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Denmark: Cultural Sensitivity Needed to Understand Muslim Rapists

Multiculturalism is truly the gift that keeps on giving, enriching bland and boring White societies with colorful and vibrant "minority" malfunction. Just think of the amazing food, the strident call to pray to the moon god idol blaring at all hours, the no-go zones, the rape gangs and the endless excuses and cowardice in the face of this uncontested foreign invasion. The pathology of the "women and children" is, naturally, our fault. We must try to reason with the jihadan horde, explain that in White countries "thighing" and child rape is generally frowned upon. This works about as well as you'd expect and the pathetic slide into the third world cesspool continues.

Danish political parties are pushing for the inclusion of sexual education in language courses for immigrants in an effort to reduce the disproportionate number of rapes committed by the demographic, the Local reported.

"All right class, tell me your names."

All fifty bearded and …

United Kaliphate Hate Campaign

What is the greatest threat to Europe's successful jew-assisted transition from a monolithic, peaceful and bland homeland for Whites into a paradise of teeming mud and islamic detonations? The answer, of course, is White "racism" often expressed via hurting jihadan fists with their faces or thought crime or failure to grovel sufficiently in the face of dispossession and annihilation. Yes, Whites are bad, this is why everyone desperately wants into White countries. And if these special guests, full of hip and cool world beats, spicy food that's so yummy and well deserved hostility toward us kuffirs, should happen to, I don't know, plot terrorism, well, that's probably your fault too.

Mohammed Mohsin Ameen is said to have conducted an eight-month hate campaign on social media.

Typical moe-ham-head behavior. It sure is nice to see all those dull and similar Whites replaced by the exciting "diversity" of a flood of human sewage turned rabid by their dese…

Africa Ball Fans are Cuckolds

Incredibly there are Whites who claim to be unplugged from the synagogue who will defend their pathetic negro ball fandom. It's hard to believe, but I've seen it with my own eyes. Ostensibly awake Whites excited about the SEC (Systematically Excluding Caucasians) or the Negro Felon League, starring glassy eyed into the talmudvision, rooting for the missing link between ape and man to score the big "tug." Sure I'm hooting and howling like a fool for genetic aliens that would gladly hack me to pieces with a machete in a "random" attack given the chance, but it's not like there are jews out there playing and Whites could play it too if we'd only toughen up a little and simply overcome the massive systematic discrimination against us at every level of this degenerate child's activity.

Yes, there really is a Barkevious. And wow, he made some other negro hurry twelve times. What a hero.
The closest equivalent might be a White who watches interracia…

When You Don't Wake Up

A short time ago I had the unpleasant task of discussing yet another "isolated incident," one involving an heroic Africa Ball negro and a "random" White victim. This particular bit of memory hole fodder featured a negro that had been worshiped and catered to by Whites for the entire duration of its worthless life selecting the first convenient White target for the sort of savagery formerly reserved for places like South Africa, places where Whites have been reduced to a powerless and hated minority and are ruthlessly preyed upon by genetic aliens. It was a glimpse of the coming dark future, but the full extent of the damage remains to be seen.

The widow of a jogger who was brutally hacked to death by a machete-wielding schizophrenic in a random attack three weeks ago has committed suicide.

Another "random" White target for a negro who we are told had bad wiring in its diminutive frontal lobes. I guess that's enough kosher mitigation, mentioning that th…

The Ever Growing Crisis

There's never going to come a day when the jew decides we've been punished enough and the endless kosher attacks on our homelands, children, culture, religion and history can cease or at least be slightly restrained. More, after all, always needs to be done. Every last White must feel the cruel jagged edges of "diversity," must drink the spiritual hemlock prepared by the Light of the World, must die. Watching Europe go down with little more than a whimper of "I'm not racist" clearly demonstrates what the stakes are. Even expecting to survive as a hated minority in a jew-ruined zoo of a nation is unrealistic. We win our freedom and right to self-determination or we are destroyed. Those are the only choices.

