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In the Middle of it All

Whites are evil racists who somehow create stable, prosperous nations that everyone wants to live in. We are told by the jew that it's our duty to invite the world's garbage into our homelands, to try and fail to alchemize them into something resembling a human being, to be a good sport about their criminality and pay to keep them fed and clothed. Suffice it to say, introducing foreign failure into a successful White nation drags that country down instead of elevating the invader. Importing 60 I.Q. religion of peace animals fresh from the African all against all into Middle America goes beyond simple delusion into active evil. They want us dead. The brown savage is one of the weapons.

Richfield High School is on spring break this week, but a lot of questions are swirling around the school after a portion of a classroom fight that took place earlier this month was caught on video.

Questions like "How can we get this into the memory hole?" and "Why would you even c…

Natural Conservative Rapes Baby

If you're waiting for the Loser Party to take a stand for White interests or even remember we exist, you'll be waiting forever. Every paycheck conservative agrees that foreign invasion across an open border is a great thing and that introducing millions of unskilled workers into a high tech, shrinking economy just makes good sense. We'll send father of thirty Pedro to a kosher diploma mill and get him going on the American Dream, just wait and see! Meanwhile, genetic determinism spoils everything. We now have a massive, alien underclass whose only job is voting for tyranny every four years. If you have a problem with that, you're "races."

Valencia County sheriff’s deputies said a man raped his girlfriend’s 8-month-old daughter.

Not to be outdone by the sheer volume of negro pathology, a la-teen-oh animal makes a strong showing in the race for the most sickening crime of 2015.

Deputies said Julio Iturralde and his girlfriend were staying at a hotel in Los Lunas …

American Golem Prepares to Fight for the Jew

The Loser Party doesn't represent White interests in any way, shape or form. The best argument they can make is "What are you going to do? Vote for the cultural marxists instead?" We're not going to "democracy" our way out of this mess. The Republicans are the long shadow trailing after the steady advance of tyranny, eagerly supporting whatever spiritual evil they were condemning a decade ago and slavishly devoted to our "great ally" Israel. Now the wheels are in motion to kill more young Whites for jew interests and profits.

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday voted unanimously in favor of Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) resolution signaling robust U.S. support for Israel should Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decide to launch a military strike against Iran.

Open borders, negro crime and the kosher dismantling of our economic power apparently aren't important for the RepellingCohens. What is important is insuring that the U.S.S.A. will prov…

Jew Anti-Soul: Bowling for Abortions

Don't have White children. If all the kosher spiritual poison being injected into White nations could be summarized in a single sentence, that would be it. They want us dead. In pursuit of this goal the jew has many evils to offer: the sodomite agenda, materialism, careerism, feminism, miscegenation, the abortion industry. Kill babies in the womb. This vile satanic plot is just another weapon deployed against Whites. Having a White child and raising that child to love his or her race is the ultimate act of rebellion against the State Religion and its jewish acolytes. They'll do anything to prevent that, no matter how sickening or ridiculous.

CNN host Sally Kohn had an important PSA for her Twitter followers yesterday. 

If you click on the link, you learn that Kohn is joining the National Abortion Access Bowl-A-Thon in an effort to raise money for abortions. The event is a nationwide series from the National Network of Abortion Funds that allows community members to raise money …

War Memorial Becomes Jungle Gym

The past must be rewritten to suit the needs of the present tyranny. Now we're told that Islam played a key role in America's founding, that we were established as a global flop-house to take in the assorted brown garbage, that our inherent rights are actually given and taken away by governments. It won't be long until hated Dead White Males are re-imagined as negroes, dykes and la-teen-ohs. Control the present and control the past. Control the past and control the future. This is the Orwellian evil we fight against. Our weapon is the truth and they can't stop it.

A photo that shows children climbing on The Vietnam Women’s Memorial has gone viral.

Those crazy "children" at it again. You were young once, right?

The Vietnam Women’s Memorial was dedicated to the women of the United States who served in the Vietnam War, most of whom were nurses.

Remembering those who fought and died for nothing. They bled and suffered in a third world hell while the communist jew …

Communist Lawyer Behind Hate Crime Hoax

Restoring our freedom of association would go a long way toward fixing a lot of the problems we are currently facing. No sane White wants to live anywhere near the negro or la-teen-oh animal. Every healthy White is aware of the spiritual poison coming out of the entertainment industry, even if they don't know about the jew behind it. Whites going their own way would not only save our race, but condemn our enemies to the same predictable failure you can find in any African or Latin American nation. Without a host, the jewish parasite would waste away. This means our enemies must prevent White self-determination at all costs. If it means phony "hate crimes" committed by a mentally defective marxist attorney, so be it.

