The Pathology of the European White

A year or two ago I assumed that the destruction of Europe would continue at a gradual pace, a slow and inevitable mudslide drowning White homelands at a nice leisurely rate. In light of recent events that prediction seems almost delusional in its optimism. We're now witnessing full-blown Camp of Saints madness as a massive invasion force is being welcomed with open arms by the criminal governments of Eurabia. At least normal White Europeans are resisting, right? We've all heard of the "xenophobia" and "Afrophobia," after all. As it turns out there are plenty of gelded White European do-gooders eager to help the White Genocide campaign pushed by the jew scumbags ruling over them.

With one million people expected to seek asylum in Europe this year and governments arguing over how to cope, thousands of volunteers are taking to the Internet to offer refugees shelter free of charge.

Tiny Europe must somehow find a place for seven figures worth of violent, moronic and lazy outsiders who carry with them the predictable failure of their genetic inferiority and moon god cult. How about twenty thousand identical looking and behaving moe-ham-heads, Luxembourg? In the midst of this unprecedented mudslime invasion Whites are preparing their homes and daughters for the scum.

Here's your share of the "women and children fleeing war," Belgium.

In France, the Netherlands and other European countries, private individuals are proposing free lodging via Web-based platforms inspired by Airbnb, the home rental venture that has flourished with the rise of smartphones.

Our sense of justice, generosity without regard for our own well-being and concern for the other, traits not shared by any other race, represent the biggest weakness Whites have, nobility and selflessness turned against us by the jew and weaponized for White Genocide. This goes beyond simple naive do-gooding into outright cuckoldry and suicidal mania. Let the alien brown garbage into your own home, on your dime. Ignore four men all named moe-ham-head leering at your wife and sharpening knives while looking at you with sullen hostility. What could possibly go wrong? 

Some fear private endeavors may complicate government efforts to direct the refugee flow, or simply prove too short-lived as the strains of sharing a home take their toll.

Please, leave your displacement and annihilation to the professionals in your government. Your slavish devotion to a system determined to eliminate you is admirable, but please, let your friend the jew direct the mud flood.

There will always be an Africarabia.

"It's laudable symbolically but it's not the model favored by the state," said an official at the interior ministry of France, where arrivals are despatched to accommodation centers or state-paid hotel rooms.

We'd prefer to house the biological weapons in outrageous luxury on your dime. I'm sure you understand. Now go back to facing the wall.

But refugees, many of whom relied heavily on mobile phone maps and communications during their journey to Europe from Syria, Iraq or Africa, will find plenty of offers online.

I guess we're not even pretending these are "Syrian women and children" anymore.

On one Irish website, more than 1,000 people "pledged a bed" for refugees within three hours. In Germany, "Refugees Welcome" offers a matching service to put people with lodgings in touch with refugees.

Without the cooperation of Whites, purchased with careerism, materialism, perversion and chemicals, the jewish agenda would be powerless. We are our own worst enemies.

 Women and children first.

"We're overwhelmed. We had no idea there would be such an enthusiastic response," said founder Nathanael Molle. So far, Singa has put 47 refugees in homes around Paris.

There doesn't seem to be any limit to the suicidal altruism of Whites.

Dutch-based Refugee Hero, whose founders describe it as a "mobile-friendly website with similar functionality to Airbnb", says 50 refugees have made contact since it started a few days ago.

We're heroes, look at the good we're doing. Come on in, third world failure! Whoa, what are you doing with that scimitar? Raise my chin? Well, all right.

Peter van der Weerd, an Apeldoorn volunteer, regularly hosts refugees for dinner at his home. "It's my duty to share something with them, not only food ... but to spend time with them," he said.

Then prepping them for my wife, putting in the ball gag so I don't try to "direct," it's my duty.

"They told us they really liked us and want us to stay in Apeldoorn. They didn't treat us any differently than the people living here."

"I can't believe these dumb kuffirs. It's like they've lost all self preservation instincts." 

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says however that a million people will request asylum this year and up to 450,000 of those will be eligible to stay in the EU.

Dropping a hydrogen bomb on every European capital would do less long-term damage.

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 Make room, make room.


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