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African American Horror Story

We gain no benefit from the presence of negroes. The best we can hope for is sullen resentment purchased at great cost. The more likely outcome is endless crime, pathology, "down low," bastard broods, kosher excuses and racially motivated attacks that are ignored by the dinosaur media and our criminal government. We have tried to integrate these genetic aliens into White nations, a kosher experiment that has resulted in spectacular failure. The content of their character has been weighed and found wanting. It's time for the negro to board the boat back to Africa. It's time to restore our White homelands.

The Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office said a man wanted in a fatal shooting Sunday night was taken into custody on Monday.

Those crazy "men" at it again. Race erased.

Spartanburg County Coroner Rusty Clevenger said a young adult male was found dead at the scene. The coroner identified him as 25-year-old Brandon Soloman Bryant.

Another forgotten White vi…

Minnesota Negro Pack and a "Robbery Gone Wrong"

The persistent and predictable negro failure is the elephant in the room when the State Religion delivers its sermons on "equality." It's obvious to anyone but an idiot that the negro is not a sun-tanned White but is a genetic alien incompatible with White civilization. It took complete jewish dominance of the media, the entertainment industry and the educational industrial complex to sell the lie that there are no racial differences. Even then the truth had a way of breaking through. Now, the kosher myth has been exploded. We've seen the content of their character in grainy videos and hush crime stories buried in the depths of the web. The reality of negro failure has been dragged into the light. Now it's time for Whites to hear the wake up call and restore our lands.

Two teenagers were beaten, robbed and then shot at by a group of people Sunday in South St. Paul, police said. 

Negro no-go zones in the land of the free. Semi-human monsters lurking in our midst, …

Mental Defectives Meet to Discuss the Death of the West

The goal of our jewish enemy is to prevent the birth of White children. Any and all tricks and deceptions are fair game when working toward this goal of White genocide. There's careerism and materialism for Whites that are nominally sane and normal. There's environmentalist hysteria and "over population" that never seems to mention the appalling explosion of the negro and may-hee-can population. There's the kosher murder of unborn babies. And, of course, the sodomite agenda. All of these evils are aimed at Whites and only Whites. They want us dead. Toil for that big promotion. Have a house full of animals. Put a scissors into the head of your child that's still in the womb. Damage your rectum and cut off your penis. Die.

A side effect of this attack on Whites is the profound spiritual sickness that was very much in evidence in the capital of our dead gay nation when morally repugnant and mentally damaged "soldiers" descended to argue for more rot a…

Deutschland Erwache!

Our enemies aren't even trying to conceal their genocidal agenda any more. Europe must be transformed into Africa. Naturally the jew will be right at the center of this assault on White homelands, aided by cowardly White careerists. The European experiment in "multi-culturalism" has been a spectacular failure, creating hostile nations of brown aliens inside our lands. Slowly White Europeans are starting to sense that something is wrong and action needs to be taken. Our racial survival is at stake.

A march by German self-described “hooligans” and alleged neo-Nazis against Islamic fundamentalism in Cologne, Germany, turned into a bloody riot Sunday involving more than 4,000 people that saw 43 police officers wounded.

With the possible exception of Russia, no European country was more devastated by the disastrous jewish century than Germany. It's now a land of mosques, ugly holohoax memorials and guilt over imaginary crimes. Showing White pride is a criminal offense. In…

Hands Up, Don't Pack Attack

We're witnessing the final days of the negro as a useful political weapon against Whites. With the planned amnesty via dictatorial fiat now looming large we're about to get a massive injection of la-teen-oh poison courtesy of our criminal government and the jews behind it. This exploding underclass will be the never ending social project for a dying nation, the new pathological group of racial and cultural aliens that must be endlessly appeased. The negro, who formerly filled this role, must be replaced. Their spectacular failure is obvious to anyone with eyes, the pathetic calls for "more needs to be done" ring hollow after over a half century of pouring White resources into the "African American."

Now we see the result. The same predictable failure. Oh well. Better get busy on uplifting the 40 million may-hee-cans that are going to be handed citizenship by the jew.

