Jewsweek Magazine: Sun Revolves Around Earth

Science has now proven beyond any doubt what every sane White adult naturally understood about race a hundred years ago. The differences in everything from intelligence and future time orientation to skull shape and blood cells has been documented so completely that it would seem any disagreement with this manifest reality would have to go beyond simple ignorance and into aggressive denial of reality. Enter the State Religion and its jewish priests. Race isn't real says the Holy Kosher One True Faith. Ignore the truth. Partake in the sacraments of sodomy and materialism. Die. This is the doctrine of our anti-White theocracy. This is the flat earth of our time.

In defense of the Holy Writ some jew has written a book claiming race isn't real. Newsweek has published a highly risible excerpt. 

In 1950, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) issued a statement asserting that all humans belong to the same species and that “race” is not a biological reality but a myth.

Well, I'm convinced. A statement motivated by political pressure rather than any basis in fact, made in a time when we didn't even know what DNA was, let alone about differing racial genetic material. A jew marxist cites a  proclamation (not even a deeply flawed study, just the ill-informed opinion of an organization poisoned by kosher correctness) from 64 years ago and declares the issue settled. This goes beyond simple deceit. This is an insult to our intelligence.

A great deal of evidence had accumulated by that time to support this conclusion, and the scientists involved were those who were conducting research and were most knowledgeable about the topic of human variation.

Sure they knew virtually nothing about human genetics, but look at all those diplomas! How dare you argue with the priests and their impressive robes and crowns!

Since that time similar statements have been published by the American Anthropological Association and the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, and an enormous amount of modern scientific data has been gathered to justify this conclusion.

Citation missing. Trust me, I'm a jew. Enormous evidence, confessions made under torture, highly believable gossip. Witchcraft is real, to deny it is to be anti-science.

Back in reality, real science has shown that the negro carries foreign DNA not shared by any other race.

Today the vast majority of those involved in research on human variation would agree that biological races do not exist among humans.

Truth by coerced consensus. This is science. The vast majority of inquisitors agree that the black mass is being performed regularly by teen girls in forests near their villages.

Unfortunately, along with the belief in the reality of biologically based human races, racism still abounds in the United States and Western Europe. How can this be when there is so much scientific evidence against it?

These are the only places there is "racism." Only Whites are racist. Except Whites don't really exist. But they're evil. And not real. But very "races."

Also, "How can these hate thoughts exist when they're directly contradicted by announcements from 1950!"

Racism is a part of our everyday lives. Where you live, where you go to school, your job, your profession, who you interact with, how people interact with you, your treatment in the healthcare and justice systems are all affected by your race.

Everything is "races!" The White man is the devil! Evil justice system and health care! Six million up a chimney! Grandma made into a lamp! This is a compelling and logical argument.

For the past 500 years, people have been taught how to interpret and understand racism.

Don't ask the jew to explain where he got that number or how he squares it with "racism" being invented in 1930 in the U.S.S.R.

We have been told that there are very specific things that relate to race, such as intelligence, sexual behavior, birth rates, infant care, work ethics and abilities, personal restraint, lifespan, law-abidingness, aggression, altruism, economic and business practices, family cohesion, and even brain size.

Then we observe all of those things, but that's wicked, forgive me father for I have sinned.

There is no inherent relationship between intelligence, law- abidingness, or economic practices and race, just as there is no relationship between nose size, height, blood group, or skin color and any set of complex human behaviors.

Now we've just crossed over into jewish fantasy. Start with intelligence, which has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. The other claims are even more laughable. Your eyes are not lying to you, there are in fact nose size differences.

Lies from the devil!!!

It's just a sun-tanned White!

However, over the past 500 years, we have been taught by an informal, mutually reinforcing consortium of intellectuals, politicians, statesmen, business and economic leaders and their books that human racial biology is real and that certain races are biologically better than others.

For some reason this consensus of opinion is obviously false, while the one produced at the height of the disastrous jewish century is true. 

These teachings have led to major injustices to Jews and non-Christians during the Spanish Inquisition

The irony here is almost unbelievable. This modern inquisition is good, unlike that horrible one directed at the precious jew. He goes on to rattle off the usual list of White "crimes," with obligatory not-sees.

Many of our basic policies of race and racism have been developed as a way to keep these leaders and their followers in control of the way we live our modern lives.

Yeah. No shit. Any criticism of the jew is "hate." Noticing the failure of the negro is "racism." Not wanting your country invaded by foreign sewage is "xenophobia." Being disgusted by sodomite sickness is "homophobia." The War on Whites rages on, while the jew wire-puller spins insulting lies.

Much of this history helped establish and maintain the Spanish Inquisition, colonial policies, slavery, Nazism, racial separatism and discrimination, and anti-immigration policies.

The jew apparently has nothing to say about the mudslime attacks on Europe, the undeclared one-sided race war now raging in the West, the disaster of jewish communism, etc. No, only Whitey does wrong and he doesn't even exist. 

Although policies related to racism seem to be improving over time

This piece of shit clearly approves of White genocide.

Then, approximately 100 years ago, anthropologist Franz Boas came up with an alternate explanation for why peoples from different areas or living under certain conditions behaved differently from one another.

Obviously the highly politicized "research" of a jew communist is trustworthy. Refuted nonsense from a century ago. Wow, just wow. It's 2014, you ignorant bigot.

In 1942, Ashley Montagu, a student of Franz Boas, claimed that “there are no races, there are only clines.”

Are you going to mention even one post-1953 study? No? Can't say I'm surprised. 

This type of distribution of a biological trait is referred to as a cline. For example, skin color is related to the amount of solar radiation, and dark skin is found in Africa, India, and Australia. However, many other genetic traits in peoples of these areas are not similar.

When it sort of works out, it's a "cline." When it doesn't, you must be a racist hater who wants to kill all the jews and lynch the schwoogies and gas Grandpa six times. 

"Race not real!" claims jewish nation-wrecker.

Race is supposed to tell us something about our genetic history. Who is related to whom? How did populations evolve over time and how isolated were they in the past?

And guess what, it does.

DNA tribes? No, I've got a study from 1942 that refutes that.

Recent studies have shown us that humans have been migrating since Homo sapiens evolved some 200,000 years ago.

And by recent I mean anything from a hundred years ago to about 1952. If you turned this drivel in as an undergraduate paper you'd be lucky to get a "C" but here it is in a book by a jew "academic." 

Each gene has an effect on multiple types of behaviors, and many behaviors are affected by many genes as well as other factors. The assumption that a single gene is causative can lead to unwarranted conclusions and an over- interpretation of any genuine genetic linkage.

See, because it's "many" genes that's why you see lots of Whites with kinky hair, flat noses, receding foreheads, "Baby Mammas," etc. 

Modern research ignored. Communist fairy tales presented as fact. Obfuscation. Condescension. This is the deceit of our time, the myth of equality as presented by the jew behind the curtain. Race is real. They want us dead. We need to get organized. The lies of the State Religion must be rejected. White nationalism is the answer.


  1. Starting to read your earliest post (catching up)...

    Apparently, from day one you were on fire with your stone-cutting social,racial and spiritual realism.

    The whole world is beneath this Blog.


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