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Jewess Doesn't Want to be White

In the past the jew's favorite saying was "I'm not a jew, but..." This has now been replaced with "I'm White and deeply ashamed about my race." The enemy within, the alien infiltrator that can never be loyal to anything other than its tribe and the devils they worship, always seems to be the one behind the anti-White propaganda. The jew wears many masks, from poor oppressed victim, to "progressive" revolutionary and finally phony White eager to atone for imaginary sins. Our unprecedented kindness to these desert aliens has been rewarded with this treason. They are the parasite feeding on the dead body of the U.S.S.A.

Rachel Dolezal is a fascinating case study in White racial identity development.* She is stuck in the immersion/emersion stage, in which White people, having learned extensively about the realities of racism, and the ugly history of White supremacy in the U.S., "immerse" themselves in trying to figure out how to be White …

"White Privilege" Proven by Mystery Meat Jewess

Being treated with respect and dignity in the nations your ancestors built is wrong. Having a homeland where you can feel safe and secure among your own kind is the ultimate sin against our kosher state religion. Every last White must be hunted down. We need more Somalis in Wyoming, more sodomites in Utah, more spiritual rot and lectures on how we should run our country by invaders still dripping Rio Grande water.

Clearly Whites, who are endlessly attacked by a criminal government, vilified by a jew-run educational complex and media and targeted for "random" violence by simian monsters, are actually receiving unearned gifts. Just trust me, it's happening, says the jew. If that's not enough proof, and g*d knows the word of the chosen people is more reliable than your lying eyes, here's a jew "comedian" to show us the way and maybe teach us uncool and uptight shkotzim how to laugh in the process.

Jessie Kahnweiler took to the streets of Los Angeles to carr…

Firefighters Attacked by Negro Animal

We keep carrying the White Man's Burden, the dead weight of moronic negro savages, lazy and filthy may-hee-can invaders and the jew making sure this highly visible backpack stays firmly between our shoulders. The sacrifices made to these alien outsiders mean nothing, they purchase no goodwill and only make the new demands even more severe. We're expected to happily struggle under the crushing pathology and then silently die.

In San Diego firefighters were attacked by a 70 I.Q. savage. This is not an uncommon occurrence, despite the best efforts to get these stories into the memory hole. Helping the negro is dangerous. They need to be removed.

Two San Diego firefighters were hospitalized with multiple stab wounds but one of them was expected to go home late Thursday night, a day after a bystander attacked them as they were helping a drunken man on a packed trolley platform.

Whites attempting to prop up the ruins of civilization in a dead nation are attacked. No race mentioned, …

Multiple Deportations Fail to Prevent Mexican Pathology

We need a lot more foreign invasion, more saw-offed racial and cultural aliens bringing their third world failure with them. Just ask any wealthy jew. They've destroyed entire communities in the name of becoming slightly more wealthy and, of course, hurting the hated White people. This obvious and blatant attack on our country is being endorsed by most paycheck conservatives and at best faces timid and "I'm not races, but..." opposition. The flood of brown sewage continues, the timer ticks down on the demographic bomb, there is no serious resistance to this unprecedented national suicide. The best we can do is put the may-hee-can in front of a "races" judge when it finally kills a White man.

 Authorities confirmed Wednesday morning that a man, accused of causing a crash that killed local sports journalist Bob Barry Jr., had previously been deported three times.

Third time is not the charm for this piece of alien dog shit. Just stroll back across that open bo…

Guns Blamed For "Teen" Malfunction

Once the most obvious answer is declared criminal, once the simple solution to a simple problem has been removed for fear of being called a name, the dinosaur media and our ruling criminals are forced to perform elaborate contortions to explain the predictable failure of the lower races. We must not be spending enough. We have too many rights. Grandpa said the "N" word at Thanksgiving. All of these pathetic excuses are presented, when the negro and la-teen-oh failure is even dignified with a moment of recognition. Noticing inherent racial differences and the natural conclusions about separation and deportation that spring from this recognition must be prevented at all costs. You don't want to be a "races" or a "not-see," do you?

Two minors are recovering after they were shot at an Orlando park. It happened Monday evening at Poppy Park, on Lescot Lane off Raleigh Street.

