Swedish Teacher Fired For Comments on Jewbook

Europe is being invaded and conquered by brown garbage. These animals are bringing with them disease, crime and their sick alien ideas. Noticing this is "races" and will cost you your job in most Western nations. Make an "offensive" post on a jewish information gathering site and your career will be ruined. You must applaud your displacement and destruction, master the art of the phony smile to avoid Face Crime arrest. The nation wreckers have taken away our most basic freedoms. They fear the truth. There is no rational argument for "diversity," no scientific proof that the races are equal. These lies can only be defended by threats and imprisonments, Holodomors and gulags.

A newly-hired teacher in southern Sweden had her contract terminated after the school discovered anti-Muslim posts that she had written on the internet.

This a free and open society. This is what democracy looks like. While the mudslime invaders rape and burn, Whites are punished for even the most feckless resistance.

The teacher was meant to start working this August at the Montessori school in Kalmar, but after the school principal took a good look online she decided to end the already-signed contract due to the teacher's openly racist views.

Kommissars and spying. We're still free, the jew on the talmudvision said so.

The principal, Ann-Sofie Stensdotter, told Sveriges Radio that the teacher's extremely negative opinions about Muslims and "illegal immigrants" go against the school's values.

These "extreme" views involve things like noticing reality. This goes against our values of communist delusion.

Vibrancy and cultural enrichment.

She added that the school will begin looking at what job seekers write on the internet in advance to avoid hiring people who are actively fighting for values not in line with the school's code.

This sort of open discrimination is fine, because it's anti-White. If you did this to create an all-White school, it would be "races" and evil, of course.

The teacher published several video clips on her Facebook page where people, allegedly Muslims, engage in such acts as animal abuse.

Yeah, "allegedly." It's pretty far-fetched that Religion of Peace savages would harm an animal, let alone a human being.

She had also commented on several of her posts, writing that "these people are God's punishment" for Sweden becoming a secular nation.

It's the end game of kosher materialism and nihilism. Lose your loyalty to your land and kin, live to feed your stomach and genitals. Don't have children. Die.

Another picture of a thin, old white person and a well-fed dark person was captioned with claims that "illegal immigrants" take all the government's money, leaving nothing to Swedish pensioners.

These welfare colonists are necessary for Sweden to survive! We must destroy our nation in order to save it.

Stensdotter stressed that the biggest problem was not the teacher's views, however, but the strength and openness with which she shared them.

Until we find a way to somehow scan your thoughts I guess you're allowed to have them.

Full Story.

Stockholm Syndrome.


  1. I guess we have no option but to go all out. When they say "are you racist?" you must say "no I am extremely racist". When they say "are you anti-diversity?" you must say no I am anti-everything that isn't me.

    I know this has practical issues and I am not proposing this if you have kids to feed. What I am saying is that this is the long term strategy we must take. Avoid debt, be financially secure, learn to defend yourself, own property and don't rent so when the time comes you or your children will be at liberty to say f**k off. This is the long term thinking we must inculcate.

    They are going to fire you anyway, it is just a matter of time and appeasement never works in the long run. They view it as weakness, it just encourages them. The clock is ticking.

    1. "She had also commented on several of her posts, writing that "these people are God's punishment" for Sweden becoming a secular nation."

      oh and yeah forgot to mention she's 100% correct.


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