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Germany: Help Us With the Mud Flood European Union!

We need a lot more "refugees" in White countries and only White countries. It's not like absorbing millions of violent, hate-filled genetic, cultural and religious aliens is going to have any consequences. It's fine, keep paying those taxes and slaving away for a low standard of living while dark foreign invaders that want to rape your wife and daughter and kill you receive the hand-outs. Besides, you have a moral obligation to commit national suicide. Do I even have to mention the precious six nibblezillion that went up the chimney, that were shocked to death on nawrtzee electric belts, that had their skulls crushed by skull crushing machines and were forced to climb trees that the not-sees would then cut down, killing them? Just think of what you did to the Light of the World as the immigration noose tightens and the jihadan scimitar presses into your throat. Die for the jew, Europe.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on other European Union countries on Sunday …

Is it "Racist?" A Handy Guide

In fine Ministry of Truth tradition we're seeing our language rapidly contract, a symptom of expanding the definition of what constitutes "speech crime" and the general decline in the average I.Q. via demographic displacement of Whites. Many of the words we've retained have been stripped of all meaning. "Justice," for example, is now a meaningless filler word to be placed in anti-White ravings. "Racist" might also fall into this category, assuming it ever meant what it was intended to mean to begin with, which is unlikely. It has always been used to describe anything that represents White interests or that our jewish enemy finds undesirable.

With this highly fluid definition it can be difficult for the Whites who have been targeted for extinction to avoid being smeared with this label and, as we all know, getting called a name by people that want you dead is the worst thing that can happen to a White person. Therefore in the interest of the public…

Cucktianity: Pope Wants Europe Invaded

The papacy has changed a lot in the modern era, becoming just another thoroughly kosher, cultural marxist and increasingly irrelevant office playing its own small role in White genocide. Gone are the days when Urban II rallied Europe against the invasion of moe-ham-head-dan scum, when Whites wearing crosses escorted the brown animals into hell. "I just hope the fall of Constantinople doesn't lead to the unfair villification of Muslims" is not a comment you would have heard. White nations were healthy and the moose-limb and jew enemy were condemned by our spiritual leaders.

Today's catholic church resembles a harem towel-boy eunuch more than a crusader, offering up one pathetic surrender to the foreign invader after another, perhaps vainly hoping that St. Peter's won't become a mosque within this century. Maybe if we completely surrender the jihadan will spare us, if we offer the most pitiful appeasement imaginable to an alien culture, race and religion that w…

Dinosaur Media Hit By Friendly Fire

During the disastrous jewish century the kosher media has been a tireless enemy of White interests. From printing obviously false propaganda to push us into wars to covering up the negro and la-teen-oh pathology to "we all be equalz" nonsense on the talmudvision, the assault was non-stop from every quarter. Fortunately the rise of the internet has ended the semitic monopoly on the flow of information and Whites are abandoning the "mainstream" in favor of sites like this one that tell the truth and aren't afraid to discuss topics like inherent racial differences in intelligence and criminality.

In Virgina the dinosaur media took another hit today as one of the "affirmative action" animals they had hired started "busting" on its former colleagues, an all-American version of the moose-limb magazine massacre in El-France. They lied for the jew, now they die for it.

Two members of a local TV station's news team were fatally shot Wednesday duri…

Ludovico Technique Will Cure Your "Racist" Baby

All your natural instincts, the same ones that have allowed your people to survive for millennia, are evil, ungood, "races" and wrong. The natural revulsion any healthy White feels when a boat disgorges its coal black contents into Sweden or when an American city burns to honor a criminal negro is wicked. You must be treated. Focus on materialism, on careerism, on the atomized self as the center of the universe. Make the worthless dollar your household idol, make hedonism the only reason to keep living. And for g*d's sake, don't have any White children. If you have committed that sin, don't worry too much, kosher social science is on the case. We will treat your "races" baby with jewish "science."

As early as three months old, children can show racial bias towards women who are the same race as themselves.

There's nothing more upsetting to the cultural marxist than reality and genetically determined human nature. We want to live among our o…

More German Genocide

The city of Dresden was the site of a holocaust in the last century. One that actually happened, that is. Jew-controlled criminals rained down fire on defenseless civilians, a sweet savor to the satanic evil they were serving. This event is now the answer to a trivia question, it's just dead Whites after all and besides they were evil nawrtzee women and children that deserved it. Jump forward to the present day and Dresden is still under attack, only now the kosher flames have been replaced by carpet bombing the two-legged biological weapon, the foreign invader here to kill, rape and loot. Once again, the city is largely defenseless and unprepared for this new atrocity. A handful of "extremists" have said rude words and we must condemn them, just as we might have condemned the one German who tried to shoot the bombers of the Allied golem, assuming such a man even existed.

The German police planned to step up security measures in a small town outside Dresden on Sunday afte…

Cucktianity: "Immigrants are a Gift," Says Cardinal

The moderate muslim preaches war and jihad, ugliness and death. The unbeliever must be put to the sword, declares the mainstream, luke-warm follower of the false prophet. For the moderate jew the world is full of "cattle" that are to be enslaved and exploited ruthlessly for the benefit of the tribe. Then there's the modern era's politically correct JUDEO-christian, supporting the sodomite agenda, more African negroes for Idaho and White genocide. The cucktian delivers this sermon to empty pews, while all around the decaying false church White civilization is collapsing.

