number one target of our jewish enemy. They would prefer that they're never born at all, using feminism, the sodomite agenda, the abortion industry, materialism and careerism as kosher contraceptives against the next generation of Whites. The White children lucky enough to be born into this ruined nation are then assaulted by the full power of Big Jew. There's endless White guilt in the publik schmuels and on the talmudvision, combined with constant uplifting of the other and worship of the bizarre and alien. Then their biological weapons, the negro and the la-teen-oh, are unleashed.

A 12 year-old boy is being charged as an adult with open murder in the deadly stabbing of a 9-year-old boy at a playground.

Those crazy "boys" and their wacky hijinks. No race mentioned, as per the dinosaur media policy.

Jamarion Lawhorn pleaded not guilty Tuesday afternoon in Kent County Family Court. WZZM is identifying the minor because he is being charged as an …