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Disabled White Senior Citizens Attacked by Negro Animals

I often wonder what it will be like growing old in whatever vile ruin replaces the rotting corpse of the U.S.S.A. What will it be like being a hated minority in my own country, being surrounded by violent and moronic tar-complected animals that want me and everyone I care about dead? We can draw some insight into the dark future from today's story. It's a senseless and brutal crime directed at the most helpless available victims, it's a clear illustration of what will remain if we lose, if the jewish enemy and the multi-cult doom it promotes is not replaced with a White Nation. If I ever had second thoughts about why I fight the encroaching darkness a story like this would banish them forever.

A couple  is recovering after they were beaten and robbed in a Henrico home invasion. Nine days have passed since James Costello, 79,  and Sharon Fusco, 70, were victimized inside their Elfstone Lane home, off Mechanicsville Turnpike.

You might recall the national news coverage, the p…

Chiraq: 57 Shot in One Weekend

Black lives only matter when they can be used as a cudgel against White America. When it comes to traditional negro pathology, the tribal warfare and all against all found in places like South Sudan and Detroit, the crisis simply isn't useful. "Can it be used to attack Whites?" is always the question asked by the media jew and when the answer is no, it's memory hole time. In the kosher Chicago plantation over fifty identical looking and behaving browns got lead injections in a few days. With no Whites to point the finger at and "gun control" still an extremely hard sell to the goyim, there's not much for the dinosaur media to do but quickly mention how Devontaevius got limited while sitting in a car and Juan died in a "walk-by shooting" and hope no one notices that we're sharing our land with dangerous alien savages who are completely incompatible with a civilized White nation.

It was another violent weekend in Chicago. Four people were kil…

Mulatto President Approves New Jewish Propaganda Techniques

Whites in the U.S.S.A. are starting to get a little uppity, engaging in crime thought and even sometimes the mildest possible actual opposition to the jewish communism that has devastated and killed our nation. Traditional propaganda, designed to humiliate rather than convert, isn't working. A pack of la-teen-ohs holding foreign flags on the Africa ball field is seen as the kosher kick in the crotch that it is, the latest "good boy" to be placed in dead negro storage is not winning any sympathy from Whites increasingly disgusted by the lies. Clearly, new means of shaping behavior, that is enforcing right think, are needed.

President Obama announced a new executive order on Tuesday which authorizes federal agencies to conduct behavioral experiments on U.S. citizens in order to advance government initiatives.

Get ready to be a lab rat in a jewish maze, goyim. King mulatto issues the royal decree while the light of the world pulling the wires on this Kenyan queer rub their h…

"Racism" Blamed for Negro Idiocy

Our kosher State Religion of cultural marxism requires a constant state of willful ignorance from all but the most completely deluded true believers. The low intelligence and poor behavior of the negro has been so extensively documented pointing it out shouldn't even be slightly controversial, but the jewish equality cult will gladly ruin your life for noticing self-evident facts. Instead, our enemies tie themselves into knots trying to explain away genetic determinism, usually blaming Whites in the process and then turning around and begging for the White Devil to please come back.

The doublethink and cognitive dissonance contortions become increasingly pathetic as all the traditional excuses collapse. It must be economic! We need fewer White teachers. Maybe the system itself is somehow broken? Anything but admitting what is obvious to anyone who isn't living in fear of the jew. The negro is inferior, dangerous, filthy, moronic and has no place in a White nation.

As concerns m…

Muslims Try to Stone the Devil, Hundreds Die

Islam is a great religion, a deeply spiritual faith that is totally compatible with our Western values of democracy, sodomy, open borders and insane passivity in the face of imminent disaster. After all, every religion teaches us to love the alien, to give up our homelands to rape bands, to die as a people. All right, maybe there's that one special faith that just coincidentally teaches ethnic superiority and calls other people cattle, but we're trying to talk about the religion of peace here so let's not get side-tracked. The bottom line is that inviting in the moose-limb and the pathology it carries will be a massive benefit for places like Sweden. White countries, after all, are for everyone.

A stampede during the Hajj outside of the holy Muslim city of Mecca has claimed about 717 lives and left 863 pilgrims injured, Saudi Arabia’s Civil Defense Service reported.

Brown monsters hyped up on idolatry and blood lust run wild. The chance to worship the magic cube filled the …

Kentucky Schools Want Fewer White Teachers

When you examine peaceful and prosperous success stories like South Africa, Zimbabwe and Detroit it's obvious that fewer Whites, a.k.a. "diversity," is the answer. Clearly Barkevious is dumb, violent and sexually aggressive and Juan is lazy, filthy and has no interest in learning our language or cultural norms because of the presence of the White devil. If Whites could just be removed, possibly via a lengthy jewish campaign of spiritual evil combined with open borders invasion, everything wrong with the teeming brown metastasis should magically repair itself. This is the logic of a society that has lost its mind, lost its soul and can't even defend itself from the most direct attacks imaginable. This is the argument for White Genocide. It's the biggest crock of shit I've ever seen, a blind and insane faith in a death cult, the virulent Flat Earth of our time.

Paducah Public Schools wants to make all of its students more comfortable in the classroom. 

