Ole Miss Name Deemed Offensive By Nation Wreckers

When a nation has been conquered one of the first things the victors do is begin taking away the symbols of the defeated enemy and replacing them with their own. This serves the dual purpose of humiliating the vanquished and preparing them for a future as a groveling subject via constant reminders of who now rules. The U.S.S.A. was conquered from within by marxist jews without firing a shot. Now they tear down our traditions, take away our names, make plans to put negresses on our worthless currency. Humiliation for hated Whites, a reminder to the goyim that they're pulling the wires.

Everything's fine, go back to sleep.

To most University of Mississippi students and alumni, calling the institution “Ole Miss” is just natural. It’s what people say.

Ordinary White behavior is evil and "races." This has been the endless drumbeat of the zionist alien during the Long March through the culture. 

The university’s announcement on Friday that, as part of a review of race relations at the university, it would encourage “appropriate” use of the term, won praise from some quarters but plenty of criticism as well.

Like the JEWdeo-christian churches taking down their crosses or the United Kaliphate declaring its own flag to be offensive to the brown invaders this is the final capitulation, the cowardly surrender. Say goodbye to Ole Miss, say hello to New Piss straight from a jewish putz.

One of the reports, discussing a student focus group, linked the Greek system and the symbols of Southern history. “A number of students believe that the traditional fraternities and sororities serve as attractors, incubators and protectors for students wedded to the symbols and beliefs of the South’s racist past."

Oy, racist incubators! We must make sure Whites are completely rootless, have no God but materialism and careerism, ignore their own racial interests and go quietly to the carefully planned genocide.

New Piss homecoming queen. Driver: "Can you believe this b.s.?"

The African American students shared examples of indignities they have been subject to or witness of that involved the fraternities and sororities.

"Yo, yo, one time dis wite sno hoe in dee saw-row-it-tee wodna suk muh dik. Dat be an in-deeg-nat-tee."

“Every black student in the room said that they had been called the ‘N-Word’ at least once on campus,”

It seems plausible that at a Communist Indoctrination Center, where Whites are punished for even looking at a negro wrong, these same students would be casually lobbing around the word that can not be named.

“From rejection of people of color into the organisations, chanting ‘The South will rise again’ at sporting events, to hurling racist and sexual epithets at innocent passers-by, the Greeks are viewed as a major problem.”

White males were showing pride in themselves and their heritage! This is a major problem!

The university announced a series of recommendations that it was endorsing:

Suffice it to say telling the whiners to shut up and be grateful they're not living in the African all against all is not one of them. 

Create a new vice-chancellor’s position for diversity and inclusion.

Nothing says free and democratic marketplace of ideas like a Stalinist office designed to eliminate Whites and investigate phony "bias incidents."

Develop “a set of standards for diversity and engagement”

We must reduce White enrollment or we've failed.

Deal “squarely” with issues of race. Provide more “context” in various ways for people to understand the history of race relations at the university.

Listen to one-sided jewish lectures on how evil Whites are and why the displacement and destruction they have planned for us is "the right thing to do."

"Bear Pimp" is the new mascot.

Change the names of some facilities to draw attention to black Mississippi figures. For example, a road will be renamed to honour Lee “Chucky” Mullins, a black football player who was paralysed and later died.

Say you love Lee "Chucky" Mullins, you White devil! Say it! Say it!!!

Change the name of “Confederate Drive” to “Chapel Lane.”

We'd name that one after an Africa Ball animal that got hurt playing a child's game, too, but we only have one. I'd imagine "Chapel Lane" is just a placeholder until it becomes "Glory Hole Way" or "Creepy Cracka Avenue" in a few years.

A statement from Chancellor Dan Jones said that “we will need to continue a dialogue on race at our university.

Be sure to bring those I.Q. graphs, Mr. Jones. 

The victor imposes its symbols and "narratives" under the guise of negro appeasement. Control the past, control the future. 

R.I.P. Ole Miss.


  1. 'He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.' George Orwell

    Is it me or is this accelerating exponentially.

    1. It's not you, it IS accelerating exponentially because they are running out of time. Take a look at what they've done to Sweden in just maybe 10 years. My Sambo said that maybe 20 years ago he'd never even seen a black person, and now the suburb we live in is 70% 'grunt' as i call it, immigrant - which means 69% muslime darks from piece'a'shitistan and mostly Somalia. NONE of them work, I am not a god damn fucking one. Somalia has 97% illiteracy, 100% islamic militancy, and average IQ of 63. Although EVERYthing is given to them for FREE (socialism) apartment, education, medical care, education allowance, clothing/food allowance, some lump sum of 'settling in' money to cover furniture, etc., and TWO (2) years retroactive welfare based on the number of turdlets - those SOBs will not bother to learn the language, go to school GET a job (why should they?) they breed like animals, they're aggressive and violent, and perpetrate the most heinous and violent acts of gang rape on Swedish women/girls. They do not rape their own, probably if they did they'd be killed. There is a ferry from Sweden to Finland which is kind of a party boat - some people take the ferry just as a night out and just go there and back without getting off - the ferry is dirt cheap and the Somalian FILTH have learned it's a good way to find Swedish women to gang rape. They do not 'advertise' or report this in the Swedish media but I'd been telling my Sambo it happened all the time. Yesterday he read in the Swedish paper that several 'SWEDES' had been arrested for raping a girl on the Ferry. Of course I was so enraged my head nearly blew off, because these piece of SSHIT are NOT SWEDES. But the media here will NEVER report their race or their names, their faces will be pixelated and into pinkish colors, and they will continue to be referred to as Swedes. SO he read the news from Finland, which tells the truth, and in their story the woman on the ferry screamed 'stop those niggers! Don't let them leave!' Of COURSE they were SOMALIS. Swedes do not gang rape, but since the Afghans and Somalis have arrived, Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe. #1 in Europe, and according to several sites I've read - #2 in the world ONLY to Johannesburg South Africa. Do you understand how disgusting a comparison that is? THIS IS SWEDEN ! All day long I listen to screaming, howling, jibbering hoolu boolu B.S. language - they do not talk, they scream, they have no set hours, they chew KHAT and stay awake 20 hours a day SCREAMING. My health has declined - this is true. Simply from the stress of being surrounded by the garbage of the planet, whose luxury lifestyle is fully paid for at the expense of hard working Swedes like my man, while one third of all pensioned Swedes live in POVERTY and the MFers who run the EU and the Swedish govt is talking about raising the PENSIONABLE retirement age to SEVENTY FIVE (75) because somebody has to work until they are dead, pay 50% or more income tax, and die without receiving a pension - because who else is going to pay for the 200 pound parasites feeding off our backs? And after all - the average life expectancy in Sweden is 82!!! Why, we'll all have 7 WONDERFUL years of the EASY LIFE - because everybody knows the ages of 75-82 are the healthiest, most energy filled years of our lives, right?

      Sometimes I think please God, tell me this isn't true, tell me this isn't happening??? Stupid brainwashed 'gentle' Swedes believing 'everybody is the same' BECAUSE THEY NEVER MET ANYBODY ELSE - they believe this and like lambs walk right up the slaughter e.g. they trust muslims, black muslims, Liberian former child soldiers, or Congolese brutes and smiling they walk right up to their brutalizer, rapist or killer.


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