Michigan Muslims in Phony Hate Crime

If there's a scarlet thread running through the endless jewish propaganda spewing from the moron box, the educational complex and our criminal government it's that Whites are evil. This inherent evil sure proves elusive in real life, however. We get mythologies about "lynching" and "holocausts" but what we see with our own eyes is negro appeasement, surrender of rights, and endless suicidal capitulation to the whims of our enemies. If there's anyone who isn't "races," it's Whites. Obviously, if our marginalization and eventual genocide is going to be promoted, this fact must be obscured as much as possible. The phony hate crime is deployed. We get the greasy "minority" tears, the wringing of hands, the "How could this happen here at our communist indoctrination center?" and when it all inevitably falls apart the hay has already been made. We must die for lies.

Zeinab Khalil, a liberal Muslim activist who went to the University of Michigan, has complained that Michigan is an unsafe environment for Muslims.

Even by the low standards of communist indoctrination centers Michigan is a pathetic kosher mess. This is the University that caved to the demands of negro terrorists. Still, more needs to be done, because imaginary slights are happening to the jihadan-Americans.

Her evidence? Supposed “oppression” of Muslims, such as showing a movie and the fact that a Muslim student’s apartment was vandalized last December.

Sounds like the kind of thing Whites would do. After getting all hopped on "xenophobia" by watching a jew produced movie, they went out to teach the "Islamo-Fascists" a lesson. That's what normal Whites do, according to the dinosaur media. Now we just need a single shred of proof...

The problem with that statement is that Khalil herself is the one who vandalized the apartment.

The student who lived there, Omar Mahmood, has had enough of Khalil’s hypocrisy, however, and has released irrefutable evidence that Khalil was behind the act.

We get some grainy "Hey muslim...watcha doin'!?!" footage.

At the end of last year, Khalil and other Muslims pelted Mahmood’s apartment with eggs and wrote hateful messages on his walls. Their attack came after Mahmood wrote a satirical piece making fun of the overuse of “microaggressions” and “triggers.”

For your blasphemy against the State Religion (cultural marxism, not that desert cult) you must be punished. We all know Whites are still attacking in the must subtle ways available, when we're not running away, surrendering or groveling, of course.

Khalil wrote on Mahmood’s door, “You scum embarrass us,” “you have no soul,” and “everyone hates you you violent prick.”

The amazing tone deafness of your typical phony hate crime. The complete lack of actual "races" Whites to observe and imitate makes it very difficult for the alien to stage this nonsense.

Khalil tweeted this on April 9 after hearing that Michigan was planning to show American Sniper: “Spent 4 yrs at @umich doing anti-oppressive work; admins used me to educate campus. this is what i get in return as exhausted/exploited alum.”

Four years of anti-oppressive work. This qualifies you to either be an assistant fry cook or President of the United States.

Whitey jumping turnstiles, all "Yee haw, show the realistic psychological damage caused by a senseless war for Israel!"

Realizing the hypocrisy, Mahmood had had enough and released his evidence and Khalil’s name. “They have not apologized,” Mahmood said.

We all know the 1984-style "I love Big Brother" apology is only for Whites who say "nigger" or notice reality a little too much. 

Michigan, in fear of Muslim retribution, has refused to take any disciplinary action against Khalil.

Everything's fine, go back to sleep.


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