Muslims Try to Stone the Devil, Hundreds Die

Islam is a great religion, a deeply spiritual faith that is totally compatible with our Western values of democracy, sodomy, open borders and insane passivity in the face of imminent disaster. After all, every religion teaches us to love the alien, to give up our homelands to rape bands, to die as a people. All right, maybe there's that one special faith that just coincidentally teaches ethnic superiority and calls other people cattle, but we're trying to talk about the religion of peace here so let's not get side-tracked. The bottom line is that inviting in the moose-limb and the pathology it carries will be a massive benefit for places like Sweden. White countries, after all, are for everyone.

A stampede during the Hajj outside of the holy Muslim city of Mecca has claimed about 717 lives and left 863 pilgrims injured, Saudi Arabia’s Civil Defense Service reported.

Brown monsters hyped up on idolatry and blood lust run wild. The chance to worship the magic cube filled the savage with a child-like desire to stomp the broken bodies of their fellow jihadans. Hundreds who will never get to enjoy Germany's national suicide, praise allah.

The ritual of the ‘Stoning of the Devil’ is performed in a valley surrounding the neighborhood on the night before last day of the Hajj.

They wanted to stone the devil, or maybe cut off his head with a scimitar. Instead their real father punishes his uppity children. Devil: 1, moe-ham-head: 0.

 Look, muslims that are actually peaceful!

Muslims worldwide are celebrating on Thursday the holy day of Eid al-Adha. An estimated 2 million pilgrims traveled to Mecca for the celebration.

Yeah, we know. Our "Christian" mulatto president won't stop talking about it.

Just two weeks ago over a hundred people were killed in Mecca when a construction crane fell on the crowded Grand Mosque. The worshipers had gathered in the city ahead of this year’s Hajj.

The religion of pieces.

The Al-Ma'aisim tunnel stampede is the worst single such incident, although the Thursday tragedy in Mina appears to be the second-deadliest during the Hajj. 

Funny how "Second deadliest Christmas ever" and "Easter stampede leaves hundreds dead" are headlines you never see. It's almost like there's genetic, cultural and racial differences that have a huge impact on human behavior, but the jew says we're equal and that's good enough for me.

Coming soon to your formerly White homelands.

About 1,000 Shiite believers were killed in Baghdad in 2005 during a stampede at the Al-Aaimmah Bridge over the River Tigris.

Crossing a bridge gone wrong, random incident, more of these in Luxembourg, etc.

The crowd of pilgrims was marching toward the Al Kadhimiya Mosque when panic spread over rumors of an imminent suicide bombing attack.

It turned out to be a clock one of them had "invented."


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