Dinosaur Media Robbed By Negroes

It's always nice when the dinosaur media is hit with friendly fire by the various evils it supports. I certainly didn't shed any tears when a journalist who wanted blasphemy laws in America got his head sawed off by Religion of Peace fanatics. Back in the U.S.S.A. it isn't much safer for the professional liars. Reports on negro murders at a "swap meet" can quickly turn sour, to say nothing of the possibility of a "robbery gone wrong" by "African Americans." It's probably just a matter of time before we get a negro murdering a reporter beamed right into our living room in time for dinner. They lied for it, now they can die for it.

A KRON television reporter covering the reopening of Interstate 280 in San Francisco was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday morning.

A fluff piece on our collapsing infrastructure turns into a negro nightmare.

Police said the reporter was sitting in his van when two men opened the door and ordered him to the back before stealing his wallet as well as TV equipment before fleeing.

Considering the dangers of sitting in vehicle while in a negro-ruined area this victim got lucky.

Police say the two were only described as African-American men, wearing dark clothing. Their faces were covered with bandanas.

For some reason the race isn't erased, as per policy, when the dinosaur media experiences the content of their character.

The robbery is the latest in a string of robberies targeting members of the news media in the Bay Area and comes two days after another TV reporter was assaulted in Oakland.

"It's getting harder to cover up their pathologies and pretend they're human when they keep preying on us."

Oakland Police were trying to identify a woman who assaulted a KTVU-TV reporter Sunday while she was covering a fatal shooting at an Oakland swap meet.

I wonder what our descendants will think when they see pictures of the negro and are told that we used to let them share our living space. Nothing good about us, that's for sure.

KTVU News Director Lee Rosenthal says reporter Cara Liu is recovering after the woman punched her while she was conducting an interview with someone else.

The wonders of diversity. An Oriental sent by the jew gets bashed by negro garbage. It's our greatest strength.

Full Story.

With ruined cities becoming no-go zones it's going to get harder for the dinosaur media to report on negro pathology at the "swap meet." We'll probably see fatalities soon, reporting in a negro area gone wrong. The national fracture and collapse will be televised, at least until the "African American" attacks pull the plug. 


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