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Lowered Expectations

The cultural marxist narratives that we are presented with by the dinosaur media and their jewish controllers follow a very predictable trajectory. First we get a sensationalistic tale that proves, once and for all, that there's massive systematic "racism" in our dead nation. Then, over the next few days, the facts come out on the internet, all of them contradicting the original fictions. This research is stubbornly ignored by the propaganda machine, which continues to present their falsehoods. At some point a massive negro wilding occurs, leading to a fresh burst of deceit. Finally, after all of this nonsense, the truth is quietly conceded, often with the bitter insistence that it could have happened, that White "racism" still exists and that much more needs to be done. Then the story passes into legend. The slogans and gestures are completely detached from the source material with the hope everyone will forget it was all a kosher con game.

An edgy peace held s…

Hillary Clinton is Here to Help

An American city has gone up in flames, consumed by the same predictable negro failure that follows the genetic alien like an invisible cloud. We saw the content of their character: the looting, the violence, the idiocy, the total incompatibility with a civilized nation. None of that is a surprise to anyone who has even the most limited real life experience with the American negro and is willing to be honest about these observations. What is surprising is the silence from our criminal leaders. It's almost as if they're not sure how to go about blaming Whitey for negro violence in a majority negro city with coal black leadership. Fortunately, the lesbian witch sociopath is on the case. The savior of the middle class also has a plan to solve our negro problems. The plan is total and complete surrender.

Hillary Clinton will deliver a major speech on criminal justice reform Wednesday, calling for fundamental changes to how the United States punishes its citizens and an end to a sy…


In 2008 a foreign born mulatto sodomite was installed by big jew. The hope among delusional Whites was this kosher appointment would finally put an end to the fifty year long howl of "racism" and allow America to come together under the banner of a mystery meat who had lived in Indonesia, attended a "Burn baby, burn!" church, had deep communist ties and an impressive talent for reading text on screens in a deep voice while cocking his head upward. Suffice it to say, the "Great Uniter" proved anything but. Our "yella" president encouraged violence against Whites, supported negro criminals, talked in a goofy Taco Bell dog accent while pandering to la-teen-ohs and generally behaved like a tribal chieftain. We had committed national suicide in the name of good feelings and misplaced altruism. 

Our dead nation began to burn. First "isolated" and "random" attacks on Whites accelerated, then full blown riots or "demonstrations…

Good News Monday: Muslim Mauled

Defending yourself from direct attacks by brown outsiders is "races." This is the end game of "tolerance," openly advising racial suicide in the face of a moronic dark horde that wants us violently dead. What's surprising is how effective it has been. Many Whites are happily climbing into the grave, glad to pay the penance for imaginary crimes. Die for the brown alien. It's the right thing to do.

German Shepherds are somewhat less cooperative than most Germans.

The Muslim man is this video decided to take his pent-up rage out on a pair of innocent German Shepherds. He probably thought they were easy targets, as he had a brick to wield, and they were restrained by their owner. Boy, was he wrong!

Please watch this amazing video. I wish I had more context to put this in, but what little we know is enough. A cultural, religious and racial outsider decides it might be fun to throw bricks at dogs. The religion of peace, that great religion that slid out of the …

Heads Stomped, Negro Falls on Tracks in Philadelphia All Against All

As the U.S.S.A. enters its final days it's now clear what the immediate future holds. First the efforts to hunt down every last White, from "Knockout Game" attacks to formal policies of genocide from our criminal jew government. When Whites are gone the "minorities" will turn on each other and everything will burn. We'll get more grainy videos of brown blobs running wild, more excuses from professional liars and more blame placed at the feet of the shrinking White population. Our job is to survive this coming twilight of the ZOG and rebuild a White nation from the rubble. We've seen the content of their character and it's pathetic and appalling.

Multiple, vicious fights broke out on the SEPTA platform at Philadelphia's Spring Garden Station and was all caught on surveillance camera.

Lots of low quality footage of gentle giants, good boys turning their life around and Obama's hypothetical progeny tearing into each other. With no Whites left to…

Our Dead Gay Army

If there is a benefit of America's late stage spiritual cancer, it's that institutions that are likely to be turned against us in the near future have been severely damaged by the spreading rot and will be a lot less effective at enforcing the tyranny than might have otherwise been the case. We see it in our 90 I.Q. police force that's baffled by the most straightforward of investigations, their hands tied by cultural marxism and the inferior individuals they now focus on recruiting and retaining. The military, the American Golem that serves Israel, has been steadily transformed into a weak and embarrassing mass of dark flesh and mentally defective perverts who are almost completely reliant on technology and still manage to come out losers in conflicts with goat herding jihadans. Obviously the best way to correct this is to ramp up the sodomite agenda.

Making the general public aware about tough issues that need addressing is obviously a good thing. But there’s a right way …

Race Erased in Black Pack Attack

It's getting harder and harder to pretend that the content of the negro character is anything other than savagery, dependency, jealousy and ingratitude. We live in an age where the most horrible negro crimes can be viewed on streaming video, where the African style dysfunction can be viewed in the relative safety of your own home. It's creating a problem for the communist jew: do they double down on obvious falsehoods about this failed race, admit it's a pathological mess but blame this on "races" Whites or just ignore reality completely and hope the bread and circuses are sufficient to keep Whites slumping toward the grave. It turns out all three of these strategies have been deployed, with varying success. Today we look at a case of simply trying to wish away the unpleasant truth that an undeclared War on Whites is currently raging in America with the full approval of our ruling criminals. Go back to sleep, everything is fine.

