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Cuckservative, Inc.

Hello friends. My name is C. Thurston Bartlett IV, Republican strategist, Ivy League graduate and huge fan of the Brooklyn Giants (I like football just like you guys!). I was invited to do this guest post and since no one seems to be reading mainstream conservative writing these days I figured it was a good opportunity to invite all of you back to the Republican Party. It is, after all, an exciting time for us. In a few short months we'll be taking back America from Liberal leadership that, while well-intentioned, thoroughly likable and even inspiring, does not have the vision of a more perfect America that we do. Imagine a nation of low taxes for the wealthy, rich vibrancy in food and dance and culture, a nation that proudly defends Israel on the world stage, a nation of jobs, opportunities and no child left behind. A nation of equality in the bedroom and the boardroom. Imagine the shining city on the hill. Imagine conservatism.

Gazing confidently into a bright future!
It's cr…

Bodymore: 42 Murdered in July

When different races, cultures and religions are forced together, or at least forced into a Balkanized patchwork, friction and lack of trust naturally follow. We must pretend we don't see this, because our State Religion is built on the lie of "multiculturalism," an idea that any sensible person could see was impractical from the start and now only a fool believes is something other than an abject failure. Of course, when these insane societal experiments end in predictable misery, bloodshed and burning cities it's entirely within the kosher plan. It was never intended to work. It was just an attack on Whites.

In Baltimore, or Bodymore, Murdaland as it's more commonly referred, we're getting a glimpse of the collapse to come. The police were told it was "races" to try to control the negro all against all. So they stopped trying. Now the "black bodies," the precious lives that matter so very much, pile up in the summer heat. It doesn't …

Surrounded By Young People

There isn't a day that goes by in the U.S.S.A. where there isn't a racially motivated attack against Whites involving the precious lives that matter so very much. If I wanted to and had the stomach for it, this blog could be nothing but an endless series of these crimes and we wouldn't even scratch the surface. For every story that sees the light of day countless scenes from the undeclared race war simply vanish into the memory hole, unimportant and forgotten. After all, there's negro ball, the candidacy of Jeb Bush and the possibility that some White person, somewhere, might have said "nigger" to fixate on. The War Against Whites rages on in secret, packs of feral shit-colored animals selecting the most vulnerable available targets for their cowardly attacks. Over half a century of appeasement and groveling accomplished nothing. Also, so much more needs to be done.

Her car damaged, her nerves shaken, the victim of an alleged group attack near the University o…

Sweden: Portraits of White Men Replaced With Degenerate Art

Which formerly prosperous, spiritually healthy and racially homogenous European nation will be the first to be unceremoniously dropped into the kosher grave of "multiculturalism?" Will it be the United Kaliphate, land of mosques, cameras and knife-control laws? What about El-France with her burning cars, sharia no-go zones and weak and effeminate support for dead cartoonists? Maybe Germanistan, a humiliated nation of thousands of holohoax memorials, regular payments to the jew devil for imaginary sins and mudslime invasion? All of these are good answers, but none are correct. Swedenistan, land of rape apes and gutless White cuckolds is clearly the current the leader in the race to third world collapse.

Commit genetic suicide! It's the right thing to do!
Faculty of Law at the University of Stockholm removes portraits of white men replaces them with “multicultural” art.
University of Stockholm Syndrome. It certainly puts the campaign against a historical flag of resistance i…

Finland Resists the Jewish Nightmare

In the winter of 1939 a massive army representing the interests of jewish communism invaded Finland. Against all odds the Finns were able to resist this invasion and somehow survive in the face of an overwhelming kosher attack. Today, the same battle is playing out. The jew is more subtle now, replacing tanks and guns with banking, the media and the useful idiot, exchanging carpet bombing campaigns for name-calling and attacks on people's personal lives. Without firing a single shot this kosher dark winter has settled across Western Europe and it has now become a contest to see which formerly White nation can sink the lowest, can disgrace their heritage the most to earn the insincere approval of two-legged devils.

Finland is still fighting. The spiritual successors to the snipers who hunted Soviets in frozen forests are now battling the new face of the same demonic enemy. They are resisting the open grave of "multiculturalism," the horrific future of uncomprehending and …

Negro Offended by Jon Leibowitz

Work hard to fund your displacement. Chase materialism and empty hedonism. Don't even think about having White children. Watch lots of television. Be sure to tune in for that funny "White" man on the Jon Leibowitz show. Die. This is the kosher plan for the rapidly shrinking number of young Whites in the U.S.S.A. Yuck it up with a hate-filled jew bastard who wants to see every last White eliminated or enslaved. That desert demon sure is funny, haw haw haw. Turn off the talmudvision. Stop worshiping the jew devil.