A Texas lawyer has come forward claiming he is responsible for plastering stickers that read 'Exclusively For White People' onto business storefronts last week.

"Hey mystery meat...watcha doin' ?!"

Alien put up stickers to stir up hatred o…

Good News Monday: Jew Race Campaign Collapses

Even in the putrid rotting corpse of the U.S.S.A. it's still possible for Big jew to try to push too much spiritual poison all at once and face a backlash of normal Whites who can't figure out why it always seems to be open season on them. It's during these failures that we can wake people up and advance the cause of White Nationalism. The jew always overplays its hand, the communist always wants more cultural devastation. When they're winning it actually gets much worse and this over-confidence is going to be their eventual downfall. We're going to build a White nation from the jew produced ashes.

The water got too hot for Starbucks’ ill-defined race crusade.

Poorly planned and ill-conceived, a ham-fisted attempt at instilling more White guilt. It's our fault that genetic differences exist, after all.

The java giant is pulling the plug on its controversial “Race Together” campaign, according to a company memo from CEO Howard Schultz.

The jew surrenders. For all …

Soviet Style Reforms Proposed for Muh Democracy

Freedom died the day our ruling criminals realized they could simply replace the electorate by importing a horde of foreign brown aliens whose votes could be cheaply purchased and who are already accustomed to living under tyrannies. The notion of a free country and individual rights is, after all, strictly a White invention. In the dark all against all the strongest animal rules and that's the sum total of their philosophical achievements when it comes to governance. Importing this sewage has allowed the jew to strip away our freedoms. Now the mulatto puppet is prepared to kick the rot into overdrive, to insure that the necrosis of "diversity" devours the corpse of the U.S.S.A. in a timely fashion.

The White House Thursday walked back President Obama’s comments in favor of mandatory voting in the U.S.

There's still enough people left who are opposed to blatant communist insanity to prevent this head shot to our zombie nation. Wait a few more years, market it as cool …

Starbucks Serves Up Cultural Marxism

It's time to have the conversation on race. A real conversation, that is. I.Q. charts. Crime statistics. Promiscuity and bastard broods. DNA and genetics. We're not allowed. It's heresy against the State Religion. The alternative we are offered is yet another communist lecture full of deceit and junk science. Now you can get this insulting pack of lies with your over-priced jew coffee! What could be better, goyim? Line up and get your shekels ready, some punk kid is prepared to drone away from a kosher script.

CEO Howard Schultz has never shied away from involving his company in controversial debates, whether those debates are about same-sex marriage, or gun control, or U.S. government gridlock.

This jew is no stranger to nation-wrecking and promoting spiritual evil.

But the executive, who oversees a coffee empire with 4,700 U.S. stores, has now taken on arguably the most polarizing political debate in the United States: race relations.

If by "polarizing" you mean …

The Presidential Bracket

Hello goyim! Aren't you excited about the African Tree Hockey featuring tar-colored "student athletes" that attend non-existent "African Studies" classes? Never mind that your nation is literally burning, that foreign invaders are pouring in with the full approval of your ruling criminals, that full-blown collapse is drawing ever closer. Look at that boy jump! Isn't that neat? The animal put a ball through a loop. Give it money, worship and snow hoes.

If that doesn't do it for you how about Barry Soetoro's personal bracket? No, not the one he fills out every year, wasting valuable time to analyze which group of negroes can beat another group of negroes. I'm talking about the competition within, where personality disorders and extreme ideologies compete to rule over the mulatto puppet. Can "Narcissism" defend its title? Is it too soon for a Final Four run by "Communism?" Let's break it down and separate the pretenders fro…

Abnormal Mental Functioniing

We were told the negro could be fixed. The jew cultural marxist assured us that with the proper amount of groveling, appeasement, hand-outs, promotions and polite lies it would be possible to transform a genetic alien with a 65 I.Q. into something resembling a White person. Decades later there's nothing but failure. If anything the behavior of the negro has gotten much worse. Faced with this reality we have a choice between finally enacting a common sense solution to the race problem (deportation) or continuing to stumble blind through the kosher swamp, to swallow the most ridiculous communist lies in order to feel a little better for a moment. Hiding and hoping the problem somehow solves itself or "worse is better" lunacy is not the answer. If White nations are going to be saved there most be decisive action, the real conversation on race, soon.

A law degree drop-out who battered a charity worker to death with a brick while taking a designer drug has been jailed for life…

Negro Rapist Given Expensive Home

There's always more to do, always a new outrage that must be corrected at great cost in money and blood. Today we're told that arresting and punishing negro criminals is "races" and needs to stop. Tomorrow we'll be hearing about prison amnesty and hand-outs for the worst available brown animals. It's already starting to happen.

