That Wacky Holohoax

When something doesn't make any sense it's because it's a lie. When something doesn't make any sense and is designed to vilify Whites, it's jew propaganda. The holocaust, another article of faith of our State Religion, must never be questioned, no matter how ridiculous the tall tales of "survivors" get. And they get ridiculous, there's no doubt about that. The only person that would believe this drivel is a fool or someone who stands to gain by going along with this obvious hoax.

Of all the stories of survival from the Auschwitz concentration camp, Gena Turgel's is one of the most astonishing.

It's a good thing they didn't claim it was the most "astonishing" because there's some stiff competition. Like the jew that was unsuccessfully gassed six times. Or the jew babies as soccer balls. Or the magic pebble that allowed a jew to go without water for three years. Or the color-coded flames that varied by nationality. Or...

Turgel, an elegant woman with more than a hint of mischief in her blue eyes, survived not one or two, but three Nazi concentration camps.

Mischief is right, like making up obviously false stories and inflicting them on the goyim.

In the most notorious of all, Auschwitz-Birkeanau, she was herded naked into a gas chamber with hundreds of others.

Right through the wooden door with a glass window, into the "gas chamber."

She had no idea the Nazis had tried to kill her until a woman she knew said, "Don't you know what has just happened to you? You were in the gas chamber!"

It sure seemed like an ordinary shower, but trust us, it was a Not-see Death Room!!!!!

"I completely lost my voice," she said. "I just never realized I was in the gas chamber ... it must not have worked."

The legendary feats of German engineering. "Well, it didn't work. Guess we pretty much have to let them live now, even though our goal is total extermination and we're holding guns."

In Krakow's Jewish ghetto, she lost two brothers fighting the Nazis.

Not sure this qualifies as a "holocaust." Can you please change your story so instead of criminals violating the rules of war they were innocent victims herded into a death shower?

She then was sent to Plaszow concentration camp where she survived for two-and-a-half years until she was marched to Auschwitz. She survived testing by the infamous Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele.

Sure, why not. A little shameless name dropping is to be expected in Shoah business.

After two months, as the Red Army advanced towards Auschwitz, she was sent on a "death march," first to Buchenwald concentration camp and then to Belsen, where she shared a barracks with the dying Dutch teenager Anne Frank.

This is less a historical account and more embarrassing fan fiction. Is she going to meet Barack Obama's Uncle next?

When Belsen was liberated by the British, she showed a handsome young army officer, Norman Turgel, around the makeshift hospital where she worked. Within six months they were married.

After years of starvation, torture, "death" marches, Mengele experiments, failed gassing attempts, holding Anne Frank's hand as she died, more "death" marching and finally merciful liberation she was apparently none the worse for wear. That or Norman had a "half-dead jew woman" fetish.

Every story of survival at Auschwitz is extraordinary but hers is perhaps unique.

Unique in a "you should have seen how big the fish was!" way.

"I wear a lot of perfume," she whispers. "The stench of the camps will always stay with me and I try to block it out."

It's not the only physical reaction she has to her ordeal. Her 17-year-old sister Miriam used to sleep with her, on her left side. Miriam was shot by the Germans for smuggling food into Plaszov. She says she still feels a constant chill along her left arm.

Nazi death chills! Whites are evil! Turn your country over to foreign invaders and jew con artists!

"To cry in Auschwitz could have you shot," she said. "We had to be strong, to block out everything."

If you cry you get shot. Failed gassing, not so much.

Turgel is determined to speak today, to try to ensure that Jews never again face the same threats.

And if you make a few shekels in the process, so be it.

"Those people were real. They were mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, doctors and teachers, poets, wonderful people. Composers. And now they scream in silence," she says. "My story is only one story, but it is the story six million others cannot tell. I was, and always shall be, the witness to ... mass murder."

Full Story.

In the tradition of this excellent thread the time has come to determine Gena Turgel's score.

- Auschwitz shower room naked herding, 5 points
- Failed gassing attempt, with bonus "I didn't even realize they were trying to kill me!" 10 points
- Lost two brothers, 0 points, please revise so they were gassed/bone crushed/electrocuted/used as footballs
- Sent to Plaszow where nothing of interest happened, 5 points
- Dr. Mengele, 5 points
- Nazi experiments, no details given, 0 points
- Multiple "death marches," 10 points
- Anne Frank, 5 points
- Liberated, but no negro soldiers mentioned, 0 points
- Must wear lots of perfume to remove persistent death camp stink, 5 points
- Nazi arm chills, 5 points
- Family up the chimney, 5 points
- Could have been shot for crying by evil Not-sees, 5 points
- Telling the world, 5 points

Looks like a solid but unspectacular score of 65 for Gena's sufferink. Poor Gena.


  1. This should be reblogged!!

    "Looks like a solid but unspectacular score of 65 for Gena's sufferink. Poor Gena."


  2. Wow...astounding synopsis.....with vaporizing gaseous sarcasm to spare...
    Immaculate writing.

  3. Wow...astounding synopsis.....with vaporizing gaseous sarcasm to spare...
    Immaculate writing.

  4. Hollowhoax narrative
    Mass media in general
    Golemized american military

    Repulsive, grey pony-tailed jew proffessors at all strategic communist centers of ripe, youthful indoctrination.

    Trans fat
    Trans people

    Trans trans trans

    This is a Godless Fuckpile

    Be nice
    Or survive

  5. Shlomo fatigue here.

    Barkevious too.

    Tap out


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