Jihadan Hordes Attack Hungary

We have a massive responsibility to the dangerous animals unleashed from failed nations, to the walking sewage that floods White nations. We must allow them to rape and kill, it's the right thing to do. Every world religion preaches that we must love the violent foreign alien (well, except judaism...and islam...and hinduism...ok, it's only JUDEO-christians but let's pretend that's not the case). Think of the vibrancy and enrichment: foul smelling ethnic food made by foul smelling ethnics, mosques on every corner delivering a strident call to prayer, rape gangs, honor killings, racially motivated stabbings in broad daylight, burning cars and no-go zones. You'd be a fool not to want this. Besides, here's some dead kid on a beach. Let's get lots of pictures of this pile of fertilizer, this is valid evidence for the righteousness of White Genocide.

In Hungary, one of the more sane European nations, the final assault has begun, hordes of "babies" attacking a poorly defended border, The "Children's" Crusade. Half-measures are deployed to hold back the barbaric horde and these "humane" solutions are about as effective as you would expect. What will it be Hungary? Stand up and defend your nation and heritage or join Germanistan, El-France, Swedenistan, The United Kaliphate and all the rest on history's ash heap?

Hungarian police have opened fire with tear gas against 1500 rioting migrants who are attempting to break through the country’s border fence.

Facing an existential threat that hasn't been seen since the Mongols swept into Eastern Europe their response is just slightly less feckless than Germany's "Please be patient, all of you will be assigned White women to sexually assault by the end of the week" surrender. Are there no working guns in Hungary?

Migrants have been chanting “Allah hu Akbar” while pelting police officers with missiles including “really big rocks”, bottles, and even food, leading to the crack down.

Here's some food moe-ham-head. I'm doing this to prove I'm open-minded, progressive and certainly not "races." Come on in and loot my country. Ow, stop throwing the hand-outs at me!

Mostly women and children fleeing political unrest.

The Hungarian crack down followed the suspension of the Schengen free movement area by Germany and Austria this weekend. It became clear to German authorities that a significant number of the migrants they were processing were not in fact refugees from Syria.

Huh, imagine that. Next we'll notice that the crying babies are actually adult males eager to abuse our generosity and victimize our women. No hurry Germanistan, what's another million human locusts?

Reuters reports that Serbia says it has been informed by Hungary that the Roszke-Horgos border crossing will be closed for the next 30 days, and that Hungarian humvees with mounted guns are moving towards the Serbia border. 

This would have been nice years ago, but I guess we'll take it now. 

There are reports that some migrants have managed to break through the border fence, and Hungarian police have begun to use the water cannon to deter the rioting migrants, dozens of whom are climbing onto local buildings, hurling rocks at the border police, while others find more ammunition and keep a constantly supply going.

Humble refugees, poor victims of this veil of tears arriving with hat in hand, politely asking for a temporary shelter from the storms of this world. Whites countries are for everyone, trying to preserve your culture, heritage and religion is only acceptable if you're Israel. 

This gentle mist should prevent foreign invasion.

One Sky News correspondent reluctantly reported this afternoon that most of the migrants, “about 70 per cent” were men. “There are families too,” he hastily added.

"Er, I mean, lots of babies. Babies everywhere. Please don't destroy my dinosaur media career." 

According to the Hungarian press, migrants have been chanting, “Open! Open!” as well as “Allah Hu Akbar” as helicopters circle overhead. According to Sky News, the migrants had a “ringleader” with them with a megaphone who was egging the migrants on, shouting demands at the Hungarian police.

Foreign conquerors deliver their "demands" to a Europe too afraid to protect itself. More water follies or time to dust off those machine guns, choose carefully.

Today's wacky and sloppy challenge involves a border fence and the fire hose!

“The police stopped the crowd, who threw plastic water bottles at them. There were no reports of injuries. Several people were seen with tears in their eyes from the gas.

Look at the islamic "baby" shed honest tears, his erection temporarily lost. This is a humanitarian tragedy.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has made it clear that he doesn’t intend for his country to be used by the migrants to cross further into Europe. He has previously commented upon the threat the migrants pose to Western civilisation.

With all due respect Mr. Orban, it's time to put your money where you mouth is. 

Europe becomes a fun water park for the alien invader.


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