Death of California Update

With our cities becoming racial war zones and the latest explosion of the content of their character in Missouri this latest story on the foreign invasion from the south slipped under the radar. I'm sure that's not a coincidence. While we're distracted by everything from good boy gentle giants turning their lives around to the Africa Ball on the talmudvision the silent war continues, the foreign army oozes across a line on a map that has lost all meaning. With each passing day the racial character of a dead nation changes for the worse. With each passing day the critical mass of welfare colonist parasites draws closer. One day the E.B.T. will be swiped and an error message will pop up. Then it will all burn.

Mexico's president spoke of the need for U.S. immigration reform on a two-day visit to immigrant-friendly California, saying those who reject diversity and inclusion will ultimately be proven wrong.

Foreign invasion friendly California. Expect the "diversity" true believers to be fully vindicated, just like they were in France, England, Norway, Sweden, Germany, South Africa...

Prove us wrong communists, please prove us wrong.

"We want to be a factor of cohesion, not division, with full respect for the sovereignty of the United States," President Enrique Pena Nieto said Monday.

Nothing says respect for a nation's sovereignty like a massive invasion of brown slime.

"This, at the end, is about — and only about — a matter of justice for those who contribute so much to the development of the American society."

"Justice" is another perfectly good word raped of its meaning and value by the cultural marxists.

"It wasn't very long ago that the governor of California was outlawing driver's licenses for people who were undocumented from Mexico," Brown said. "That's not the law anymore."

It wasn't very long ago our country was White and sane. That's not the case anymore.

Brown signed a bill into law last year that will enable immigrants to get driver's licenses next year. He said he got the message after a visit to a Monterey artichoke field where the workers yelled "licencia, licencia."

Muh democracy. Viva la collapse.

California voters in 1994 passed Proposition 187 that sought to ban immigrants who are in the country illegally from access to social services including health care and education, though it was reversed by the courts.

The last gasp of "We can fix our criminal government by voting." It worked about as well as you'd expect.

The foreign conquest.

Pena Nieto criticized unethical governors who had cracked down on immigrants, though he didn't name any specifically.

Attempting to save your country from outside attacks is now "unethical."

"Those who still believe and bet for the exclusion and discrimination or the rejection of diversity ... I only have one thing to say: the future, and a very near future, will demonstrate your ethical mistake. Time will show we're right."

It hasn't worked. Anywhere. But hang in there, we all know they're natural conservatives and good little Americans and diversity is out mighty strength. Just ask any jew.

"If we can put a man on the moon, we can put a man from Mexico to California in 20 minutes," Brown said to laughter and applause.

Bring on the cleansing fire.


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