Back to School in Chiraq

Gang recruiting season, also sometimes called the school year, has begun in the U.S.S.A. In our major cities stone age leftovers slouch through ruins and rot on the way to their practice prison, guarded by a growing police state that struggles to contain the highly defective contents of their character. For now this early stage of martial law is able to mostly suppress the negro pathology, even as Whites flee and the same predictable excuses are offered. For now the corpse of the U.S.S.A. lies in the cold room, awaiting autopsy and disposal.

School opened in Chicago on Tuesday, with children and parents making their way past security guards whose bright neon vests served as a reminder of the city's efforts to protect students from the violence that plagues its streets.

The best we can do is control the negro with increasingly tyrannical and desperate measures. Put a security guard on every corner. Bring in the national guard. Throw a giant net over everything. It's all for nothing.

We're up against those violent streets. As per the kosher instructions, negro and la-teen-oh violence and collective failure is treated as a force of nature, the fault of paved roads rather than low intelligence and lack of future time orientation. There's a plague in Chicago, a biological virus on two legs.

A year after hundreds more "Safe Passage" workers were hired to keep children from harm, an infusion of city money has allowed Chicago to increase the number of workers from 1,200 to 1,300. Another $10 million from the state will mean 600 more workers will be lining the streets within the next several weeks.

Just keep paying, Whitey. The negro and la-teen-oh garbage is getting better, can't you see it?

The city is also raising from 93 to 120 the number of schools with Safe Passage routes, said Jadine Chou, the chief safety and security officer for the Chicago Public Schools.

Safe passage through a city annexed by Africa and Latin America, a city conquered by a force of genetic and cultural aliens.

Parents welcomed the sight of the Safe Passage workers.

"Po-po state be good, gnomesayin'? Juss make dee wite debil pay da bill."

Muh democracy. 

The first day of school did not receive nearly as much media attention as last fall, when Mayor Rahm Emanuel's shuttering of some 50 schools before the school year began sparked concerns that some students would be at increased risk of violence because they were required to cross into rival gang territories.

Actually arresting and removing the rot is "races" so we get pathetic half-measures as a city is buried under the same negro and la-teen-oh failure you find wherever they gather in significant numbers.

Living fossils return to the practice prison.

"There's no telling who's out there," said Keonya Wells on her way to a train that she will ride with them for more than 20 blocks to their school.

Whoever the criminal is, you can bet it will have a brown face, a muzzle, a brow ridge and a sloped forehead.

Last December, a 15-year-old girl who left her home before dawn to get to a school on the city's North Side was beaten and raped less than a half block from a Safe Passage route.

You might remember the national outrage, the protests, the speeches from the President. Oh, my mistake. It was just another forgotten victim of a failed race. 

Any violence that occurs on a student's walk to and from school could become fodder for Lewis — or any other opponent — to use against Emanuel, whose popularity has fallen over the last year.

Simians killing and raping each other becomes food for our healthy democracy. A jew wire-puller and union swine compete for a right to rule over a city that has been destroyed by genetic determinism.

 R.I.P. Chicago


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