Jewess Insists "Robbery Gone Wrong" is a Hate Crime

The nation-wreckers are going to have to live in the nations they've destroyed. In their minds this means the thousands of slaves promised by the talmud, luxury and leisure and an easily controlled brown everyman that has neither the intelligence nor will to resist this kosher nightmare. In reality the teeming masses are going to prove less than pliable once the White devil is no longer present to act as the perpetual Two Minutes Hate subject for the lower races. When the nation dies, when the fire of White civilization is doused with the foul sewage of "diversity," there will be no escape for anyone, even the communist jew. Everything will burn. Imagine Detroit, coast to coast. The hatred our enemies have for us is so virulent that this obvious truth seems lost. White genocide is all that matters, despite the Hell they will inherit.

An Orthodox rabbi was shot dead as he walked to a Miami temple, in what his daughter is calling a hate crime.

Bitten by the animals they unleashed, friendly fire in the long war on the shkotzim.

Mr Raksin's daughter, Shully Lepokovski, told 'I believe it was a hate crime, simply because he was a Jew.'

When Whites are targeted by the negro animal or the may-hee-can natural conservative it's a hush crime to be forgiven in a JUDEO-christian church and then forgotten. When those special chosen ones that matter a lot more than you, Whitey, are burned by the fire they started it's a "hate crime."

According to the Miami Herald, on July 28, police reported that swastikas were spray-painted on the front pillars of a Northeast Miami-Dade synagogue, amid the ongoing conflict over Gaza, leading to concerns the shooting may be linked. 

The Brooklyn, New York rabbi, who is a father-of-six and was in Florida visiting his two daughters and grandchildren, was walking along Northeast 175th Street and Eighth Court around 9am on Saturday, when two men approached him.

This is different from the usual script: "the [race redacted] tax-paying sucker who was the father of zero was walking home from his wage slavery when the two "men" approached him..."

Authorities have not released a motive, but the Anti-Defamation League says it has been in close contact with lead investigators and the crime appears to be a robbery gone badly.

Don't expect to see an "Anti-White Genocide League" working closely with investigators on the endless cases involving White victims of non-White criminality.

Police are searching for two young suspects. One was apparently on a bicycle and the other on foot. It it believed they fired just one shot before fleeing the scene.

A bike as a getaway car. Stone age monsters target their benefactor.

"Oy, hurry this up! It's so humid and I've got a porn shoot to do later." 

A witness described one of the men to be wearing a yellow shirt, and the other an orange shirt. The community is offering a $50,000 reward for information that helps lead to an arrest.  

No race given in this highly useful description. Let's hope the negro doesn't change his "yellow shirt." The need to conceal the failures of the "African American" wins out over the need to protect g*d's chosen, 


  1. "The need to conceal the failures of the "African American" wins out over the need to protect g*d's chosen"


    Well it's the parable of the Ducks and Hens all over again (and again)

    No doubt the hens will come knocking on the Pacific Northwest's door when the shit hits the fan in the future.

    "Please let us in we barely escaped, it's another Shoah out there."

    Only this time due to meticulous records kept on the internet we will REMEMBER!


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