The United States is “a nation of immigrants and we are proud of that,” New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan told Catholic News Service (CNS) at the Marian shrine of Knock, where he delivered a keynote address marking the launch of a novena.

Sodomite priests and kosher spiritual evil, open borders and pitiful groveling in front of the brown hordes. With third world sewage pretty much the only ones left that…

Dangerous Criminal Shot, Negroes Angry

It's difficult comprehending the depth and breadth of the dysfunction within the "African American" community, especially if you try to understand the predictable failure from a White perspective. To us things like rule of law, justice, societal trust and a civilized nation based on individual responsibility matter more than coal-colored dead bodies. For the negro everything is tribal, "he look like me" is the height of their philosophical insight into the human condition, the jew-instructed hatred for Whites the closest thing they have to a shared value system.

With this in mind, it's somewhat less surprising to see the dark animal defending the criminals in their midst while displaying, at best, sullen resentment toward the unprecedented and insane generosity toward this failed race from Whites. At worst the cities burn, because the lives of worthless criminal scum matter. Meanwhile the jew behind it laughs and dreams of the day it will receive the coffee…

Pre-Teen Negro Commits Armed Robbery

Genetic determinism laughs in the face of the endless attempts to bring the negro up to the very modest standards of civilized behavior. After over half a century of appeasement and spending we're still waiting for any sort of observable improvement in the "African American." Instead they're getting worse. Following the election of the mulatto sodomite, arguably the ultimate act of groveling surrender to a failed and demonstrably inferior alien race, we've seen the pack attacks, the knockout game, and "pre-teen" criminals turning their lives around and getting ready to go to junior high. In the proud African tradition of child soldiers the ruins of the U.S.S.A. are now being picked over by child criminals.

There are hundreds of robberies in the District, and victims give many descriptions of the robbers.

In all these many descriptions it's sure odd how the same common elements keep coming up. Tar complexion. Flat nose. Brow ridge. Yellowed eyes. Gian…

Congrats Michael Brown

Like a hypnotist with a cheap watch dangling in your face and a droning, nasal voice our jewish enemy is desperate to get the increasingly intractable goyim back to sleep, back into the trance. Here's materialism and careerism. Your eyelids are getting heavy. Sports, booze and dope. So tired. How about feminism and pornography? Sleep. Sleep. The negro is your equal. Pride in your heritage is evil. We need an open border. Deeper. Deeper into the kosher stupor. When I snap my fingers you will be in a haze of spiritual sickness and convinced that you're a "races" that needs to die.

It's no longer working. Resisting foreign invasion is earning massive approval in the polls. Whites are starting to wonder why our genocide is presented as a good thing by the criminals in our media and government. Negro fatigue is setting in, just read the comments on any story about an innocent "good boy" whose life turn around process ended with predictable negro behavior, ty…

Half-Dead Jew Communist Battles "Racism"

Recently we saw a speech by a communist jew ruined when negro animals funded by another jew rushed the stage so they could wail incoherently about nigga bodies, ah, ah. This is what a healthy democracy looks like: a circus of brown monsters screaming for White genocide, an alien jew criminal cowering from the same schwoogies it unleashed, a crowd of debased Whites maybe wondering for the first time if voting for cultural marxism was really doing any good. Now we must get the focus back on White genocide and away from the unbelievably ugly display of modern America that occurred. With the lesbian witch facing a possible trip to the green bar hotel it's very important that this exciting jew socialist get back on the anti-White narrative and try to forget the friendly fire from its biological weapons.

After bounding atop a blue trailer in a community park, Bernie Sanders quickly reminded people here that Iowa had helped elect the nation's first black president.

Yeah, great job Iow…

More Third World Sewage for North Dakota

As long as a single White person still exists, anywhere, our jewish enemy and the walking biological weapons it is flooding White nations with will not be satisfied. Every single White must be hunted down, none are allowed to escape the scourge of "diversity." We need a lot more Congolese in Middle America, a lot more. In North Dakota the latest load of human garbage is falling off the kosher truck and being hand-delivered by the JUDEO-christian do-gooder moron. This is a great thing and we should all be very proud. I'm sure we'll turn them into good little over-baked sloped forehead Whites, ya sure, you betcha.

Local aid organizations and schools say they're going to be very busy the next couple of months. More refugees than usual are expected to be coming.

Local law enforcement is likely to be very busy soon, too. More racial, cultural and religious aliens than expected, it's a miracle! Truly the cup of hemlock runneth over.

As of July, 215 refugees had been …

The Michael Brown Search Continues

With normal Americans starting to get a bit uppity, even openly supporting ideas that have been declared heretical by our State Religion, we need another obviously phony narrative about how the innocent and pure negro is being preyed upon by "races" police. Ideally, the narrative that is chosen should be as insulting to our intelligence as possible. Start with a hulking "teen" that looks thirty and lives in an area completely annihilated by the content of their character. Make sure this martyr for cultural marxism has an extensive criminal record, embarrassing pictures all over the internet holding guns, drug money and crack pipes and is currently in the process of turning its life around and attending college. Be sure the facts of the case heavily undermine the claims being made and then force this mess into our faces on the talmudvision. Look at the poor, victimized negro lamb, sneers the jew. We can tell these outrageous lies, we can humiliate you in your own li…