A video posted Saturday to YouTube shows a group of mostly black protesters attacking a youn…

Armed Grandfather Defeats Home Invasion

We can no longer assume that any place in the U.S.S.A. is safe from non-White pathology. The War on Whites continues to heat up, the goal of White genocide is now openly stated by our elected criminals. We need to be armed and organized for the common defense. The collapse is coming. The media jew tries to guilt us into disarming and becoming totally defenseless. The gun is evil, we are told. Self defense is "races." Meanwhile, back in reality, the gun prevented what would have been another forgotten hush crime horror. Two negroes and a "native american" were stopped by a man old enough to remember when America was still alive.

A grandfather shot back and is believed to have killed a suspect in a home-invasion and attempted rape of his teen granddaughter on Monday night, Robeson County Sheriff's officials said.

Rape by apes prevented by shooting the genetic aliens.

The incident started around 10 pm at a house on Yedda Road in Lumberton on Monday night when someo…

The Undocumented President

A nation is shared culture, values, religion and vision for the future. Without these common elements all that exists is simmering resentment, distrust, violence and ultimately collapse. In the U.S.S.A. we no longer have a living nation, just a national corpse being feasted it on, down to the bone. When the carrion has been devoured, the scavengers will turn on each other. In our capital, non-White animals are now regularly rushing the Black House, hoping to get at the mulatto that failed.

A Maryland man jumped the White House fence and ran onto the North Lawn before being subdued Wednesday night.

What do you think this is, the southern border?

Dominic Adesanya, 23, stood on the North Lawn around 7.16pm, gesturing and lifting his shirt, before being taken down by K-9 units and subdued by the Secret Service.

A negro gentle giant subdued by the increasingly inept Praetorians. Symbols of a country that is dead and gone are attacked by an unarmed age 23 teen.

On the lawn, Adesanya kicked a S…

The African Virus

There's a disease coming out of Africa. It walks on two legs. Symptoms include low I.Q., foreign genetic material, brow ridges, flat noses, receding foreheads and a complete lack of future orientation or even basic empathy for others. This biological plague is the African negro, and we need a lot more of them in White nations, according to the jew communist. Formerly quarantined in the heart of darkness, these alien elements are now flooding the defenseless White host and bringing sickness and death to formerly healthy nations.

Some of them also have Ebola.

“You’re from Liberia, so you have a disease”. When Shoana Solomon’s nine-year-old daughter came home from her American school and told her mother what her classmates were saying, Solomon knew there was trouble ahead.

Smart kids. "What are you doing in my nation?" asked a nine-year-old. This is a question the slumbering White adults need to start addressing.

Solomon, a photographer and TV presenter, moved her daughter to…

The Saint Louis Lambs

We have reached peak negro. After twice electing a mulatto homosexual, after over fifty years of pathetic negro appeasement, after being assured that we're evil by the electronic synagogue and the jew-controlled educational industrial complex more and more Whites are finally taking an honest look at just what this money, blood and pitiful groveling has purchased. Today's American negro is completely hopeless, a dependent animal equal parts helpless eternal victim and savage monster. "More needs to be done!" they endlessly wail, as we're forced to wonder what more we possibly could have done to uplift these genetic aliens. Pretending they were equal was childish folly. Trying to somehow turn them into cut-rate Whites was suicidal madness.

Rams fans and Ferguson protesters fought Sunday afternoon outside the Edward Jones Dome after the Rams secured a victory over the visiting Seattle Seahawks.

While Red was beating Blue in a jew-produced circus even the most debased…

Walls Contain Detroit Negro Rot

One possible future for the U.S.S.A. is a slow and painful transformation into a dark nightmare resembling South Africa. The Whites that survive this demographic time bomb will end up huddled in walled enclaves, desperately trying to hold off the teeming brown horde. Sometimes the "one good one" will be allowed in, with predictable consequences. This is the end game of "diversity," the last stand of the White race in North America. In Detroit it's already happening as suburban Whites try to contain the racial ruin. White prosperity hides behind walls, surrounded by jungle savagery. Genetic determinism is painted in the starkest possible relief.

