Ferguson Riots: A Photo Essay

"He be a good boy, turning his life around!"

If you have no place in a White nation please raise your hand.

Bring on the looting!

This is what democracy looks like.

Genetic and cultural aliens gather with predictable results.

The real life negro is a little different from the ones on the talmudvision.

Stone age creature mumbles and clicks into a White invention.

"I din do nuffin!"

Militarized 90 I.Q. police arrest the negro.

African all against all in middle America.

Savages surrender.

This man cares deeply about your constitutional rights and personal dignity.

"It's all the fault of the White devil!"

A glimpse of the coming collapse.

"I've got a giant gun, a 90 I.Q. and a covered face. Trust me."

After the negro apocalypse.

"Please tell our viewers why your failed race shouldn't be immediately sent back to Africa."

Why waste your welfare hand-outs when you can just steal?

They arrested homo erectus.


  1. Replies
    1. Each and every city-destroying session is like Christmas morning to these inner city mongoloids...ive watched them react for 5 decades now...no deviation.


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