Dyke Mystery Meat Activist Murdered by Negro

Diversity is a mighty strength. Today it means constantly censoring your speech and thoughts, trying to find acceptable ways to avoid the negro and developing the "American Look" to make sure a kommissar or one of their spies isn't watching when you display face crime. It means spiritual poison from a racial grab-bag in the employ of Big jew. When Whites are dead or fled, it means the brown mass will then tear into itself in a brutal all against all. With the protective hand of White civilization gone, the same savagery that destroyed their nations of origin will resume, everything will burn and the brief experiment in a homogenous and well-ordered society will end forever.

Police have a suspect in custody, who they believe is responsible for a bloody rampage that left Catherine Han Montoya dead, another woman injured, and a third terrorized.

Negro terrorism, reported by a sodomite news source. Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

According to police, Catherine Han Montoya was killed inside her East Atlanta home. Montoya lived in the Shadowridge Drive residence with her wife, Meredith.

An undefined non-White hominid tried to flee from the rot, taking the spiritual sickness. There is no where to run. We either reclaim our lands or die, those are the options.

Genetic alien murdered a tan every-dyke.

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights said Montoya “leaves a legacy of building bridges of unity and opportunity across multi-ethnic communities.”

The legacy of failure, ruin and mental malfunction. It tried to encourage the negro to kill Whites and then got killed by a negro. What a lasting contribution, a monument of stacked shit. 

Montoya was the director of field immigration and capacity-building initiatives at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the Leadership Conference Education Fund, and was also cochair of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, reports Dyana Bagby of LGBT outlet The Georgia Voice.

That might sound like a lot of cultural marxism for one broken mystery meat, but none of these destructive positions resemble a real job in any way, shape or form. "Field Immigration." I don't even want to know. Thank you negro animal for ending this piece of garbage.

Forced smiles from insane non-Whites. Who wouldn't want to promote this?

Montoya was said to have described herself as a “Queer Chicana Korean Feminist (and Broncos fan).”

If you watch Africa Ball I just assume you're a sodomite or dyke. 

A suspect in her murder is under arrest and reportedly awaiting a hearing: Donte Lamar Wyatt is charged with stabbing his estranged wife, Heather Wyatt, in the back at a Waffle House in Stockbridge, Ga., 20 miles from Montoya's home, earlier the same day. Police say he then drove a rental truck to Atlanta, and authorities have tracked him to Montoya’s home. Following the murder, police say, Wyatt stole Montoya’s car, crashed it, and broke into the house of another woman a mile away.

The rich experience of the negro in America. Against all odds this stone age monster made a small positive difference. The rot attacks itself. We're going to see a lot more of this, complete with "Come back Whitey, we dying hee-ah!"

Wyatt's rap sheet shows he has been arrested almost a dozen times for crimes that include trespassing, failure to pay child support, robbery, battery, and domestic violence.

"Ey, prisons beee races an sheeet, ah theeeennkk. Nigga bodies!" This was the argument from the future victim of this evolutionary dead end. The negro it unleashed turned around and attacked. 

She was a shining star in our movement, a tireless champion for immigrant rights, for AAPI women’s rights, for racial and LGBTQ justice. She spoke truth to power with a smile and laughter, and lovingly challenged us all to be our better selves.”

I love my dead gay racial whatever. The same decline that was tirelessly promoted put this dyke in the ground. 



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