Battling strong winds, driving rain, mud and freezing temperatures, these stunning photographs show a slow trek of thousands of migrants making their way to Europe amid the harsh conditions of the oncoming winter.

Neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of sk…

Historically Black Behavior at Historically Black College

The communist indoctrination center, or "college" as it was called in saner, Whiter times, has been one of the most successful jewish swindles. It generates massive amounts of student loan debt geld, allows for completely one-sided kosher indoctrination, extends adolescence instead of starting a family and having White children and is even sometimes the site of direct violence against unarmed shkotzim. Study a hard science or learn a trade, White man. A Liberal Arts education in today's world is paying big money for a jewish bowel movement.

It's worthless for Whites, but maybe all this semitic "education" will uplift the negro animal? Or maybe not. At a traditionally black school once called the "Tennessee Normal School for Negroes" another useless crisis occurred, another "open shooter" incident involving the evolutionary dead-end and their traditional behavior. Nothing to see here, go back to your Africa Ball and pornography.

A dispute …

Germany Suicide Watch Continues

Whatever the jewish communist wants is the unstoppable tide of history, the long arc toward the slaves promised by the talmud, the inevitable victory that must happen. Any opposition is evil, immoral, doomed to failure, is worthy of being called meaningless words and by the way did I mention that it's [current year] and we can't expect your ideas to work in an era where we have [technology]. It's amazing how many people currently under attack by this kosher program buy into this nonsense. It's a lie, and it's all they have. We are the good guys, and we're going to win. Meanwhile a childless German witch sticks to the jewish script.

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday said the influx of asylum seekers into Germany was part of the fallout from globalisation, which, she noted, had served Germany well in terms of exports and jobs. 

Please ignore the role that special Light of the World played in both destabilizing the Middle East and poisoning the well of White Eu…

Jew Explains Plan for White Disarmament, Genocide

Our jewish enemy has won victory after victory, achieving societal destruction beyond the wildest dreams of even the most optimistic Frankfurt School communist. The destruction of the family, the sodomite agenda, shrinking White birthrates, foreign invasion, degenerate and poisonous culture, loss of national identity and vision, materialism and nihilism, it seems the goyim has been completely brought down. Well, almost. Whites are still armed and an armed man is not going to stay a slave for long once he becomes aware of the kosher chains.

It's clear this solitary case of sanity defeating semitic madness remains a stone in the shoe of our enemy and it has caused them to become more and more extreme with their propaganda. In the last days of the U.S.S.A. the communist agenda is now presented openly, without a hint of shame or fear from the nation-wreckers. We're going to get your guns Whitey and then we're going to destroy you once and for all. This is the message from the …

Student Election Thrown Out When Too Many Whites Won

Democracy is the idea that a largely ignorant, anesthetized and apathetic population voting for two nearly identical kosher puppets will, somehow, allow for the creation of a functioning government. It will work even better when system leeches, invading welfare colonists and criminals are encouraged to participate in this process. The brown mass is placated with "gibs me dats," the scumbags and cuckolds get to keep their sinecure and graft and normal Whites get the screws put to them. This is how it's supposed to work. Then some outsider comes along, maybe a hotel owner, and suddenly the whole rotten system is endangered.

What to do when muh democracy is threatened by the possibility of actual meaningful choice? A middle school in California might have the solution: just throw out the results. You have to admit, it cuts through a lot of hypocrisy. Why waste time with vote fraud, negro violence and endless jewish narratives on the electronic synagogue when undesirable out…

Lower Standards for Officers Sought in Pursuit of "Diversity"

We need a lot more "diversity," meaning fewer Whites, and we need it as soon as possible. This is the least controversial statement a careerist scumbag can make, the vile treason that offers short-term rewards for the criminal turds in charge and long-term societal annihilation. The only issue is that the "diversity" tends to fall well short of the "races" and wicked Legacy American standards, standards created for Whites. We can't expect a police officer in our unified and high trust "multi-cultural" society to have an I.Q. of 100, or even g*d forbid higher than that. The problem is the average negro is so moronic that the current 90 I.Q. requirement is still too rigorous. What to do?