A man was beaten nearly to death ea…

Dyke Mystery Meat Activist Murdered by Negro

Diversity is a mighty strength. Today it means constantly censoring your speech and thoughts, trying to find acceptable ways to avoid the negro and developing the "American Look" to make sure a kommissar or one of their spies isn't watching when you display face crime. It means spiritual poison from a racial grab-bag in the employ of Big jew. When Whites are dead or fled, it means the brown mass will then tear into itself in a brutal all against all. With the protective hand of White civilization gone, the same savagery that destroyed their nations of origin will resume, everything will burn and the brief experiment in a homogenous and well-ordered society will end forever.

Police have a suspect in custody, who they believe is responsible for a bloody rampage that left Catherine Han Montoya dead, another woman injured, and a third terrorized.

Negro terrorism, reported by a sodomite news source. Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

According to police, Catherine Han Montoya was killed …

Good News Monday: Ship Full of Invaders Sinks

Tiny Europe must accommodate the human garbage from all four corners of the Earth as some sort of insane penance for our successful creation of a healthy civilization. Bring in the jihadans, the 60 I.Q. African scum, the teeming brown mystery meat that has already destroyed their own homelands and are eager to resume their pathological behavior under a new, "races" European flag. If you oppose this campaign of White genocide you'll be thrown in a gulag for thought crime. This is the state of most White nations. Camp of Saints insanity, ships full of violent, moronic cultural and religious aliens who want us violently dead but first give the hand-outs, you "races" evil xenophobic devil. The jew-run criminal governments support this suicidal kindness, the common person is ignored or imprisoned if they get too uppity. It's up to the sea itself to battle the invasion, the wrath of the Old Gods striking the brown slime, Poseidon's trident impaling the invade…

Teacher Knocked Out by Negro Animals

A hundred years ago it was missions to the African heart of darkness, today it's teaching at a public school. If you're White and believe everything the electronic synagogue says, you can take up your burden of skin privilege, ancestral guilt and "ray-cizm" and try to educate the savage. Try and solve the persistent achievement gap that's always present. Get ready for a crash course in race realism: hooting and hollering negroes calling each other "yella," gladiator fights in the halls, metal detectors and prison language, the heartbreak of "Why can't Barkevious read?" and an administration more concerned with wishing away reality and keeping their sinecure positions than confronting the genetically determined failure. Also, you might get physically attacked. Bleed and die for a violent and moronic animal. It's the right thing to do. 

A middle school teacher is recovering in hospital in New York after being viciously assaulted by one o…

Over 500,000 New Socialist Security Numbers Issued to Invaders

We need a lot more non-Whites, preferably ones that are as incompatible with the founding ideals of America as possible. This is the mainstream, moderate, sane message of our criminal politicians. White displacement, White genocide, a nation of worthless brown slaves ruled over by the jew. It's just not happening fast enough. We have to get the national corpse into that crematory oven.

The Obama administration has issued more than half a million new Social Security Numbers (SSN) to illegal immigrants granted amnesty under President Obama’s Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals program.

The administration said it did not maintain a count of the number of individuals who applied but were denied an SSN.

“We have longstanding, rigorous procedures for processing SSN requests. Under out stringent requirements, SSN applicants must present evidence of identity, age, and work-authorized immigration status,” SSA Acting Commissioner Carolyn Colvin wrote to Sessions and Sasse in response to t…

TSA Sodomites Set Up A System

Are we still at war with "terror" or did we surrender to it at some point? I'm not sure. We still get the occasional rush of hot air from a ruling criminal when typical muslim behavior happens, but it seems we mostly rolled over and died, save for protecting Israel, which will always be the top priority. In this defense of zionism, the surrender of our rights is required, up to and including being goosed by disease-ridden sodomite heroes that protect our freedom to obey the jew. This is a healthy democracy.

Two Transportation Security Administration employees have been fired after they allegedly set up a system to allow a male screener to pat down attractive men going through security at Denver International Airport, authorities said.

The end game of "tolerance." Mentally defective officers with damaged rectums grabbing your area. This is why we fought the evil not-sees, for this.

The employees were not identified, and there will be no criminal charges because no…

Michigan Muslims in Phony Hate Crime

If there's a scarlet thread running through the endless jewish propaganda spewing from the moron box, the educational complex and our criminal government it's that Whites are evil. This inherent evil sure proves elusive in real life, however. We get mythologies about "lynching" and "holocausts" but what we see with our own eyes is negro appeasement, surrender of rights, and endless suicidal capitulation to the whims of our enemies. If there's anyone who isn't "races," it's Whites. Obviously, if our marginalization and eventual genocide is going to be promoted, this fact must be obscured as much as possible. The phony hate crime is deployed. We get the greasy "minority" tears, the wringing of hands, the "How could this happen here at our communist indoctrination center?" and when it all inevitably falls apart the hay has already been made. We must die for lies.

Zeinab Khalil, a liberal Muslim activist who went to the …

Some Sort of Worry

Reality ruins everything for the cultural marxist. Despite over fifty years of marketing the negro as something other than a total and complete failure many Whites still aren't buying that product. On the Talmudvision they're doctors and judges, cool and hip, desirable partners for you, White woman. In real life they menace toddlers with guns during a "robbery gone wrong" home invasion. Luckily for us, the magic negro judge and his 90 I.Q. is there to explain why it's the fault of the parents that their child is now aware of negro pathology after experiencing it in the most direct way possible. Whitey must be racist, because we all know that negroes are just over-cooked White people. Shame, shame, shame.

Jordan and Tommy Gray's 3-year-old daughter was watching SpongeBob Squarepants when two armed males broke into their home near Buechel on March 21, 2013, and robbed them at gunpoint.

Those crazy "males" and their innocent high-jinks that occur before…