"Well Known Facts" Declared Crime Think

We need a lot more negroes in everything. Adding these Crabgrass Americans will certainly lead to massive improvements in critical strategic areas such as protecting a sinecure position for a careerist scumbag and providing feeble ammunition against the inevitable "racism" charges faced by anyone with unfair skin, regardless of how much groveling and right-think they produce. Yes, more brown and less White will work out this time, unlike every other time it became official policy. The only problem is the negro is often simply unqualified, for reasons of low I.Q. or a criminal lifestyle. Commenting on this reality, instead of quietly lowering and dismantling standards, is a crime against our State Religion.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has claimed it is hard to hire more black cops because 'so many of them' have spent time in jail.

Notice the bizarre passive language from this careerist scumbag. Spending time in jail, like it's some sort of vacation the negro takes and not the destination assured by the content of their character. No, the simian alien is never responsible for its failure. Must be Bill Clinton putting them there. We all know there are no genetic differences and the justice system is "races" so this must explain this strange pattern that occurs everywhere with clockwork predictability.

'We have a significant population gap among African American males because so many of them have spent time in jail,' he told The Guardian. 'And, as such, we can't hire them.'

It's almost as if we're dealing with savage outsiders who are incompatible with a civilized nation, but we all know it's evil "races" Whitey somehow causing this. Now let's get to work changing the rules so negro felons can protect and serve. We know they won't score too high on the I.Q. test, so that rule can stay.

But Bratton is now claiming he was misrepresented in the story - but not because of his now widely-criticized statement, which he said are just 'well-known' facts. 

Noticing reality is a crime. Now this pathetic turd of man must face the same jewish kommissars he so eagerly supported. All that remains is the groveling, the swift and sure punishment and the broken shell who has learned to love Big jew.

'That's a reality,' he said. 'That's not a byproduct of stop and frisk.'

Dangerous statements, comrade. You might disappear.

Pathetic old bastard could be in trouble.

The story had claimed Bratton said the controversial stop and frisk policy was partially to blame for the 'much smaller' pool of eligible black officers  'that in might ordinarily have been'.  

If we just ignored negro crime, we won't have to worry about punishing them or allowing criminal sewage to get undeserved positions of authority. Here is the future of American jurisprudence. Ignore the negro failure. Pretend everything is fine. Search vainly for the "one good one" to run amok with a badge. 

'Fifteen to 20 percent of black males have some type of criminal history and that's an issue of great concern in the black community,' said Bratton while speaking out against the original story.

More crime speech. We all know it's because of Whites the negro fails so spectacularly. The low I.Q., bastardy, poor impulse control, lack of future orientation and propensity toward violence has nothing to do with it and it's a sin to notice. 

'The issue of trying to hire blacks is a national issue,' he said. 'Every police department in America is having a hard time hiring blacks.'

How can we get more criminal negroes? Truly the issue of our time. 

Another negro police success story.

A spokeswoman for Mayor Bill de Blasio said he and the commissioner are 'committed to recruiting officers that reflect New York City's diversity'. 

The sounds a person makes while vomiting carry more meaning than that statement. "We're committed to eliminating Whites" would at least be honest. 

Robert Gangi, the director of the Police Reform Organizing Project in New York, said stop and frisk was not at the heart of the problem but a symptom of broken windows' 'blatant racist policing'.

Keep saying it and eventually it will be true! If I close my eyes you can't see me!

The broken windows strategy involves issuing summons for petty crime offenders, operating under the belief that this will stop people from committing more serious crimes in the future.

This kind of logical thinking is clearly the product of "blatant racist policing" and also "obvious black magic and witchcraft in the community."

Gangi said the policy not only hits a disproportionate number of black and Latino men with summonses for minor offenses, but it also hurts their own view of police and thus keeps them from wanting to join the force in the first place.

"Ey, I was gonna join dee peeegs, I theeenk, but I got rested fo leeettle theeengs." Clearly we should be heavily recruiting officers from the promising "petty criminal" pool. 

A study cited by the Guardian found that black defendants were 15 percent more likely to be imprisoned for misdemeanor offenses and drug offenses than white defendants.

And all of these cases were exactly the same, so this analysis is totally valid and not an attempt to compare wildly disparate incidents and individuals. 

Convicted felons, dishonorable discharges from the military and any applicant found guilty of domestic violence are automatically disqualified.

You know, minor crimes. Little stuff like rape, murder, treason, snow hoe beating, that sort of thing. 

And in April Bratton said he wants to change the way the NYPD deals with minor offenses such as public alcohol consumption and being in the park after hours, according to CBS New York.

Let's work together to restore New York's old image as an unlivable cesspool.

'We’re looking very actively,' he said. 'And will propose to the Council the idea of warnings.'

We could have them do book reports.

If you turn into this you've failed yourself and your race.


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