Will the mulatto alien sodomite cry fake tears and use racial slurs to address this…

Holohoax Garbage Disturbed, Jews Outraged

A dead human body is not flammable. In order to burn it accelerants will be needed, fuel that might be badly needed for a war effort. Cremating an adult body takes about two hours. A gas chamber, such as the one used in California, looks like a bank vault. It does not have wooden doors or glass windows. It was orginally claimed that the camps in the West contained homicidal gas chambers. This claim has collapsed and no mainstream historian still believes it. Auschwitz is a Soviet reconstruction. During times of war it's common to create blood libels against your enemies, so your own people will be willing to die fighting these horrible monsters. Soviet jews called for the rape and murder of German civilians. Six million jews were dying after World War I, according to the New York Times. All of the above is completely incontestable fact. We were taught Soviet war propaganda as fact.

Defending the outrageous pack of lies that is the "holocaust" is a full-time job. We must …

A Town Called Hope

Many Whites had hoped that electing a mulatto to the presidency would be the ultimate act of negro appeasement, the undeniable proof that we're not "races" and that the endless undeclared War on Whites could now end in an honorable surrender. Instead we got a tribal chieftain, an African "Big Man" without the physical courage or savage will but nearly as dangerous. This jewish puppet proved a vocal enemy of White America, constantly calling for our destruction, full of a coward's courage against a target that not only wouldn't fight back but had begged to be hit. The pack attacks began. The cities went up in flames. Spiritual tumors experienced unprecedented growth in the body politic.

In Africa, in the devastated all against all that is our dark future, they wait for the magic mulatto to come home. Come and bring the hand-outs and the good talk, Barry. Squint your eyes and you might think it was Detroit, or St. Louis, or Baltimore, or...

Barack Obama Ok…

Remembering Pat Mahaney

We live in a world of short memories, of the temporary "useful crisis" that is exploited for as much communist gain as possible and then sent down the memory hole. When even the "narratives" have no staying power it's not surprising that less "useful" and more typical incidents often never see the light of day at all, being quickly buried lest anyone start asking uncomfortable questions. This is always the case with negro attacks on Whites, attacks that have become commonplace. If it can't be completely ignored, we get the usual rundown of style handbook cliches: wrong place at the wrong time, random attack, [insert whatever preceded the attack] gone wrong, good boys turning their lives around and all the rest.

One of the reasons I created this site was to take these stories and give them the attention they deserve. Every White person should know the name Pat Mahaney.

There was nothing exceptional or unusual about this man. An ordinary working Wh…

Jewbook Scumbag Funds the Rot

Any reasonably intelligent and aware person is eventually forced to address the question of this modern age: "Why are things such a mess?" Is it all a crazy coincidence that open borders, negro pathology, the sodomite agenda, materialism, careerism, spiritual cancer and all the rest are converging at this exact point in history and devouring White nations? Why are these evils directed at Whites and only Whites? A little honest digging uncovers the answers. We're looking at the final stages of a century long war waged against us by jew communists. This is the legacy of the disastrous jewish century with its insane, fratricidal wars and the peaceful disaster, the Long March through the culture and institutions. We're now facing dispossession and annihilation in our own lands.

Mark Zuckerberg made a donation of $5 million to a college fund for undocumented immigrants.

Big jew donates money to the destruction of White America. An evil piece of kosher dog shit who brought …

International Jew Attacks Hungary

The tiniest European countries must become dumping grounds for foreign garbage, the jew assures us. We need a million Somalis in Luxembourg. Attempting to maintain your national culture, religion and civilization is, after all "races." Unless it's Israel. When a White nation resists these suicidal demands made by zionist aliens they must be brought back into line and forced to resume the slow slouch toward genetic suicide. For that, the international jew springs into action, rushing to attack Whiten nations and present kosher "narratives" to encourage White genocide. Europe has a choice to make. Die to appease an enemy that hates you, put your head in the demographic noose for fear of being called a name by the jew outsider, or resist. In Hungary, the battle lines have been drawn.

