Surviving a Home Invasion: Horrible Advice from Dinosaur Media

With the U.S.S.A. being prepared for dignified disposal, with your freedoms being removed like organs on an autopsy table, it's no longer safe anywhere in the land of the fee and the home of the slave. "It can't happen here!" is the final delusion, the hope that the negro or la-teen-oh won't figure out that it can easily reach your neighborhood via public transportation, entering a target rich environment of slumbering Whites. Obviously, you need to be armed and vigilant. Or you could listen to the dinosaur media and make sure the final horrific moments of your life are spend in the same pathetic negro appeasement that killed our country.

On September 8 NBC's Today show aired a segment on how to survive a home invasion. That advice included cooperating with the invaders -- "treat them like royalty" -- and telling them the location of everything they want in the house.

Give the negro monster everything it wants. Kiss its feet. It certainly won't attack you. Trust us.

This advice is going to get Whites killed. The jews producing this drivel are well aware of this. They want us dead. The days of cowering in front of brown genetic aliens must end. We tried cowardice, we tried trading space for time, we tried paying in money and blood. It all failed. We must be ready to defend ourselves.

Spoiler: The advice did not include acquiring a gun for the defense of one's life, the lives of one's family, and one's property.

Big surprise there.

During the segment, correspondent Jeff Rossen spoke with former NYPD detective and hostage negotiator William Zeins.

Let's get the opinion of a 90 I.Q. detective used to cowering behind vehicles in a suit of full body armor and trying to reason with the negro animal through a bullhorn.

Zeins said you should "absolutely" tell the invaders where "the money" and "the jewelry" are if they corner or capture you.

The only "talking" I'd be doing would be with my shotgun. I'm not going to get "captured" in my own house.

He said you should "treat them like royalty... [Don't] lie to them."

The same failed strategy, a disaster on a national level and on a personal level.

We'll treat you like royalty!

He said you might avoid capture by keeping a can of "wasp spray" by your bed with which to spray the invaders in the face.

Wait a moment Mr. Negro, let me fumble around for bug spray, probably getting a lot of it in my own face in the process. 

Zeins did say you might distract or frighten away the invader with horns and flashing lights by pressing the panic button on your car alarm.

Or even just screaming. Scream, Whitey! Scream for your life!

Pesticides, flashing lights and full capitulation are not going to save you from the biological weapons that have been unleashed in the U.S.S.A. by Big jew. You need to be armed. The gun will make the difference between survival and being another forgotten hush crime victim.


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