The answer, of course, is to just keep lowering the bar until Crabgrass Americans can qualify. Answer some general knowledge questions and then sign your name, possibly in cursive? Das Races. Let's change it to having the hominid in question make some sort…

Tiny German Village Gets "Diversity" Overdose

Every last White must be hunted down, surrounded by worthless alien sewage and then destroyed. This, the final end game of the "diversity" con game, is no longer disguised in any way. The jew dream of the tan everyman, the talmud-promised slave with no race, culture, mind or soul, the human cattle to be ruled over by our satanic enemy, is now openly promoted. Tiny Germany must absorb an invading foreign army while pretending that it's impossible to predict the total disaster that will follow. White Genocide, the destruction of our race, in the name of doing the "right thing," in the name of kosher nihilism. Our enemies are pure evil. If you fight the jew you fight the devil.

A German mayor was perplexed Tuesday as to why his small town of approximately 100 people was livid over the arrival of 1,000 Syrian migrants.

The emaciated, shaking and nearly dead "multi-culturalism" addict jams a syringe full of black tar diversity right into the carotid. The de…

This is Minnesota: Somali Rapes Child

We need a lot more of the worst available African negroes in White areas. If you don't like being displaced and destroyed that's "races." Instead, you have a lot of work ahead of you, goyim. When the living fossil fails it's your fault, after all. There wasn't enough appeasement, insufficient "gibs," failure to properly embrace self-annihilation. There is no bottom floor, no critical mass where the sacrifices will be declared sufficient, only a campaign of genocide and the endless dark night that will follow. If you're White and have even the slightest loyalty to this kosher apparatus you're either insane, profiting from it (for now), retarded or some combination of these. They want us dead and they're not even trying to conceal that desire any more.

In the latest incident of America’s immigrant sex crime epidemic, Minnesota authorities charged Somali man Ahmed Hersi Abdi with two degrees of first-degree sexual misconduct for allegedly ra…

Minnesota Governor: Find Another State Whitey

There was a time when fleeing the rot of "diversity" was seen as a viable survival strategy for Whites, never mind the fact that the jewish propaganda follows you everywhere and this, combined with relative isolation from the coming collapse, gives rise to a comically naive view of the benefits of brown invaders. Then the suicidal generosity, the pathology of the American White, begins. Consider Minnesota, if you have the stomach for it. If Sweden became part of the U.S.S.A. somehow, this would be it. Weakened by success, poisoned by kosher lies and now happily striding toward the gallows, singing a happy tune about the lack of "racism" and how the coming displacement and genocide is thoroughly justified because a White person gave a Somali biological weapon an unkind glance, once.

Harsh words and heartfelt sentiment were exchanged by community members and local officials on racial issues in Central Minnesota at the St. Cloud NAACP Community Conversation with Gov. M…

African America: Negro Ball Hero Attacks "Random" White with Machete

As the U.S.S.A. enters the late stages of kosher necrosis, as the dead tissue begins to disintegrate, we're going to start seeing the sort of crimes formerly restricted to the African all against all. Crimes like machete attacks featuring an Africa Ball animal that apparently didn't receive sufficient or correct worship from the pathetic legions of drunken White sports cucks. Does it bother you, White sports fan, that the genetic alien on "your" team, the great hero for "Red" in its long war with "Blue," would gladly hack you to pieces given the opportunity? I guess not, because you keep watching, staring numb into the synagogue in the living room, passively observing your own humiliation and displacement unfold in real time.

A 21-year-old who was an All-American in high school before leaving to play wide receiver at Texas A&M for the Aggies has been charged with murder for hacking a random jogger to death in Dallas. 

What a hero. Awards in hig…