On one side, there are dilapidated houses, gardens overflowing with weeds and a high crime rate. On the other, there are streets filled with spacious homes, well-manicured lawns and yoga studios. 

On one side genetic aliens with low I.Q. who can neither learn from the past nor plan for the future. On the other the world&…

Jew With No Medical Training Appointed "Ebola Czar" by President Butt Naked

A deadly African disease has arrived in the U.S.S.A. from the African sewer. People are getting sick. No attempt to stop the entry of diseased negro garbage has been made. Sounds like it's time for the magic mulatto to create a do-nothing position and give it to a jew nation-wrecker as a political reward. This is the madness of our time, the suicidal rush to show how fair and tolerant we are of death and disease. Instead of obvious preventative steps let's give a plum job to the enemy within.

President Barack Obama has picked Ron Klain, an inside-the-Beltway veteran and well regarded manager, to oversee and fix the wobbly federal government response to West Africa’s deadly Ebola outbreak.

Strange how this tiny and wildly unrepresentative minority always seems to be there in positions of power when a nation is being destroyed. Disease and invasion from without, incompetence and spiritual sickness from within. The jew will manage the disposal of America's remains.

“The preside…

Millionaire Negro Athlete Shoplifts

The U.S.S.A. is facing an African virus and a potential outbreak. Those in charge not only are failing to take the steps necessary to prevent this, but seem hellbent on making sure it spreads. Our southern border is wide open, an easy passage for drugs and criminals, and has been for as long as I can remember. Negroes are tearing apart our cities and targeting Whites with "random" attacks. Our economy teeters atop a mountain of counterfeit currency, ready to fall at any moment. Meanwhile, much of White America sleeps. The Africa Ball is on the electronic synagogue. Look at that "African American" run. The kosher coma, the blue pill of bloated happiness.

Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle reportedly was arrested for shoplifting at a Dallas-area mall on Monday night. 

While Ebola spreads in this same city another terrible plague from Africa, the American negro, commits a crime for no discernible reason.

Randle was a fifth-round pick in 2013 out of Oklahoma Stat…

Negro Mob Causes Minor Damage to Jew Store, Massive Media Outcry

All animals are equal, but some are much more equal. When Whites are targeted by the teeming brown hordes of identical looking and behaving "diversity" it's, at best, an unfortunate coincidence that has no greater meaning. At worst the entire incident is simply ignored. The one-sided undeclared race war rages on, the goal of White genocide is advanced. Through deception they wage war.

Sometimes the jew nation-wrecker is hit with friendly fire from the animals they unleashed. When this happens, no matter how trivial the actual incident, it suddenly becomes nationwide news and "What are we gonna do about these schwoogies"becomes an acceptable topic of conversation, at least in relation to g*d's precious chosen ones. It never seems to occur to the jew that a healthy White nation is the only bulwark against this savagery and when it falls to their century long communist undermining campaign the monsters they trained will immediately turn on them.

In the meantim…

Black Pack Attacks at University of Illinois

The communist indoctrination center and negro crime are constantly linked together in our dead gay nation. The brown animal has finally realized that the kollege is an excellent source of unarmed White victims who have swallowed jewish fictions and lost all sense of racial self-preservation. These debt slaves that are being taught to parrot completely discredited marxist lies are now being victimized by the same worthless monsters they are instructed to worship in the kosher classroom and the Africa Ball stadium. The dinosaur media is on hand to bury these incidents, assuring us it's just a massive coincidence.

A safety alert for students was posted after Champaign police say five students were jumped and beaten by a roving gang over the weekend.

Finally a lesson in race reality. Shame it cost so much.

For about an hour, the gang roamed a small section of Champaign and police say they targeted random victims, beating them to the ground, in what resembles a big city gang ritual.

