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Black Monday

It's impossible to look at the "African American" with an impartial gaze and come to any other conclusion than this failed branch of humanity does not belong anywhere near a civilized White nation. The brow ridges, flat noses, sloped foreheads, muzzles and other archaic features suggests something more than animal but less than man and their behavior, the content of their character, certainly removes any lingering doubts. Where the negro goes, trouble follows. Over fifty years of groveling appeasement, blank checks, doomed do-gooder programs and numb acceptance of this walking pathogen have done nothing to improve the genetic alien while laying waste to once healthy nations. And here we are, 2015 bigot, with the same predictable negro behavior, the same excuses and lies, the same forgotten victims.

New Haven police are investigating after a 79-year-old man walking home from work said he was beaten and robbed by a group of five youths.

The weak and helpless, the preferred …

Honoring the Jewish Cultural Rot

The profound and disgusting spiritual sickness of the modern U.S.S.A. is not some sort of bizarre accident. It's the end game of a long jewish war against White nations that has been more successful than any Frankfurt school choosenite could have imagined. Today's popular culture has all the beauty of a septic tank with none of the utility. It's the kosher anti-soul projected into our living rooms, the demonic puke endlessly promoted by billionaire bastards and our ruling criminals.As long as Whites keep passively absorbing this spiritual bio-toxin there is no hope for us. Meanwhile the failed cheerleader, sodomite, African tribesman and figurehead leader was giving awards to individual cancer cells that heroically participated in the national metastasis.

The 17 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom this year are "extraordinary people" who have left their mark on politics, entertainment, athletics and the United States itself, President Obama said Tuesda…

Cucktianity: The Life-Transforming Power

If Whites are going to survive, if we're going to restore our nations, we need to fix ourselves spiritually. Obviously this means pulling out the kosher I.V. pumping venom into the dying body of the West. No more negro ball and electronic synagogue, no more jewish feminism and pornography, no more careerism and materialism. These semitic evils are easily recognized and only the most debased Whites would defend allowing them to metastasize into the soul of our people. This is the devil wearing a little cap on the back of the head, offering a terrible bargain, making no attempt to disguise its diabolic intentions.

Less obvious, but perhaps even more damaging is the rot that dresses itself in robes of white, that sanctimoniously intones about the "right thing to do." Here the jew attacks Whites where we are most vulnerable, targeting our compassion, empathy for others and sense of justice. This kosher infiltration loves to disguise itself as "social justice" or JU…

New Orleans: 17 Shot at Negro Party

Detroit might have sunken to deeper content of their character created depths, but New Orleans will always have the dubious honor of being the American city that fully descended into African America first. We saw the criminality, the savages in the streets and a negro ball stadium, the collapse of any rule of law, the all against all, looting negro police officers and floating brown bodies. This was the chocolate city, a portion of the U.S.S.A. completely transformed into Dark Continent pathology. No lessons were learned, the corrupt leadership was rewarded for this spectacular failure and the evolutionary dead-ends certainly aren't getting any better. The time has come to honestly address the negro failure. The time has come for their removal.

Police in New Orleans searched on Monday for a motive and suspect or suspects in a shooting that wounded 17 people in a crowd of several hundred who had gathered for a weekend block party and music video filming.

Let us put on our deerstalke…

White Beauty vs. Negro Ugliness

What makes up the black lives that matter so much? First the evolutionary dead-end survives being murdered in the womb and is born into a bastard brood funded by the White tax-paying sucker. If the living fossil survives "worst crime ever" gang reprisals and public school gladiator training it will then go on to its own path of welfare addiction and moronic criminality. The negro randomly wanders around, looking for objects to eat, smoke or fornicate with. If none of those are possible, it's time to ruin it. These are your equals.

At some point, usually right before the police bullets make it more aerodynamic, the alien monster prepares to turn its life around, go to college, become a brain surgeon, grain pyramid engineer or rapper. This amazing redemption plan is generally expressed by attacking a Hindu in furtherance of theft, walking down the center of a street and meeting a bloody end at the hands of the five-oh. Those that never turn around that life simply settle i…

Gladiator Training in Negro Science Class

Ideas like "democracy" and "don't kill each other" generally fail to register in the minuscule frontal lobes of the average negro. The high ideals of Western Society, the triumph of classical liberalism that allowed White men to build prosperous nations and subdue the natural world, mean nothing to a failed race that has little comprehension of reality beyond feeding bestial impulses and absolutely no concern for a future its inferior mind can't even visualize. Explaining that actions have consequences is a waste of time, the only way to keep the negro in a somewhat docile state is the constant threat of extreme reprisals.

Otherwise this savage failed race meanders along as if walking in a dream, living in ruins and fully expecting that EBT to never run out. When Whites are gone, when the tax-paying sucker refuses to fund the pathology any more, the all against all begins. Dark monsters preying on each other against a backdrop of a fallen civilization, this…

Bodymore's Deadliest Year

The ability to connect cause and effect has not only been lost, but this basic logic is outright vilified by our State Religion. Predicting the disasters that will follow unbelievably moronic decisions is "races" and a mortal sin against the ruling synagogue. The full vindication that follows is obviously caused by some unknown outside force, possibly witchcraft or evil Whites, certainly not whatever hateful parsimony the thought criminals are suggesting. If the flood of moe-ham-head aliens brings rape and violence, that's Europe failing to be "tolerant" and maybe global warming. If jewish money voodoo crashes Muh Economy that's because we're not bringing in enough la-teen-oh welfare colonists and you're not paying enough taxes, Whitey. If we blame the police for the predictable negro pathology and crime sky rockets as officers are afraid to do their jobs, well let's see what incorrect 2 + 2 = 5 conclusions our enemies will offer up this time.


