Negro Murderer Was Released On Technicality, Faces New Charges

As I'm writing this we're in the early stages of a full-blown civil war. Invaders are pouring over our open border, while militarized police are battling negro savages in Missouri. The only thing holding back total collapse into all against all tribal warfare is the constant negro and la-teen-oh appeasement: the hand-outs from the White tax-paying sucker. Even this is proving less and less effective. The idea that we can buy even the smallest improvements in brown behavior if we just keep paying and make pathetic concessions in our culture has been proven false beyond any reasonable doubt after the election of the magic mulatto was followed by a new and more dangerous phase of the cold war against Whites that's now becoming hot.

Meanwhile, Whites are sleeping. There's the jewish porn, the jewish sports featuring non-Whites, the junk food, the booze and pills. Everything's fine, just ask your typical White person. They're mourning some comedian that appeared on the talmudvision while the end game of the U.S.S.A. is literally unfolding in living dark color on that same electronic toilet. When the wake-up call comes for many Whites it will take the form of negroes attacking or the kosher police state kicking in the front door.

The man charged with fatally stabbing two brothers at a church food pantry in 2013 is now facing additional charges of rape and sodomy in an unrelated case.

Those crazy "men," at it again. This worthless negro monster committed a brutal double murder in a church. This is the content of their character, the negro anti-soul.

Richard Burgin Jr., 50, was charged today with first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy for alleged offenses on July 15, 2012, according to court records.

Typical negro behavior, not exceptional in any way. They kept letting this animal out of the "over-crowded" prisons.

The records provide no details, but Burgin's arrest in the May 21, 2013 stabbing deaths of of Anthony Jackson, 76, and Terry Jackson, 69, at the food pantry at West Huntsville United Methodist Church, came after the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences matched his DNA to a cup found near the crime scene, according to the Huntsville Police Department.

We all know that DNA evidence is "races" and dangerously close to the same evil not-sees that claim there's such a thing a thing as genetic determinism. Of course there isn't, the telavivision said so.

The brothers routinely volunteered to clean up and help distribute food at the church. Anthony Jackson, who was severely handicapped by cerebral palsy, died at the scene. Terry Jackson, who had looked after his brother all of his adult life, was pronounced dead on arrival at Huntsville Hospital.

Try to image the type of moronic, alien mind that would commit this heartless crime. We pretended these monsters were human and paid a heavy price for this delusion of our time.

Burgin was sentenced to life in prison in 1997 due to prior convictions, but successfully appealed on procedural grounds and had that sentenced overturned. He was released from prison in Alabama in November 2010.

They let this thing out. It should have been put down. They released it to commit more crimes.

Eroding rule of law unleashed this piece of shit.

Following his arrest on a robbery charge in June 2013 his probation was revoked and he was returned to prison.

Maybe we can keep this genetic alien in a cage this time. 

Rule of law is a joke. The worst negro criminals are repeatedly let out, with predictable results. Our friendly neighborhood police force resembles an occupying army, our elected criminals are a rubber stamp for third world criminals. It's all coming down. Be ready.


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