Get on the Bus

Today we have another metaphor for the current trajectory of the U.S.S.A. A 70 I.Q. negro animal, possibly under the influence, decides to take a nap behind the wheel of a bus. What follows is a nice illustration of America's future: a giant vehicle completely out of control, causing massive damage to itself and anything it hits, an inept genetic alien behind the wheel making animal noises as disaster unfolds.

Aw sheeeiiittt. The end of the road for affirmative action and the myth of racial equality. White line nightmare. The crash is coming. Foreign invasion, negro pathology, the jew wire-puller...the center can not hold. Be ready for the day when the non-White creature holding the wheel of our nation loses control. Fueled by kosher lies, piloted by stone age leftovers, falling into a daze of spiritual sickness, shattered glass and twisted steel, this is the future.


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