For Unknown Reasons

White children are the number one target of our jewish enemy. They would prefer that they're never born at all, using feminism, the sodomite agenda, the abortion industry, materialism and careerism as kosher contraceptives against the next generation of Whites. The White children lucky enough to be born into this ruined nation are then assaulted by the full power of Big Jew. There's endless White guilt in the publik schmuels and on the talmudvision, combined with constant uplifting of the other and worship of the bizarre and alien. Then their biological weapons, the negro and the la-teen-oh, are unleashed.

A 12 year-old boy is being charged as an adult with open murder in the deadly stabbing of a 9-year-old boy at a playground.

Those crazy "boys" and their wacky hijinks. No race mentioned, as per the dinosaur media policy.

Jamarion Lawhorn pleaded not guilty Tuesday afternoon in Kent County Family Court. WZZM is identifying the minor because he is being charged as an adult.

We're then putting this into the memory hole, because it might wake up a slumbering White to racial reality.

This living dog shit murdered a White child.

Lawhorn's accused of repeatedly stabbing Michael Conner Verkerke in the back at the Pinebrook Village mobile home park Monday evening.

The content of their character. Soulless, dangerous animals loose in a dead nation.

"We were sitting on our deck," said Barb Poelman. "We heard the kids run across the front ... screaming. He (Conner) ran with the kids that were with him."

This story is a good example on why racial differences must be taught at a young age. This could have been prevented.

"She was screaming 'Where is the ambulance?' while her boy was laying on the porch bleeding," Poelman said. "The kids, I thought they were just playing."

The game's over. This is the end result of buying into the equality delusion.

Brutally stabbed to death by a negro monster.

Witnesses told investigators that four children were playing when Lawhorn, for unknown reasons, pulled a knife and stabbed the boy.

Yeah, I can't figure it out either. It's so hard to imagine what the motive might have been.

It was racially motivated. Obviously.

Glen Stacy, who lives nearby, described Lawhorn as "very calm."

Like a "tame" wild animal you never know when the "calm" negro is going to revert to its natural impulses of brutal violence aimed at the first convenient White target.

The motive in the attack was still being investigated, said Kentwood Police Chief Thomas Hillen.

"We're not allowed to say what anyone with a working brain already knows."

Family and friends are planning a candlelight vigil at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the playground to memorialize Conner.

The feckless White reaction.

He will be tried in family court, and could be given an adult sentence, but will not receive a mandatory life sentence because of recent changes to the law.

Thanks for changing that "races" law, jews!

If convicted, Lawhorn would be held in a juvenile facility until he's 21. Every three months, his behavior would be evaluated to determine whether he should be released or not. Once he's 21, he would either be released or sent to an adult prison.

This worthless creature will probably get another opportunity to prey on Whites.

Home school. Teach racial truths at an early age. Destroy your telavivision. There's an undeclared race war raging and they want White children dead.


  1. Didn't take long for those genes to surface did it. Negro names are great for identification of race when they are mentioned by the traitorous MSM... Jamarion Lawhorn, if Obama had a younger son.


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