Good News Monday: 34 Invaders Drown

What do you do when a foreign army invades your nation? If you're Germanistan, or El-France, or the U.S.S.A. or almost every other White country, you make every possible accommodation for the enemy forces. Give them hand-outs, turn a blind eye on their rape gangs, settle them in the Whitest available areas. We all know that every human being is exactly the same and that a nation is just a name and certainly not shared values, vision, culture, religion and behavior. It therefore stands to reason that a massive flood of foreign mud is a Good Thing (tm, U) especially when Whites aren't having children for some reason. Attacks from without and within, the final jewish destruction of Europe accelerates at an unbelievable pace.

Is anyone fighting back? The answer, mostly, appears to be "no" so it's up to the sea itself to show its displeasure by turning floating dog shit into sinking whale shit. We can take some cold comfort in knowing a token number of invaders will perform the blue bloat in Poseidon's Kingdom, even as they infiltrate and destroy the West. The followers of turd eater gulping down sea water, no allah to save them, the only good news we ever get these days.

Thirty-four refugees, almost half of them babies and children, drowned when their boat sank off a Greek island on Sunday, almost certainly the largest death toll in those waters since the migrant crisis began, the coastguard said.

Facing seven figures worth of "enrichment" today's story of synchronized moe-ham-head-dan swimming couldn't be more meaningless, but at least there's a handful of human garbage that won't be preying on White women six months from now. Naturally, there's jew hay to be made from this non-tragedy. They were mostly "babies" much in the same way fully mature negro criminals abruptly return to infancy after they're "limited."

Funny how every picture of "refugees" I've ever seen is nothing but adult males foaming at the mouth over the prospect of free money and non-consensual sexual intercourse. The "babies" were probably in the background somewhere, the jew wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.

 "Children" in danger! Shame on you, White Europeans!

Tens of thousands of mainly Syrian refugees have braved rough seas this year to make the short but precarious journey from Turkey to Greece's eastern islands, mainly in flimsy and overcrowded inflatable dinghies.

Wow, what noble and heroic exemplars of our common humanity these identical-looking and behaving biological weapons truly are. So brave, making that short float from islamic countries that are smart enough to want them gone to European countries that aren't. Cry for the dead human sewage, just like you'd shed big greasy tears for the bomb that failed to detonate.

Thousands have died, many of them taking the much longer crossing from Libya, in Europe's worst migrant crisis in decades.

Somehow this foreign pathology is our problem. White countries are for everyone, come on in and start destroying, moe-ham-head.

Your shipment of fail has arrived.

Details of the nationalities and ages of the victims of Sunday's sinking off Farmakonisi were not immediately available.

But there were lots of "children," we know that for sure.

The coastguard said 68 people were rescued from the water and another 30 survivors from the same boat were found on Farmakonisi.

Suicidal altruism, the fatal weakness of so many Whites.

The vast majority of refugees reaching Greece quickly head north to other countries, with Germany the most favored destination.

Please ignore this demographic disaster unfolding in real time.

EU states have so far failed to reach agreement over proposals by Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker to accept a mandatory quota system for accepting refugees.

Here's a suggested mandatory quota number: 0.

Full Story.

Meet your new neighbors.


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