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Space to Destroy

For over fifty years a concentrated effort was made to elevate the negro to the minimum acceptable levels that are compatible with a White civilization, or at least make them somewhat less pathetic. The spectacular failure of this kosher campaign of negro appeasement is a secret history written in spilled blood. After this unprecedented attempt to battle genetic inheritance with federal reserve fiat currency and dead Whites we've ended up with arguably the worst crop of negro animals in American history. We've decided that trying to hold them to any standard is "races," but be sure to keep the hand-outs coming, and we're now seeing a glimpse of the dark future that awaits when Whites are gone and "African American" rot devours our cities. No rule of law, savages loose in the streets, the same excuses from ruling jews huddling behind walls that keep getting thicker.

This is our future if the planned White genocide is successful. A return to the savage ni…

The Wall of Ugly

There's nothing the communist jew hates more than White beauty. It's a painful reminder of its own outer and inner demonic ugliness and the most obvious proof that the merchant was not, in fact, chosen by God for anything other than some prime real estate in hell. This is why we get the kosher ideal of the tan everyman: an ugly brown moron that can be enslaved, just as the talmud promises. Obviously, a healthy White has little desire to flush thousands of years of unique genetic inheritance, what amounts to a winning DNA lottery ticket, down the toilet so that satanic monsters who hate us can appease the moloch they worship. This means the endless propaganda, but at the end of the day telling a White woman to give birth to Curious George is still a hard sell, even after decades of endless anti-White attacks from the talmudvision, our criminal government and the educational system.

Speaking of the education complex, it appears not everyone in it is a total and complete kosher s…

Motor City Runs Out of Gas

There's a predictable pattern seen whenever "diversity" infects a White area. The first sign of the disease is the loss of societal trust and cohesion with the introduction of hostile aliens who we have virtually nothing in common with. From sneaky sawed-off la-teen-ohs here to loot the national to corpse, to sullen and dangerous negro animals who are no closer to being Americans now then when the jewish slave ships deposited them in the New World, to the jewish merchant who is always an alien, a sower of discord, a profiteer turning spiritual evil into shekels and a demon in vaguely human form. A community is not lines on a map, it's the people that make it up and there is a limit to how much foreign material can be introduced before it is lost.

The next step is collapse. The content of their character is displayed, the natural conservative squatter becomes a permanent burden, the obscenity and vileness of the jew poisons the communal well. Whites try to flee, while…

Namibian America

The U.S.S.A. has been dead as a meaningful corporate entity for years and is about to cease to exist even as a polite fiction. Even semi-mainstream "conservatives" are starting to notice the writing on the wall. Weighed in the balance and found wanting, afraid of being called a name made up by jew communists so we committed suicide by a thousand cuts to prove we weren't "races." Now the slide into full collapse is impossible to ignore. Demographic replacement has occurred, a tidal wave of brown dysfunction, the "reconquest" of their generous and feckless neighbor. Now it's time to drink the sewage. A big brown cup of it and we're all going to be forced to take a sip.

It's a technology with the potential to ease California's colossal thirst and insulate millions from the parched whims of Mother Nature, experts say.  

Who's ready to hear about exciting Heart of Darkness "technology?" Will we hack up albinos to make anti-dro…

Remembering the Veterans of Chicago Tribal Wars

Today the ever-shrinking minority of Whites that believe in the long abandoned ideals of America will tearfully reflect on the sacrifices made by those who bled and died to enrich the jew. The disastrous jewish century featured multiple conflicts that devastated the White gene pool and transferred power to the kosher communist. They died for nothing. Take a long hard look at today's U.S.S.A., veteran. The foreign invasion flooding over the open southern border, the typical negro behavior, the sodomite sickness, a brown nation of damaged rectums that's incapable of defending itself. That's what you fought for.

