The Jew Criminal Behind Pornography

The cultural, racial and spiritual disaster that happened during the jewish century was carefully planned by the marxist nation wrecker. None of it is an accident or a coincidence. Today's dead nation is the direct result of a nearly one hundred year jewish offensive, the long march through the culture. The goal is the destruction of Whites and the enslavement of the tan goyim that will remain. Emboldened by a seemingly endless string of victories our enemies have become reckless and arrogant. Now even the most venal jew criminal is being presented as a misunderstood hero for the shkotzim to venerate. Don't forget to buy the book, too!

In this age of the anything-goes internet, it may seem quaint to think of a time when someone could go to jail for publishing naughty books.

In this age of unbelievably vile jew perversion soaking into the slain body of our nation it may seem quaint to think of a time when our nation was White and healthy and kosher cultural poison was actually punished by our courts.

But a man who actually did that helped loosen the moral strings on society.

The Light of the World. Thanks jews, for making this heroic stand against decency and sanity!

For better or worse, there’s a lot more sexual content in media today than in the mid-20th century, and one of the main reasons is Samuel Roth, who won an obscenity case before the Supreme Court.

Don't have White children. Participate in sodomy. Become addicted to semitic voyeurism until you're not able to function without it. Die. For better or worse.

"Trust me, I'm a jew."

More than that, though, he was a complicated guy, says Philadelphia-born biographer Jay Gertzman, poet, publisher, booklegger (that’s right) and seamy catalog merchant.

The jew is complicated only in its simplicity. Worship of money, hatred of the healthy White society that allows their crimes, no desire to do anything productive, a leech and drain on their victims that infects everything in their grasp. 

The Post Office often told him to stop and when they would not distribute any more of his circulars under a certain name he’d just change the name and continued.

The enemy within, the parasitic outsider that drains the vitality from its White host.

Gertzman’s book Samuel Roth: Infamous Modernist began as a request from Roth’s grandchildren to repair his reputation which included publishing books like Lady Chatterley’s Lover without the author’s consent.

What a hero.

I think this jewish scum says it best.

"In the meantime we Jews have gained freedom and a beautiful revenge. Oh, it was worth being pogrommed for. The government which strangled us writhes hopelessly in the dust of oblivion, the new government does not dare invoke the old anathemas. Where we were once the humbly persecuted we are to-day the majestic and relentless persecutors."

Guilty of crimes against Whites.


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