The Darkness of Destuctive Selfishness

Please watch the following video. If you can identify any of the brown creatures in it the St. Louis County police would really appreciate it.

This video is the closest thing to visual art our jew-destroyed culture is capable of creating. The lack of sound and color give the events a bleak unreality, a disturbing gaze into a world where all hope has died, where the light of White civilization has been extinguished. Unappealing food rotting on shelves frames the action as brown animals struggle and fail to defeat a locked door, their animal minds incapable of overcoming this obstacle to their criminality. It's hard to imagine a better metaphor for the poisoned world we live in. That door is the law-abiding White tax-paying sucker, the last bulwark between total chaos in our streets, the weakening hands propping up the corpse of the U.S.S.A. Even against endless attack by 65 I.Q. turds, it somehow stands strong.

The structure itself has been compromised, however. Jewish spiritual poison, no national vision, a loss of culture and identity, a people displaced in their own homeland. The wall gives way, as it must. In floods the negro sewage, any civilized restraints long gone, a walking swarm of locusts. Bring on the looting. Can you identify the brown faces and help the police? Look closely, I'm sure there's lots of unique value and special potential. Well, that or dozens of shit-colored hominids who might as well be clones of each other: the same pathology, the same idiocy, the same failure to obey the very modest demands of a society that grovels before their moronic evil and hands them money.

This is what the collapse will look like. This is the content of their character. I hope you're armed. 


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