As senseless as the wars and "police actions" of the last hundred years have been, they have nothing on the negro and la-teen-oh tribal battles currently raging in the jew-run Chicago plantation. Here we see the future of our entire nation, the next Detroit. When Whites are gone, when their money and civilization is gone, this is what remains. Alien monster…

Michael Brown Died for Your Sins

There's a reason why Whites are abandoning the western JUDEO-christian church and it's not just because a sincere faith interferes with jew-promoted materialism, careerism, feminism, the sodomite agenda and all the other spiritual pathogens being promoted in our modern world. Simply put, most churches are a cultural marxist embarrassment chasing the latest secular evils and ignoring the tradition and timelessness that's the main appeal of organized Christianity. We get sermons on "social justice," on bringing in the fuzzies from the darkest parts of Africa, on why the sodomite degeneracy is perfectly normal and fine, on why we must die for Israel and take down the cross because it offends the jew. Suffice it to say, very few Whites find this message compelling. Poz doesn't fill pews, marxist lies don't generate many tithes. In the latest bit of blasphemous insanity a female preacher compares cigar thief Michael Brown to Christ.

An Episcopal Church ministe…

More Rand Paul Idiocy

We're not going to democracy our way out of the current racial, spiritual and financial mess. The Republican party is not your friend, it's just the long shadow trailing after tyranny, the careerists that support whatever the nation wreckers were calling for ten years ago. Unless a candidate says "I support White people" in simple, straightforward language, no innuendo or read between the lines nonsense, they don't. Consider Loser Party fringe candidate Rand Paul, once hailed by some White nationalists as the elusive "One Good One" from the side of the aisle that cashes checks and loses on any issue of importance. After all, he stood up to a national spy network, offering timid criticism of this unbelievable Orwellian attack on our rights. And his daddy once real talked about the negro. In a news letter. In the 1980s. Certainly his son would know the score when it comes to racial reality. As it turns out, that's not the case.

Republican presidential …

The Mask of "Diversity" Slips

Diversity means fewer Whites. This is accomplished through everything from preventing the birth of White children through careerism, jewish feminism, abortion and the sodomite evil to eliminating existing Whites by direct violent attacks from the same brown alien we've shown unbelievable generosity towards. Diversity is White genocide. As the West dies our enemies have become more and more brazen about their true goals and now they're simply calling for dead Whites. The response, of course, is cowardice, appeasement, "dialogues" and a general refusal to admit we're in a war for survival and we're losing badly.

A Welfare and diversity officer at the centre of a racism row could be Sacked after she allegedly urged 'Kill All White Men' from an official university Twitter account.

Welcome to the last days of the United Kaliphate, where mystery meat scumbags use official channels to call for the murder of Whites. Maybe this mentally defective outsider will …

Weekend in Chicongo: 49 Shot

Negro lives matter. They matter when they can be used as a biological weapon against Whites by the jew, when they can be used to attack our rights and our persons. They matter when it's time for free medical care paid for by White tax-payers. They matter when you turn on the electronic synagogue and see nothing but brown faces. For the negro, their lives and those of others couldn't be more worthless. While our kosher enemy is pretending there's great value in this failed race for political purposes and Whites are displaying pathological altruism toward the genetic alien they're engaging in tribal warfare. Standing on a corner or sitting in a "whip" could prove fatal to the "African American," its valuable existence ended by its fellow animals.

Two men were killed and at least 47 other people — including an 81-year-old woman — were wounded in shootings across Chicago between Friday afternoon and Monday morning.

All out war in a city with no future. W…

The Science Goy

Science, like everything in our dead nation, has been co-opted by the State Religion of jew-run cultural marxism. This apparatus decides what is and is not acceptable and the truth, as always, is no defense. Findings that are considered kosher include "climate change" and the stripping away of rights and all-out attack on the remaining middle class Whites it demands and a childlike belief in equality, in the face of massive DNA evidence to the contrary. The new scientific method in the West is very different from that old one created by evil dead White males. First, come up with a conclusion that will be approved by the criminal jews in charge. Second, do some sort of experiment or study (this is optional, feel free to skip this step). Third, start raking in the shekels by parroting the marxist party line on the talmudvision and in front of student loan victims.