No w…

Holohoax Museum Wants More Young Goyim

Whites care about fairness and justice. When something bad happens to someone we feel empathy, even if the individual was not part of our group. We are by far the most tolerant race on the planet. These weaknesses have been ruthlessly exploited by our jewish enemy. The negro is failing because of "slavery" and "racism," not inherent genetic differences. We need more pathetic negro appeasement. The may-hee-can invasion is made up of good little conservatives that just want a better life. The sodomite lifestyle is "love" and not at all a threat to the family or our nation's spiritual health. On and on, our kindness and decency is exploited in the most cynical way possible by the nation wreckers.

After the disastrous jewish century more and more Whites are waking up. To counter this, Soviet propaganda from World War 2 is taught as fact.

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, as staff members and visitors are wont to repeat, is unlike other museums.

Most othe…

Negro Crime Hits Another College

The negro is starting to realize that the communist indoctrination center, or "college" as it was once called, is a target-rich environment for their typical criminal behavior. Young victims freshly injected with the jewish mind poison stumble around in a haze of drug intoxication and spiritual sickness. These are easy targets for the animals we were told are our equals. Reality intrudes into the kosher narrative, as the kosher debt and brainwashing victims are forced to confront the real negro in all its violent ugliness.

Eight Catholic University students said they were robbed at gunpoint Thursday evening by two men who demanded their iPhones and credit cards in a wooded area on the school’s Northeast campus.

In between classes on communism and why the may-hee-can invasion is a good thing the Catholics are easy marks for jungle monsters. We don't want to be armed or alert to danger. That would be "races."

The students told police that two men — one with a handg…

More Predictable Negro Failure in St. Louis

We are being lied to by those in power. Their goal is White genocide. To achieve this end they must destroy our unity and proclaim their own moral superiority in perpetrating this horrific crime against our race. We get narratives. A 300 pound negro monster fresh from a robbery becomes an innocent teen. A foreign invasion across our southern border becomes "immigration," just like your White ancestors. African disease on American soil is nothing to worry about. Ruined cities are caused by "racism." Low intelligence is a legacy of slavery, despite the fact that the African negro has an even lower I.Q. thanks to the lack of admixture. On and on it goes. This is the moment in history for Whites to wake up. The situation has never been worse, the pathetic kosher deceits never more blatant.

Protesters took to the streets of south St. Louis last night and early this morning following the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old African American man by an off-duty police officer.

Negro Terrorists Rape and Pillage

We are losing the war on negro terrorism. Hush crimes against Whites are common and are met with, at best, race erased coverage that's quickly placed in the memory hole. White victims are selected for the "knockout game," something the media jew insists is not real, despite massive evidence to the contrary. Whites are slowly waking up, but the kosher distractions have been ramped up as the U.S.S.A. is prepared for the cremation oven. Watch the Africa ball. Turn in your gun. Chase worthless federal reserve forgeries. The center can not hold.

Kendalon Zarkee Curry, 21, Christian Dion Asher, 22, and Ja'Vall Radrickus Curry, 22, were taken into custody on September 29.

Genetic aliens on the loose in my dead gay country. The same predictable negro failure, our reward for over fifty years of appeasement.

Ravenell said the trio "set out to terrorize residents and create havoc Saturday."

Negro terrorism, coming soon to your town.

At approximately 5 a.m., the men were …

Chicago Terrorist Arrested

In the Middle Eastern sewer muslims are behaving in the way that we've come to expect over the last 1400 years. This, we are told, is our problem. We must protect our mighty ally Israel and make sure it stays a zionist state. At the same time, we must acknowledge islam as a wonderful and spiritual religion that is more than welcome in White nations. Double-thinking these ideas is necessary for the careerist White traitor. Meanwhile, Chiraq continues to live up to its new name and its new brown face.

Federal agents have charged a 19-year-old man from a Chicago suburb with attempting to travel to Syria to join the terrorist group Islamic State.

In a sane nation this garbage would be allowed to leave, assuming it hadn't been already deported.

Agents arrested Mohammed Hamza Khan at 10:30 p.m. Saturday at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport as he was about to board a flight to Vienna en route to Turkey.

A quick stop in Austriastan and then on to the main event.

A criminal …