Refugee "Salary" in Denmark Deemed Insufficient

I'll be completely honest with you, I'm really sick of talking about this. On the other hand, how can it be ignored? Europe is dying, committing pathetic suicide in the name of a horrifically misguided do-gooder instinct. First the White birth rates were devastated by jewish spiritual poison and then the amazing merchant was right there with the solution to the problem it caused: massive non-White invasion and the final death knell of White Europe. The level of appeasement and surrender that followed is nothing short of sickening. Welcome the followers of turd eater. Give them hand-outs and ignore their pathology for fear of being called names. Then the predictable disaster, the genocide of Whites in our own homelands. It's the right thing to do.

In a report by Denmark’s TV2 News, migrants told a local journalist that they do not want to stay in Denmark, but are choosing instead to head to Sweden to register for asylum.

An invading army considers its next offensive. Where better than hapless Swedenistan, the gold standard for dhimmitude, collapse and dispossession. Isn't "multi-cultural mode" a wonderful thing? The invader still has so many choices, the walking necrosis decides to devour the eyes instead of the nose or tongue.

Speaking conversational English, one migrant told the reporter “We want Sweden.” 

Conversational English, natural Europeans, just Whites with a sun tan, head deformities and a brutal desert cult superstition. "Want that Sweden. Get money from gelded suckers, rape kafir women. Refugee con game is good for my victims."

We want Sweden.

When she puts it to him that Sweden is 500km (310miles), he smiles and replies: “No problem. We walked from Syria to here [with] no problem.”

Wake. The. Fuck. Up. Europe.

Marwen el Mohammed, another asylum seeker in Denmark told the reporter that there were two reasons the men did not want to seek asylum in Denmark, a peaceful country. “The first one: the salary for refugees decreased about 50 per cent from 10,000 kroner to about 5,000,” he said.

Insufficient gibs me dats for the conquering hordes. Why settle for a nation that's weak and dying when one that's completely ruined and long dead is just a boat ride away? After all, the mudslime deserves its "salary" for doing valuable work like creating sharia no-go zones and forming rape gangs. Keep paying your taxes, Swedish eunuchs, it's going for the best possible causes.

Time to earn our salary.

The second is that Finland and other neighbouring countries allow the migrants to bring their families to join them within two to three months, whereas Denmark makes them wait for a year and a half before they bring their families over. “This is a long time to have left our family behind,” he said.

White countries for everyone. Bring the entire family, we'll make sure the biological weapons arrive safely. No drowned "babies" this time, we promise. Look at us dying, jew. Aren't you happy now? We're not "races."

In the face of hundreds of thousands of migrants entering Europe to claim asylum, the Danish government last week tightened immigration rules.

The proud stand of the heroic Danes. 5000 kroner and not a penny more! One full year before you bring in your thirty "children." It's a tough stand, I hope it isn't "xenophobic." 

Consequently, just 626 people, half of whom were from Syria, applied for asylum in Denmark in January, down from 3,150 in September 2014, according to The Local.

We'll die of a thousand cuts instead of sucking the immigration shotgun like Germanistan, El-France, The United Kaliphate, Swedenistan, etc.

Meanwhile Sweden, who in 2013 became the first European country to grant automatic residency to Syrian refugees, has seen record numbers of asylum requests.

Yeah. Imagine that.


  1. Wow. We are a dead race. I am disgusted by my fellow whites - when I bring this up and try to get them interested, it's either a blank stare and immediate change of the conversation to something inane OR my favorite "Why do you have issues with these refugees coming to Europe to escape war and poverty? Are you racist or something?"


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