Lowered Expectations

The cultural marxist narratives that we are presented with by the dinosaur media and their jewish controllers follow a very predictable trajectory. First we get a sensationalistic tale that proves, once and for all, that there's massive systematic "racism" in our dead nation. Then, over the next few days, the facts come out on the internet, all of them contradicting the original fictions. This research is stubbornly ignored by the propaganda machine, which continues to present their falsehoods. At some point a massive negro wilding occurs, leading to a fresh burst of deceit. Finally, after all of this nonsense, the truth is quietly conceded, often with the bitter insistence that it could have happened, that White "racism" still exists and that much more needs to be done. Then the story passes into legend. The slogans and gestures are completely detached from the source material with the hope everyone will forget it was all a kosher con game.

An edgy peace held sway here as a huge crowd took to the streets before a curfew Wednesday night and the mayor and the police sought to tamp down expectations that residents would learn details on Friday about how a young black man died after being injured in police custody.

We've passed the burning and looting phase. Now comes the hard part where the criminals in our government will be forced to admit no wrong-doing occurred, likely triggering another chimp-out in the process.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has said she would like information to be released as soon as possible, but said Wednesday after talking with Mr. Gray’s relatives that justice mattered more than speed.

"Hopefully by the time the truth comes out some fresh manufactured outrage will have begun to distract everyone."

A lawyer for the Gray family, Hassan Murphy, said that the Grays did not want a repeat of the arson, rock-throwing and looting seen on Monday “They are terribly disappointed at what happened,” Mr. Murphy said.


Protesters milled in the middle of intersections devoid of traffic and chatted with police officers in riot gear; workers cleaned up debris left by the rioting; and televisions showed the Orioles playing baseball in an empty stadium, kept clear of fans for security reasons. Most surreal of all was the image of armed National Guard troops in camouflage-painted vehicles joining the police in patrolling the city.
Get used to a lot more "surreal" sights in the coming days, as our nation is placed on history's ash heap.

The U.S.S.A. has struck out.

This is for all those hand-outs you gave us!

The state chief medical examiner’s office has also warned that preparing an autopsy report usually takes 60 to 90 days. Even after the investigations finish, the prosecutor’s office, if it decides to seek charges, must present the case to a grand jury and ask for an indictment. If there are to be criminal charges, they probably remain months away.

We'll have plenty of time to clean up the rubble before the second major malfunction.

Officers reported that Mr. Gray had not been suspected of a crime, but that he had made contact with one of them and then ran, and they pursued and caught him. Officers accused him of possessing an illegal switchblade knife, handcuffed him and put him into a van for a ride to a police station.

He a good boy. Dat knife be fo' cuttin' open dem en-gin-ear-en teech books an sheet.

The content of their character.


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