The Willotta Oaks Neighborhood in Fairfield is filled with big homes and friendly people like Martha Khamashta. She has lived here 36 years, and says it’s not a place for a violent sex offender.

Big homes and White people. Slave for a corrupt and evil system your entire life, finally obtain the means to flee from the necrosis of "diversity" and enjoy a small reward for your labor. Then it's all ruined by the jew wire-puller and their pets.

“It frightens me because our houses are connected,” said Khamashta.  She lives right next door to the home where Fraisure Smith could be moving into.

The rich cultural experiences you'…

More Tribal Violence at 365 Black McDonalds

Ignorance is no longer an excuse when it comes to the American negro. Their pathetic, savage failure has been heavily documented on the internet: the pack attacks, the knockout game, the disregard for society and its rules. We can't have a civilized White nation with these animals in it. We've heard all the excuses and they all fall flat in the face of genetic evidence and typical negro behavior streaming right to your computer. This is a race that is not quite human and not quite animal, a failed branch of humanity carrying foreign genetic material from an unknown source. Fifty years of negro appeasement have accomplished nothing. They need to be removed. We need a White homeland.

A group of teenagers are seen on video pummeling a girl inside a Brooklyn McDonald’s — and no one tried to stop the violence.

The same negro pathology that it used to be possible to run and hide from can now be safely viewed in the comfort of your own house. There was a reason for segregation, and it…

Officers Shot in Ferguson

We're getting glimpses of the coming collapse, the all against all that will unfold when our "diverse" police and military abandon their responsibilities, when the EBT card is swiped by some worthless negro and an error message pops up, when the mulatto President will come on the talmudvision from an undisclosed location and tell us our anger is understandable but killing and eating our neighbors is simply unacceptable and the wrong thing to do. In America's heartland, a community was selected by the media jew and our ruling criminals to serve as an example of what's coming soon, everywhere. A deceitful kosher narrative was followed by fires, crime and African chaos as brown animals displayed the content of their character. Now they're shooting officers. Tomorrow the police will refuse to do their jobs. This is how it ends.

Two police officers have been shot during a protest in Ferguson, according to the St Louis county police department.

After months of lies…

The Wrong Stuff: Air Force Chases "Diversity"

Diversity means eliminating Whites. That's all it means. A room full of identical looking, thinking and behaving dark genetic aliens would be "diverse" as far as our jewish enemy is concerned. It's always been about attacking Whites and destabilizing our nations via the introduction of inept outsiders into positions of authority, from the presidency on down. Still, more needs to be done. As long as a single White man lives, more needs to be done. Our enemies won't be happy until we have been completely destroyed. This silent genocide, this endless secret war, is the legacy of the disastrous jewish century. Our survival is at stake.

Troubled by a lack of women and minorities at the Air Force's higher levels, its leaders are rolling out nine initiatives focusing on recruitment, promotions and retention.

A lack of low I.Q. animals containing foreign genetic material and hissing mentally defective dykes is apparently the biggest issue for a military that has parti…

Unarmed, Unclothed, Shot

The search continues for the elusive true story of evil systematic White "races" behavior that our enemies can wave in our face and declare that this hypothetical isolated incident fully vindicates the last fifty years of national suicide. Since this is the U.S.S.A. and negro pathology and failure is common, it shouldn't be too hard. Maybe a gentle giant or a dead mulatto criminal. It always falls apart. Thanks to the internet the media jew can no longer alter the facts to suit a "narrative." Back in reality the negro behavior is worse than ever, any brown animal is given hand-outs and promoted well past their abilities and the rule of law is collapsing. In kosher fantasy land another innocent and saintly shit-colored beast has been "limited." We need to lose our remaining rights, we really do.

An officer, responding to reports of a suspicious person, shot and killed an unarmed man who was running in a metro Atlanta apartment complex naked.

The vibran…

Mulatto Lives Matter

There's a predictable pattern to the manufactured outrage, the only thing the U.S.S.A. actually manufactures these days. First we get the shocking story of an innocent "teen," who was just minding his own business and probably would never steal cigars, being executed by "races" White police. Then, before the kosher wailing has even stopped, the hate facts quickly come out via the internet and citizen journalists. We discover the "youth" in question had an extensive criminal past. We find out it was walking down the center of a street, a uniquely "African American" tradition. We find out the police were fully justified. Months pass. The lie finally is silently tossed aside, with a few sour grapes mumblings about how everything is still "races." Then it's on to a fresh brown corpse and the same pattern can play out again.

Nineteen-year-old Tony Robinson was not armed when a Madison, Wisconsin, police officer fatally shot him, Poli…