Well, exc…

Omaha Diversity: Whites Battered in "Fight"

The negro is a failed race that is unable to live in a civilized nation and unable to build one left to its own devices. Only an idiot, a careerist with a lot to lose or a marxist true-believer would disagree with such a self-evident statement. The low intelligence, the poor impulse control, the total and complete inability to connect current actions to future outcomes and the general demonic ugliness and childish lack of understanding of these genetic aliens dooms them to a life of superstition, idiocy and violence. Stir in their hatred of their White benefactors, birthed by mindless jealousy and nurtured by jewish propaganda and we're living next to a evolutionary dead-end that wants us violently dead. As the constraints on their behavior are removed (Arresting them is "races!") the situation worsens and the War on Whites silently rages from coast-to-coast.

A brutal beating video has gone viral and now Omaha Police are investigating who's behind the chaos.

Viral is …

"Anti-Semitism" Discovered at Communist Indoctrination Center

The jew is the eternal victim, even as it presses its kosher heel into the neck of the West. They've been constantly persecuted without any cause, just ask them. Despite carrying a carpet-bag full of goodness and dispensing the wonderful magic of money, g*d's chosen are under constant assault from the cattle and unclean meat. Granted, these days one has to look long and hard to find uppity shkotzim, but they're out there. Take, for example, a "college" that failed to properly recognize the special and unique sufferink of the light of the world, even ignoring it in favor of schwoogies and other talmud-promised slaves. Fortunately, the humble, meek and nearly powerless jew was somehow able to correct this massive injustice.

The decision on Friday came after Jewish representatives issues scathing denunciations of a proposed list of Principles Against Intolerance that did not directly mention anti-Semitism.

Competing victim groups, united only by their hatred of norma…

I'd Expect More from the NAACP President

Let's take a well-earned break from discussing the coming jew-led demographic annihilation of White countries to examine what passes for comic relief in today's dying clown world. It's a story of "driving while black" and "Ah's got da raht!" with maybe a little "races" police sprinkled on top. A negress gets stopped by the "five-oh," has a relatively mild chimp-out and gets arrested because of "racism." This is today's U.S.S.A., a nation where all animals are equal but some much more so, where laws are rapidly becoming an optional inconvenience for the precious coal-colored rot.

The president of the local NAACP branch was arrested for obstruction after the Kenosha Police Department said she told an officer she didn’t deserve a ticket for driving nearly 20 mph over the legal limit on a city street.

A worthless negro hauling ass on a city street, you have to wonder why considering her sinecure doesn't exactly have …

Identifying the Criminal Statements

We all agree that White Genocide is the "right thing to do" (tm, U, all rights reserved, K) but for some reason the average White person isn't getting with the program, at least in the relative safety of an anonymous poll. Granted, in the real world the face, thought and speech crime can be vigorously enforced to insure right-think, but Big jew doesn't want simple obedience, it wants to take your soul before it kills your body. The jew wants you to say "Thank you!" as it pulls the trigger. To this end, it's time to deploy a massive censorship campaign against German thought criminals, led by, wouldn't you just know it, the light of the world.

According to Vice Chancellor Sigmar approximately 1 million migrants will arrive in Germany this year alone and Chancellor Merkel says there is no limit to how many they will take in.  

Yes, you read that correctly goyim. No limit. We'll take the entire population of Sudan, all the middle eastern "babie…

Jihadan Hordes Attack Hungary

We have a massive responsibility to the dangerous animals unleashed from failed nations, to the walking sewage that floods White nations. We must allow them to rape and kill, it's the right thing to do. Every world religion preaches that we must love the violent foreign alien (well, except judaism...and islam...and hinduism...ok, it's only JUDEO-christians but let's pretend that's not the case). Think of the vibrancy and enrichment: foul smelling ethnic food made by foul smelling ethnics, mosques on every corner delivering a strident call to prayer, rape gangs, honor killings, racially motivated stabbings in broad daylight, burning cars and no-go zones. You'd be a fool not to want this. Besides, here's some dead kid on a beach. Let's get lots of pictures of this pile of fertilizer, this is valid evidence for the righteousness of White Genocide.

In Hungary, one of the more sane European nations, the final assault has begun, hordes of "babies" attac…

Refugee "Salary" in Denmark Deemed Insufficient

I'll be completely honest with you, I'm really sick of talking about this. On the other hand, how can it be ignored? Europe is dying, committing pathetic suicide in the name of a horrifically misguided do-gooder instinct. First the White birth rates were devastated by jewish spiritual poison and then the amazing merchant was right there with the solution to the problem it caused: massive non-White invasion and the final death knell of White Europe. The level of appeasement and surrender that followed is nothing short of sickening. Welcome the followers of turd eater. Give them hand-outs and ignore their pathology for fear of being called names. Then the predictable disaster, the genocide of Whites in our own homelands. It's the right thing to do.

In a report by Denmark’s TV2 News, migrants told a local journalist that they do not want to stay in Denmark, but are choosing instead to head to Sweden to register for asylum.

An invading army considers its next offensive. Where b…

Good News Monday: 34 Invaders Drown

What do you do when a foreign army invades your nation? If you're Germanistan, or El-France, or the U.S.S.A. or almost every other White country, you make every possible accommodation for the enemy forces. Give them hand-outs, turn a blind eye on their rape gangs, settle them in the Whitest available areas. We all know that every human being is exactly the same and that a nation is just a name and certainly not shared values, vision, culture, religion and behavior. It therefore stands to reason that a massive flood of foreign mud is a Good Thing (tm, U) especially when Whites aren't having children for some reason. Attacks from without and within, the final jewish destruction of Europe accelerates at an unbelievable pace.

Is anyone fighting back? The answer, mostly, appears to be "no" so it's up to the sea itself to show its displeasure by turning floating dog shit into sinking whale shit. We can take some cold comfort in knowing a token number of invaders will p…