Holohoax Garbage Disturbed, Jews Outraged

A dead human body is not flammable. In order to burn it accelerants will be needed, fuel that might be badly needed for a war effort. Cremating an adult body takes about two hours. A gas chamber, such as the one used in California, looks like a bank vault. It does not have wooden doors or glass windows. It was orginally claimed that the camps in the West contained homicidal gas chambers. This claim has collapsed and no mainstream historian still believes it. Auschwitz is a Soviet reconstruction. During times of war it's common to create blood libels against your enemies, so your own people will be willing to die fighting these horrible monsters. Soviet jews called for the rape and murder of German civilians. Six million jews were dying after World War I, according to the New York Times. All of the above is completely incontestable fact. We were taught Soviet war propaganda as fact.

Defending the outrageous pack of lies that is the "holocaust" is a full-time job. We must always be vigilant against hate facts and evil reality. Question this kosher snow job and go to prison. Disturb some debris left over from the Soviet rebuilding process and you might get ten years in a gulag.

Two British teenagers have been arrested for stealing items that belonged to concentration camp victims at Auschwitz.

Oy, literally stealing from the precious dead chosen that went up a chimney! Punish those goyim!

The 17-year-olds were on a history trip to the infamous killing camp with The Perse School, a private school in Cambridge that charges £15,423 a year fees, when they were caught digging for items belonging to former inmates.

We can assume these evil-doers represent the steadily vanishing White "gentile" population of the United Kaliphate.

Suspicious guards spotted the youngsters and searched them, to discover they had taken shards of glass, buttons, a hair clipper and bits of metal.

These are holy relics of our state religion. This flotsam and jetsam left behind by communists is proof that not-sees killed the precious six million.

They faced a possible 10 years in prison for the thefts, but Polish police said they are likely to be released in the next 48 hours, once they have paid a fine.

A decade in prison for disturbing the sacred jew pocket lint sounds about right.

A spokesman for the school said the sixth form pupils have apologised 'unreservedly' for taking a the items, which they said they had 'picked up without thinking' from the grounds.

The wailing and flagellation can now begin. We're so sorry jew enemy! Please don't use your complete control of our government to ruin our lives!

Chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust Karen Pollock MBE said they were appalled by the incident. She said: 'This is absolutely shocking and shows gross disregard to the memory of the Holocaust.

The main White issue: trying to survive the coming demographic destruction of our homelands and the endless campaign of hateful propaganda aimed at encouraging White genocide. The main jew issue: some punk kid stole a button.

'Every single artefact found at Auschwitz-Birkenau tells a story of the more than a million people who were ruthlessly murdered by the Nazis there and this incident serves to show why our work is crucial now more than ever.

Tells a story is right, as in "You wouldn't believe how big the fish was!"

So very, very precious.

'We have a duty to educate the next generation to prevent ignorance and hate, and in over 15 years of organising for thousands of British teenagers to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau, we have never known of such an incident.'

We have a duty to brow-beat Europe's shrinking White population with Soviet tall tales. Usually the good little goyim just silently absorb the abuse.

He added: 'We understand they have explained that they picked up the items without thinking, and they have apologised unreservedly for the offence they have given, and expressed real remorse for their action.'

They're groveling like crazy in the face of a lengthy prison term. Imagine that.

'The whole party was deeply aware of the scale of the tragedy associated with Birkenau and the other camps of the Holocaust.

We were loading them up with Right Think. I don't know what went wrong.

The items were found in the ground around the storage warehouses in the 'Canada' section of the camp, Polish news website Radio Poland reported.

Remember when nawrt-zee Germany conquered Canada and sent all its jews here? 

Around 1.5 million people, mainly European Jews, were gassed, shot, hanged or burned at Auschwitz during the war.

Trust us, it happened.

The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum was founded in 1947 and has over 80,000 British visitors each year.

In unrelated news, Great Britainistan is limping toward history's ash heap.


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