War on Whites: Another Black Pack Attack

Many Whites voted for a foreign-born mulatto in hopes that installing this cipher would lead to improvements in negro behavior. After all, the cultural marxist has taught us that typical negro behavior is the result of "races" Whites and has nothing to do with genetic determinism, low intelligence, lack of future time orientation or any other well-documented truth about their character's content. Suffice it to say, the negro behavior has not improved. Racially motivated pack attacks are common, although the dinosaur media is quick to give them the memory hole treatment. I give these stories the attention they deserve.

A West Point man undergoes emergency brain surgery following a serious beating at a West Point restaurant.

Another forgotten victim in the kosher crusade for White genocide.

Friends and relatives tell WCBI that Weems and a friend, David Knighten, were at Waffle House, and got into an argument with as many as seven men.

Just another "disagreement gone wrong" with "men." A negro pack attacked.

It involved some racial slurs. Weems and Knighten left and went to the Huddle House, and the other group followed.

"We gonna get dese cracka debils." This is why you need to be armed.

Police say they’re investigating this as an assault, not a hate crime.

There will be no national outrage, no campaigns on Twitter, no dry-crying President commenting on the tragedy. No marches, no calls for justice, no "righteous anger." Just the silence of the tomb. The goal of White genocide quietly wins another victory.

They continue to look for suspects and witnesses.

"No arrests were made."

From the police report:

The cause of the altercation is unclear and under investigation

It's one of those impenetrable mysteries that will probably never be solved.

The witnesses described the aggressors as a group of black males but couldn’t provide any other information.

Gentle giants, on the way to grandma's house, future college graduates, etc.

The victim of the assault is white. Chief Tim Brinkley said, “This does not appear to be a hate crime.

We sure see those two sentence together a lot in today's U.S.S.A.

It’s very early in this investigation but thus far the evidence and statements suggest that a verbal altercation turned physical and somebody got hurt.

Sure looks like it. Let's use that 90 I.Q. and giant impractical gun to solve this incredibly complicated case.

Investigators with the police department are in the process of reviewing surveillance video and putting together a list of suspects.

"Looks like several brown blobs."

Full Story.


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