Negro Attempts "Gun Challenge," Dies

Ignorance about the negro and its behavior might have been forgivable a few decades ago. The internet didn't exist and the negroes depicted on the talmudvision were always painted in the most heroic (and sexually desirable, White woman!) light. The urban rot was confined enough that it was possible to live your life without constant reminders of the worthless race jewish slave ships deposited in the New World. It was possible to pretend we were still living in a White nation.

Today the pathology of the American negro is splattered across the internet. Everything from the knockout game to the fire challenge can be viewed from relative safety. It's impossible to watch the negro in its natural state and not conclude that what you're looking at is not human in the same sense Whites are. The equality sacrament of our State Religion doesn't merely require go-with-the-flow apathy, it now demands total and complete delusion.

We've seen the content of their character. What was once destroyed "hoods" is now destroyed cities. The lies pile up, increasingly desperate in these final hours. The center can not hold.

A 13-year-old boy in Florida has died after apparently playing a deadly game of Russian roulette with a 15-year-old friend on Sunday night.

Will this "gun challenge" take its rightful place in the constellation of negro idiocy? We can only hope.

Redland Middle School student, Darren Booker, was struck in the chest after his friend emptied a gun of all but one bullet and proceeded to aim at Booker and pull the trigger three times.

Inability to link current actions to future outcomes. Low I.Q. Heightened levels of aggression. These things have consequences, both for the negro and their victims.

Police have said that a group of teens were playing with the firearm before the fatal shooting.

Those crazy "teens" and their innocent little games. You were young once, right? You did stuff like this, right? Sorry, your average White youth isn't setting themselves on fire or aiming guns at each other. This isn't youthful indiscretion, this is genetic determinism in its purest expression.

'They were just trying to see like the parts of it. He was trying to take the bullets out but he left one in,' said Ashley Kendall.

Future mechanical engineer, full of healthy curiosity.

"Yo, nigga, pull the trigger again."

And he pointed it at hiim and shot it, nothing happened. Shot it again, nothing happened.

It's reasonable to expect nothing well happen the third time, too. Well, for an 85 I.Q. living fossil, anyway.

The third time, Booker got shot in the chest.

Nothing of value was lost. Maybe the jew will wring some "Guns are bad!" propaganda from this farce, but I'm sure they'd prefer this tale of negro failure in the memory hole.

The tragic and foolish game that killed the popular football player took place around 9pm at the 1300 block of Northwest 4th avenue.

A future "four star" recruit that could have had unlimited access to White worship and snow hoes at a Kollege instead was made more aerodynamic by his "dawg." 

'I guess by the time we came outside, Darren, he hit the gate and he fell and he kind of like was taking his last breath.'

The U.S.S.A. is kind of like taking its last breath.

If we weren't forced to live next to the negro all of this would be meaningless. We have to share living space with these animals. They vote. They are handed jobs and promotions. Everyone is afraid to discuss racial reality. We're not equal. They have no place in a White nation. 

Alien genetics and smaller frontal lobes have consequences.


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