St. Louis Mall Put "On Tilt"

The latest negro riot is wrapping itself up. After another display of the character's content the militarized police are moving in, the extremely delicate order restored as much as possible. Civilization isn't this thick blue line of body armor, face masks and huge impractical guns facing down the jungle savages. Civilization is a double helix, a shared genetic background, a meaningful culture and vision. What we now have is anarcho-tyranny, an endless battle against a failed race that simply has no place in any White nation and needs to be removed. There's going to come a day when the E.B.T. handouts go down, when our currency becomes worthless. There will be no more negro appeasement and they will immediately revert to their savage nature. We won't be able to stop it with militarized police. Everything will burn.

I hope you're armed and ready.

Officers with several police departments responded to the St. Louis Galleria Monday evening.

A single negro incident requires several departments. The center can not hold.

Police said a group of teenagers got into a fight and, reportedly, as many as 40 people became involved. Witnesses told News 4 the fight initially broke out between two girls.

Those wacky "teenagers" and their harmless good times. 40 genetic aliens running wild. 40 jungle creatures that will vote for more handouts, that will contribute nothing of value to our dead nation, that will prey on Whites.

"I was trying to break it up and they got to each other," a witness said. "The police tackled both of them to the ground and them a boy started running around the mall and police tackled him and he tried to fight somebody and they tried to break into Foot Locker, but they shut everything down."

"I be finnin to brake up dee jungle wah fah, but dey be gettin ah ee chutha. Dey beez shuttin everythang dawn."

Welcome to negro town, where they're closing all the Foot Lockers down.

 Useless blurry footage of the negro pathology.

Several stores were evacuated shortly after 6:00 p.m.  

Yes, you read correctly. "Evacuated." Evacuated from a jew-fueled unnatural disaster of violent living fossils.

Nordstrom's and Macy's had closed their gates and confirmed a lockdown.

Prison language making its way into everyday life is a sure sign of a healthy democracy.

Galleria security called police and the mall began evacuating customers. Police began to swarm the second floor of the mall.

All against all. 90 I.Q. officers battle the rot.

Authorities said they arrested two juveniles after the fight.

Out of an estimated forty negroes two got arrested. I guess we should be happy it wasn't the usual "no arrests were made."

Authorities do not believe there is a connection between the fight at the Galleria and the unrest that has occurred in Ferguson.

This is where they're wrong. There's a clear connection. Low I.Q. No future orientation. Propensity toward violence. Genetic determinism. It's the same predictable negro failure. 

When will the U.S.S.A. collapse? Another decade? Another year? When the Chinese life-support is unhooked, when the jew counterfeiting con game implodes, we're immediately going to see coast-to-coast negro rioting. Our job right now is to get ready.


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