Africa Ball Hero in Action

Yesterday an alarming number of Whites were slumped in front of the electronic synagogue watching genetic and cultural aliens play a children's game. They were plugged into the kosher matrix, absorbing endless cultural marxist "narratives," commercials promoting materialism and the profound ugliness of criminal negro animals. This is what the jew wants. Debased Whites who wouldn't lift a finger for their White neighbor but spend ridiculous sums of money on negro idolatry. Put on a $200 jersey with a negro name on the back. Drink yourself stupid. Root for Red to beat Blue while you're dispossessed and destroyed in your own nation. It's time to pull the plug on this jew-controlled evil.

Please watch the following video containing typical negro behavior.

This is what a two game suspension looks like -- Ray Rice delivering a vicious punch to his fiancee's face, knocking her out cold ... and TMZ Sports has the shocking video.

This negro monster is worshiped by debased Whites. At least it wasn't a White woman, for once. Instead this criminal savage's "yella hoe" gets battered.

We've already shown you the aftermath outside the elevator ... Rice dragging the unconscious woman on the floor.

A scene from South Sudan plays out in the U.S.S.A., courtesy of Big Jew.

What was the NFL thinking when it wrist-slapped Rice with such feeble punishment?

Punishing the negro is "races." Besides, it has plenty of pathetic White fans who would gladly take those brutal blows themselves if it meant this creature could come back sooner to score "tugs" for "their" team.

The punch knocks Janay off her feet -- and she smashes her head on the elevator hand rail ... knocking her out cold. Ray doesn't seem phased ... and when the door opens, he drags her out into the hotel.

The content of their character.

Illegal hands to the face, five yard penalty...

An employee of the hotel  -- which just shut down for good -- tells TMZ Sports he was working there at the time and says the NFL saw the elevator footage before imposing the 2-game suspension.

It's surprising this monster was even punished at all.

We reached out to the NFL for comment several times -- so far, radio silence.

Please go back to sleep. Nothing to see here.

Our enemy wants us to keep sleeping. The White "man" sinking into a battered couch, covered in spilled domestic beer, rooting for the "fantasy" team made up of negro garbage is no threat to the nation wreckers. Blue beating Red doesn't matter. The future of our race does. Turn off the talmudvision, stop bowing down to criminal scum. Our team is our race.


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