Fewer Whites Proposed As Solution to Negro Pathology

If there's been one consistent message from our criminal government and jew controlled media it's that Whites need to be eliminated. We need "racial quotas" to insure an adequate amount of muzzles and brow ridges, which is far more important than actual competency. We need open borders and welfare colonists. We need to ship Third World Africans into Idaho and Wyoming. Once the last White has been hunted down and eliminated the negro and la-teen-oh will magically begin to approximate a civilized human being. This is the madness of our time, the doctrine of the state religion enforced by witch hunts and inquisitions. White genocide as the solution to a dying nation.

Before the media and the public shift their attention to the next pressing issue, we should use this opportunity to think about reforms that could prevent future Fergusons.

Reforms like loading the "African American" sludge onto boats and sending it back to The Mother where the pyramid building and flying can resume free of the evil influence of the White Devil.

One solution is easy to legislate and remarkably effective: increase representation.

Just get rid of Whitey and everything will be fine! Look at Detroit, or Zimbabwe, or South Africa, or London...

There are many factors driving the anger in Ferguson. But the fact that African Americans had almost no representation in city government shaped much of what happened in that Missouri suburb after the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown by a white police officer.

I'm sure the negro animal stealing shoes and alcohol had this exact thought coursing through its under-developed frontal lobes.

"Wah be da nigga rep-ree-zant-in on dee cittee console?"

The figures are stark. Blacks represent two-thirds of the city population, yet the mayor, five of six City Council members, six of seven school board members and 50 of 53 police officers are not black.

I thought race didn't exist and was a social construct created by evil White not-sees. 

Ferguson is not alone on this front. Across the nation, racial and ethnic minorities are grossly underrepresented in city government. African Americans make up roughly 12% of the national population but only 4.3% of city councils and 2% of mayors. The figures for Latinos and Asian Americans are even worse.

Yet for some reason we don't see massive Asian riots or Asian kids robbing stores and then attacking police. I wonder why that is? Could it be...genetic determinism?

This marxist author should mention some cities where these savage inequalities have been corrected. Like Detroit.

Detroit solves the "representation" problem.

The paradise on earth that resulted.

By simply changing local electoral laws, we could radically alter who votes, who wins office and the types of policies that local governments pursue.

We could "simply" change the laws! "Simple" is the right word for this marxist delusion, that's for sure. Every election could be a racial head count! Brown good, White bad! This is the logic being presented here.

By adding partisan labels to local electoral ballots, we can make it easier for voters to know what each candidate stands for.

Maybe put "good nigga" and "wite debil" labels on the ballot. Or just pictures. Or add an option to vote completely along racial lines. Muh Democracy. This will bring everyone together and stop the negro monkeyshines. 

All of this has critical ripple effects for minority representation in office. Higher-turnout cities elect city officials who are much more representative. My analysis shows that increasing turnout could eliminate up to a third of the underrepresentation of minorities on city councils and in mayor's offices.

Because "he look like me" is the only issue that matters to a negro or la-teen-oh.

Cities with higher turnout and greater minority representation tend to enact policies that are more in line with racial and ethnic minority preferences.

Policies like declaring bankruptcy or turning off the water.

In particular, higher turnout is associated with greater social welfare spending and greater hiring of minorities in city government.

Corrupt and wasteful dead-on-arrival "save the negro" programs and make-work jobs handed out along racial lines will save our dead nation.

Our analysis of local surveys and U.S. Census data shows that African Americans are generally less happy than whites with the performance of their city governments. But those same surveys show that when local governments spend more on social welfare and hire more African Americans, black dissatisfaction declines and blacks are as happy as whites with local government.

We can buy good negro behavior, or at least fewer stores on fire! Look, I have "science" to prove it! 

Fifty-plus years of wasteful spending, endless failed initiatives and racially motivated attacks on Whites and this is the answer from the communist. Spend more on the genetic and cultural alien. 

Entrenched officeholders would probably resist such reforms. But the changes would be too powerful to be ignored. With a few small measures, we could do much to prevent future Fergusons from erupting across the country.

More exciting "change." This will be the one time the negro appeasement actually works, honest. R.I.P. U.S.S.A.

Detroit City Council.



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