Football Negroes Show Support For Rioters

A tyranny is most effective when its victims aren't even aware that they're being oppressed. Instead of control through coercion and violence, it's far more effective to control the masses through entertainment, decadence and perversion. This is the promised freedom that comes with the jewish chains. Careerism and materialism. Feminism. The thoroughly kosher pornography industry. And, of course, the modern day coliseum where drunk White losers cheer jew-owned teams of identical looking and behaving negro monsters.

Ignore the rot and your own dispossession, White man, ignore the cities that are burning and the government that is encouraging this. It's absolutely critical that Red defeat Blue in a monetized child's game, a game full of constant lulls in the "action" where we can convince you to buy worthless and poisonous products (Drink lots of soda, Whitey!) and deliver cultural marxist lectures.

From nearly 1,000 miles away, several Redskins players used the Monday Night Football stage to draw attention to the situation that has been unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri by running onto FedExField with their hands up in the air.  

A stadium full of slumbering debased Whites eager to cheer "their" Blackskins. Unfortunately, the magical negro that you must worship has been coached by the wire-pullers to support rioting. Coal black criminals that can run around for three or four seconds without tiring want more urban all against all. Be sure to cheer, you don't want to be "races," do you?

Witnesses have said he was not aggressive toward the officer and had his hands raised above his head before he was shot.

Of course these statements have been revealed as total and complete lies.

Following Washington’s win against Cleveland, WNEW learned the idea for the gesture came from safety Brandon Meriweather and cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

After being coached on the idea by Abe Goldstein, no doubt.

“We just want to show our supporters what’s going on in St. Louis,” Meriweather said. “We just wanted to show support.”

"We be sah-poo-tin gettin' yo loot on and brakin dee win-daws an sheet."

“That could have been any one of us,” said free safety Ryan Clark.

No kidding. The negro behavior is the same everywhere: the same pathology, the same violence and idiocy, the same inability to build or even live in a civilized nation.

Super orc surrenders at the kosher circus.

When you get an opportunity to make a statement, and be more than a football player, it’s good.”

"Dee caw-lass aw dee U.S.S.A. be good, gnomesayin'."

Cue familiar and now totally out-of-place country music...

Well it's Monday night
A new narrative has begun
I turn on my kosher IV
For some cultural destruction fun

I see an indoctrination season here on ABC
The jew lecture each week is their specialty
I gotta get boozed up, ignore arguments from the right
Cause Monday Night Africa Ball is coming on tonight

Are you ready for some predictable negro behavior?

A Monday night synagogue!
Hey, this is "Feed the belly and genitals" Goy
Ready to get the negro worship started
We got the blacks on the field
And we gave up our rights
All my jewish "friends" are back for Monday night


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