Negro Pathology 101

The Communist Indoctrination Center or "college" exists to instill right think and generate massive amounts of student loan geld for our jewish enemy. As far as debt generation is concerned, with the attendant "I can't have White children, I owe 100k to a kosher diploma mill," this swindle could not be more successful. After all, everyone should go to college: negroes, the retarded, people in persistent vegetative states, you name it. It will mean a "good job" as an unemployable usury slave. All major credit cards accepted.

The shekels keep pouring in, but what about the mind-washing into accepting modern flat-earth ideas like "sticking objects up your rectum is heroic" and "the negro is just an overcooked White?" Until recently, the results were quite positive, students were absorbing the jewish fictions and then parroting them in embarrassing displays of debasement. Then the negro, which until then was expected to at least make a…

Vibrant Multi-Cultural Society Stands Strong

Please watch the following video.

France has surrendered. In sixteen pathetic seconds we see the death rattle of a dying nation, the last pitiful gasps of "tolerance" and "serving your own stomach and genitals is the highest good, never mind that you're being displaced in your own homeland." Proud French, triumphing over "terror," which by the way is often done by White Christians you "races," scatter like quail. Every man for himself, all against all, the day when the courage of Whites fails, when the Men of the West forsake their friends and die alone and terrified. A meaningless memorial, a pile of garbage on the ground, trampled underfoot. Whatever it was supposed to represent forgotten in the mad dash to escape the coming dark nightmare.

Run France! Run for your lives! Certainly your kosher criminal government that wants you dead will come to your rescue. With this sad game of candle foot the multi-cult fails, the lies we were fed colla…

Hush Crime: Swedish Woman Raped and Sodomized by "Refugees"

Europe is about to enter a new Dark Age, one from which there will be no rebirth. What happens in the next few years, maybe the next few months, will seal the fate of White homelands. The choices are standing up for your ancestors and homeland and removing the invading scum while the jewish enemy wails in disapproval or staggering into the mass grave of "multiculturalism," landing on the corpses of Swedenistan, El-France and the United Kaliphate and taking the bullet of dhimmitude and demographic annihilation right behind the ear. Getting called names or death, choose carefully White man. A golden age of nationalism and racial solidarity or the endless dark night where the moon cult morlocks emerge to prey on Scandinavian eloi, to devour their benefactors and condemn humanity to an eternal nightmare of superstition and savagery.

Right now the "let's die quietly and watch our women by defiled until we're told to look at the wall" side is winning.

Details have…

The Light of the World: New York Jews Steal from Disabled Children

We live in a age of lies, of spiritual poison, of pervasive violence and animosity directed at the productive and civilized elements that still remain. The White tax-paying sucker is officially public enemy number one, while the excuses and deceptions for the brown scum continue even in an era where the facts are easily accessed by anyone who actually cares. If you're White and not in a career coma or a delusional haze of do-gooding you already hate the jewish evil, you just might be lacking a name for it.

The evil, after all, loves to wear masks, whether its "civil rights," or those darn liberals or the communists that we're assured don't actually exist and never did so stop worrying. Behind that facade lies rats that walk upright and wear human clothing, the demonic outsider, the traveling merchant with the carpet bag, the producer and his couch, the phony patriot who wants "conservative values," the nation-wrecker and his schemes, the jew.

A New York …

They Died for Nothing

The United States military, the American golem that fights for the interests of a tiny, virulent alien minority, is about 75% White. The special forces are even more monolithic in their make-up. This is a constant national embarrassment in an age where "White Man Bad" is the closest thing to a national vision and fewer Whites in everything one of the few remaining virtues, along with sodomy and worship of Israel. Suffice it to say efforts to bring in women that cry at the first sign of trouble and can't even bench press the bar, shiftless and dangerous negroes, natural conservative foreign invaders and sodomite mental defectives ends in pathetic failure and it's up to America's shrinking White male population to die for the jew in foreign lands.

You would think there would at least be some degree of gratitude, but again "White Man Bad." So let's celebrate the Armistice by saluting the mythical brown heroes of our armed forces and erasing Whites.


No to Back Way

The population of Africa is projected to quadruple by 2100, a demographic disaster made possible by the insane generosity of White do-gooders, the same Whites who now find themselves squarely in the cross-hairs of this flood of worthless sewage. After all, we can't expect a huge continent full of mineral wealth and rich farmland to house the triumphant return of Homo erectus, not when there's nice defenseless Europe, full of "racism" and oppression that the dark garbage can't seem to get enough of. Bend over, White homelands, here comes a burst septic tank of identical looking and behaving "diversity," presumably fleeing the war in Syria.

Just like other young men in the Gambian village of Sabaa, Ebrima Touray dreams one day of getting married.

Muh dikk.

First, though, he must prove himself as husband material - and these days, that involves a lot more than it did for his forefathers. 

Simply grabbing your crotch and mumbling "damm beech use gott da…