Graduation day at Rutgers University is a chance for students to relax after four years of college and celebrate wi…

Ravings of Madwoman Indistinguishable from Mainstream "Anti-Racist" Rhetoric

Cultural marxism is a mental illness. For our enemies it's the delusional belief that removing the only race in the entire world that shows tolerance and acceptance toward outsiders is somehow going to improve their lot in the world. Destroy White civilization and things will get better. Somehow. Just like in Sudan or Latin America. All against all, not a coffee-colored paradise, awaits. For Whites it's a suicidal insanity, pathological altruism raised to the level of self-negation. This sick self-hatred is endlessly pounded into us via the talmudvision, the criminal government, publik schmuels and kosher debt-generating colleges. The result is Whites calling for their own destruction, their deranged and pathetic ravings no different from what you'd hear out of the mentally ill.

A schizophrenic woman snuck up behind an Arlington Stop and Shop cashier and put a knife to his throat on Tuesday, according to police.

Just another scene from a dead nation, nothing to see here. Ho…

As Worthless As a Tubman

When the communist is in control the purpose of propaganda is not to convince people communism is good and they should follow it. There's secret police, snitches, kommissars, starvation campaigns, "anti-semitism" laws and gulags for that. The purpose of the campaign of deceit is to humiliate and demoralize, to present the most ridiculous lies and attacks on the majority, always with the implied "What are you going to do about it, goyim?" So it is in the U.S.S.A. Rewrite our history to include constant references to great leader. Lie about the past, demonize the heroes and uplift the villains and scum. What are we going to do about it, indeed. White nation or destruction, those are the choices.

Harriet Tubman could be the new face of the $20 bill, if more than 118,000 online voters have anything to say about it.

A worthless dead negress on our worthless dead currency. Get ready to push a wheelbarrow full of "Tubmans" through the streets of Weimar America…

African School Economics in Chicago

When our national credit rating was downgraded for the first time ever, a clear mile-marker on the highway to collapse we've been driving down since 1965, the reaction from our ruling criminals could best be described as denial. The mulatto sodomite assured us we were still a "Triple A" nation in our hearts, where it really matters. Forget the 18 trillion in sin debt, the worthless currency churned out by jewish bankers in the Federal Reserve, the large areas being annexed by Africa and Latin America. Everything is fine, go back to sleep. Entire cities died. Detroit has been carpet-bombed by the content of their character, a genetic disaster more devastating than an atomic bomb. Chicago is preparing to join it on the Midwest ash heap. The jewish plantation is broke, Whites tired of paying taxes to remove bullets from some negro's "booty" are fleeing and the endless winter is beginning. The body of the U.S.S.A. is prepared for disposal, riddled with the necr…

Officer Brutalized by Negroes, Saved by Armed Citizen

A long war is ending in defeat. It's the war to control the negro, to somehow keep the same pathology that created the South Sudans of this world from overwhelming a White nation. In the final days of this doomed struggle we're being told it's wrong to try to stop the criminal animal from displaying the content of its character and our law enforcement is clearly taking this message to heart. No one wants to lose their place in the world over the actions of some "African American." Look the other way. Forget it, it's negro town.

A rookie officer, perhaps not knowing any better, attempted to control the rot under the new jewish rules of engagement and became a victim himself. Fortunately an armed bystander was there to stop the dindu nuffin gentle giant.

New information is coming out regarding the rookie Oklahoma City police officer who was beaten by a suspect with his own baton following a burglary on the northwest side of the metro.

The obvious question of why…

Negro Privilege

Whites have many special rights in the U.S.S.A. The right to pay taxes for the latest round of failed programs for the alien. The right to chase the materialism and careerism carrot while our own country is lowered into the cold earth of "diversity" and a jew counts the shekels. The right to be the official scape-goat for any and all "minority" failure. The right to be called names, vilified, mocked and attacked. Yes, there are many special privileges for a White population that is rapidly being displaced and destroyed. But what about the negro, the brown animal that must be discussed around the clock on kosher televised news? Today we're going to take an honest look at negro privilege. Let's unpack this highly visible shit-sack.

The negro is never responsible for its own behavior. Ever. It's always caused by "racism," the "legacy of slavery" or pilgrims. Over fifty years of failed negro appeasement hasn't even slightly mitigated…