My Mom the Racist, The Gentleman in the Mask

What else can be said about the Missouri dress rehearsal for our national collapse? We've seen the content of their character, we've discussed the negro failure. So let's take a look at the character of debased Whites, one a kollege mind-rape victim, the other a careerist scumbag. Here's two forgotten stories from a dying nation, two glimpses into the rot that is consuming everything. First up we have a communist true-believer that took friendly fire from the dark aliens. What lesson did he learn from the racially motivated attack? Answer: Whites are bad.

An idiotic marxist is beaten by the "corrupted lambs" in a robbery gone wrong. Amazing resiliency is demonstrated by "running the pockets" of a deluded fool. No lessons are learned and Mommy is "races." Please die, U.S.S.A.

Next up, here's an amazing video of "folks" throwing rocks at the dinosaur media.

We're Fine.

Animal noises. Rocks. "Folks" wearing masks. A reporter trying to have a Jane Goodall-style dialogue with the rioters. A nation is laid to rest. "Tell the truth!" shouts a genetic alien. All right, here it is. The negro is not compatible with a civilized White nation. The solution is their removal. Fifty-plus years of pandering, hand-outs and disgraceful, cowardly negro appeasement and this is what we get in return. We need a White nation. 


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  2. "I found out that my mother is a vicious racist"
    Steve Schmidt

    Well I guess it is time to send her to Room 101 junior. The stupid b**ch deserves it after all.

    Remember all the times she feed you, got you dressed, stayed with you until you fell asleep as a child and watched over you, remember how she told you everything would be o.k. when things went wrong, how she took you to the doctor when you were sick and always tried to make end meet so that you would have clothes and food, how she never asked for anything in return.

    Well F**K HER because the bi**h is a racist!

    Make sure you report her to your nearest Commissar for thought crimes so that she can be re-educated. You have done the right thing junior. Don't forget to forgive your negro attackers, dump your girlfriend and blame your own people for the failure of other races.


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