One features a tour guide from Afghanistan, another a Bangladeshi woman who runs a restaurant with her husband. The United Nations' refugee agency is setting up billboards presenti…

Mexican Animal Molests Young Girl, Blames Her

Race is real. A nation of wise la-teen-ohs is going to create a very different culture than one made up of dull and boring Whites. Here's a free tip Loser Party: the may-hee-can is not compatible with Western values. The same third world malfunction they're fleeing from comes with them, a dark foul cloud hanging over brown aliens. Noticing this is, of course, "races" and evil. Being displaced by vile invaders is the right thing to do, after all. And we'll get them to vote for the Republican party! Just apply the right kind of gutless pandering and Pedro will vote for paycheck conservatives, trust us. Sure, there's going to be some national collapse, but you want Jeb Bush and the squat monster he married ruling over the ruins instead of some lesbian witch, right?

A Mexican National has been accused of molesting a 10-year-old girl at a church in Tempe.

Natural conservatives. Family values. This unprecedented peaceful conquest of a dead nation is the best thing …

Spot the Hidden "Racism," Win Big Prizes

If you are White the only acceptable attitude toward your unique and precious genetic heritage is to be deeply ashamed of it and constantly attempt ham-handed atonement for it. Even the slightest pride in your winning ticket in the genetic lottery is "races" and evil. This has been the endless jewish message, stridently presented on the synagogue in the living room and the publik schmuel. This attack on our people has created a nation where playing negro make-believe is now seen as a viable survival strategy, where no amount of self-negation and appeasement of foreign monsters who hate us and want us dead is enough, but keep doing it you devil. Meanwhile, here and there the specter of White "racism" lurks, displaying itself in polite behavior, abasement, suicidal altruism and occasionally in hate letters on a shirt.

Students at Concord High School in New Hampshire were asked to return their commemorative T-shirts after school administrators noticed potentially racis…

Undercover Sista

If you're going to enter the career coma and chase kosher materialism you might as well go all in. Sleep in a tanning bed every night. Have your hair fried, dyed and tossed to the side. Claim to be "African American" and teach various cultural marxism courses at the communist indoctrination center. Battle fictional Idaho not-sees. Walk into the center of the swamp of jew-promoted "diversity" and sink into the foul muck, losing your identity and your mind. This is what we're going to see more of as Whites become a hated minority in their own countries and "I've got one Injun ancestor and as such aren't really White" is no longer sufficient penance for skin crime. In the future we'll all be negroes.

Controversy is swirling around one of the Spokane region’s most prominent civil rights activists, with family members saying the local leader of the NAACP has falsely portrayed herself as black for years.

Is there a bottom floor for pathetic W…

"Well Known Facts" Declared Crime Think

We need a lot more negroes in everything. Adding these Crabgrass Americans will certainly lead to massive improvements in critical strategic areas such as protecting a sinecure position for a careerist scumbag and providing feeble ammunition against the inevitable "racism" charges faced by anyone with unfair skin, regardless of how much groveling and right-think they produce. Yes, more brown and less White will work out this time, unlike every other time it became official policy. The only problem is the negro is often simply unqualified, for reasons of low I.Q. or a criminal lifestyle. Commenting on this reality, instead of quietly lowering and dismantling standards, is a crime against our State Religion.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has claimed it is hard to hire more black cops because 'so many of them' have spent time in jail.

Notice the bizarre passive language from this careerist scumbag. Spending time in jail, like it's some sort of vacation the negro ta…

The Best Sodomite for the Job

Discarding traditions that stretch back thousands of years and are the glue holding society together in favor of catering to a tiny minority of mentally defective individuals is obviously a wise strategy. In today's U.S.S.A. spiritual sickness and deranged insanity are promoted as good and healthy and any dissenting view is, clearly, "hate." After all, we should restructure our society for the benefit of a handful of broken individuals, causing unbelievable damage to our institutions in the process. It has nothing to do with "rights" or even "acceptance" and everything to do with attacking normal, healthy Whites. Not surprisingly, the usual kosher wire-pullers are behind it, unleashing the demons of sodom on the remains of the U.S.S.A.

A married Army general on Tuesday introduced his spouse at a Pentagon event that featured lots of top brass, including Defense Secretary Ashton Carter as the keynote speaker.

Well, at least our military is still a bastio…