Good News Monday: Muslim Mauled

Defending yourself from direct attacks by brown outsiders is "races." This is the end game of "tolerance," openly advising racial suicide in the face of a moronic dark horde that wants us violently dead. What's surprising is how effective it has been. Many Whites are happily climbing into the grave, glad to pay the penance for imaginary crimes. Die for the brown alien. It's the right thing to do.

German Shepherds are somewhat less cooperative than most Germans.

The Muslim man is this video decided to take his pent-up rage out on a pair of innocent German Shepherds. He probably thought they were easy targets, as he had a brick to wield, and they were restrained by their owner. Boy, was he wrong!

Please watch this amazing video. I wish I had more context to put this in, but what little we know is enough. A cultural, religious and racial outsider decides it might be fun to throw bricks at dogs. The religion of peace, that great religion that slid out of the middle eastern anus and into White nations with the full approval of our ruling jew criminals. Now for the exciting diversity of a crazed jihadan animal trying to harm other animals. Unlike docile Whites who would probably just stand there and take the abuse because the jew on the talmudvision said we were wicked our furry friends have little patience for the mudslime pathology.

You need to be armed, but owning a dog or two is not a bad idea, either. Here they reduce a jihadan from full-blown desert cult insanity to whimpering passivity in a matter of seconds. Hopefully this a preview of the day when the mo-ham-heads are removed from all White nations, when this jew-released biological weapon is rendered harmless and returned to their backward nations.

"Islam in a human is like rabies in a dog" - Winston Churchill


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