While there are going to be a lot of fond farewells to Jon Stewart, who will do his final episode of The Daily Show August 6, Wyatt Cenac has a much more complicated memory of the late-night host.

Fare thee well poisonous toadstool with a fake gentile name. We all enjoyed watching you pour kosher excrement into the societal well. So many fond memories of your attacks on normal White America, the dancing animal that laughs and postures but also rends flesh with its…

Winning the Negro Vote

According to the electronic synagogue winning the support of the la-teen-oh and negro voters is critical for anyone wishing to sit beneath the jewish table and catch whatever crumbs fall off the plates. Trying to win the White vote is, of course, "races" and evil and sixty gobbelzillion went up the chimney, but trying to somehow appease brown aliens whose primary issues are "he done look like me" and "he gwine gib da free sheet" is somehow extremely sound political strategy for someone who neither shares the coal complexion or is willing to roll out endless handouts from White tax-payers. The question becomes how can we use 80 I.Q. animals to further our careerism when the obvious means of convincing the dark hordes are off the table? It turns out there is an easy solution.

It may be known as a political fight over watermelons.

With our country's current trajectory expect it to be the first of many.

Challenger Jarvis Dortch, who is black, is criticizin…

Witch Doctor Predicts the Return of the Mulatto Queer

American politics has become such a corrupt kosher joke that a plutocrat slumlord with a ridiculous comb-over is pretty much the only choice for 2016 that won't accelerate the coming collapse. Every other "conservative" option is the long shadow trailing after tyranny that these days has become alarmingly short. We're talking jewish-owned stooges that support ideas that were considered extremely far left even by cultural marxists three or four years ago. Might as well Trump. At least he's entertaining and isn't praising the rot like every other Loser Party empty suit.

Meanwhile, it's business as usual for the ruling communists: more attacks on White America, more open borders, more worthless currency, more useful crises, more profound spiritual evil. The mulatto puppet has been pried away from his beloved televised Africa ball long enough to travel to the heart of darkness and the ultimate political pundit, an amulet-rattling masked tribesman, has the ins…

Mystery Meat Professional Victim in Hate Crime Hoax

There are two types of "hate crime" in today's U.S.S.A. The first is the ones that actually occur, the endless unprovoked racially motivated negro attacks on Whites that are either given the memory hole treatment or completely ignored by the dinosaur media and the evil bastards in our criminal government. Then there's the marxist narratives: embarrassingly phony accounts of White evil that typically receive national attention before completely falling apart. Credulous acceptance is definitely the order of the day whenever a non-White or sodomite starts howling and even when the incident becomes indefensible our enemies smugly note that it could have happened and as such the continued attacks on our rights and persons are justified.

We've seen the incorrectly drawn swastikas, the toothpaste KKK, the sodomite abductions, the religion of peace attacking itself. Now a "yella" who could easily pass the paper bag test joins this pathetic collection of fraudst…

Negro Rape Gang Terrorizes Detroit Ruins

Cultural marxism is a death cult. If they win, if the jew has its way, the end result will not be the vast plantations of easy controlled brown gentile slaves toiling for g*d's chosen as the talmud promises. It's going to be an unlivable hell, an all against all where the content of their character is fully expressed, a return to a stone age existence, poorly formed coal-colored hominids wandering through the collapsing remains of White civilization, raping and killing. The jewish hatred for Whites is so virulent and senseless that this is the future they're committed to.

Every time you hear the word "diversity" from a nose #6, every time you hear how this latest "transfer of wealth" will fix the dark animal, every time you hear about "African negroes for Montana!" programs, imagine the nightmare world it's going to spawn. A world without Whites, without laws, without even the basic human decency. Human devolution, endless darkness, the fu…

The Useless Crisis

It happened again. The same predictable religion of peace pathology, the same "diversity" fueled bloodbath. No one is going to learn any lessons, we're going to get this thing into the memory hole as quickly as possible. Call it workplace violence, maybe shed a few fake tears for the heroic unarmed White victims and get back to dismantling White America. We've got to get more brown sewage into Idaho, after all. Not so long ago a very similar incident led to national outrage and was cynically used by cultural marxists to check off another item on their anti-White checklist. Pull down historical flags, dig up dead bodies, erase the past, control the future. Don't expect to see any minarets coming down in the next few weeks. Instead, we must celebrate this Great Religion, this savage evil our own spiritual leprosy has allowed to spread into our lands.

While the jihadan was hitting our dead country President Butt Naked was praising the demonic rot.

Michelle and I woul…