Goy Speech Crime at the Africa Ball

We have open borders and have been flooded with a seemingly endless supply of brown sewage. More people are on some form of welfare than are gainfully employed. Constant negro appeasement is the only thing keeping our cities from exploding into African warfare. Whites are targeted for racially motivated crimes that the jewish media distorts and ignores. Most Whites haven't even begun to comprehend just how hated we are and how badly our enemy wants us dead.

Kosher distractions are needed to keep the goyim slouching along the road to their own extermination and they are provided in number. There's jewish feminism and the sodomite agenda, a profound satanic sickness aimed at Whites and only Whites. There's careerism and materialism. Jew pornography features White women that a hundred years ago would already be married and have three or four White children being degraded for the benefit of an audience with late stage spiritual cancer. Then there's sports.

Just like in the former Soviet Union, a failed nightmare state with 90% jewish leadership, athletics are politicized. We must worship the amazing running negro, the heroic sodomite. Even profit is secondary to this goal. Preach the sermons of the state religion, preach the cultural marxism, preach evil and death. Sometimes the shkotzim go off script and we get a "Look at that monkey run!" or "If we get more negro coaches there won't be any Whites out there!" Or in this case tell a joke.

San Diego Chargers announcer Hank Bauer referenced an old anti-Semitic joke on air Sunday during the Chargers-49ers game on 105.3 KIOZ, Deadspin first reported.

While debased White viewers were entering beer number ten, staring glassy eyed at a meaningless African spectacle, pissing and shitting themselves, one of the few "gentiles" left in this kosher production went off the rails.

It happened in the waning seconds of the 49ers' 21-7 preseason victory. Play-by-play colleague Josh Lewin said that if he were a paying fan, he wouldn't have left the game early because of the high cost of ticket licensing at the 49ers' new stadium.

A jew talking about money. Imagine that.

"But then again, you know how copper wire was invented," Bauer laughed, then continued after a beat: "Somebody dropped a penny between Josh and his family member.

This is a crime. You must have nothing but reverential feelings for the Light of the World, even as they sink their poisoned talons into the soft flesh of your nation's corpse.

Useful White idiot is no longer useful.

According to the radio station's bio, "Bauer has been a part of the Chargers’ family for over 400 games as a player, coach and broadcaster."

Because a monetized children's game presented by the nation wreckers is a "family." Distract Whites from our common heritage and shared interests, get them to be part of the "Red Family" in its endless and unwinnable war with "Blue." 

Bauer was suspended for one game-- the Chargers' final preseason contest on Thursday -- and he issued the following apology on Twitter.

I'll spare you the predictable groveling from a pathetic coward whose entire life was wasted. 


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